Get New York 585 Area Code Number for Local Presence

Expand your business globally with a local presence in 585 using CallMama’s 585 area code virtual number. Strengthen your brand and connect seamlessly with customers by having a local phone number.

585 Area Code
New York

Why Choose 585 Area Code Number?


Instant Credibility:

Gain trust across 585 5 boroughs, enhancing your business reputation. Area codes in New York, such as 585, play a significant role in identifying and avoiding scam calls.



Save on expensive hardware and contracts, reducing overall costs. Virtual numbers eliminate the need for physical equipment, lowering startup and maintenance expenses.


Global Reach:

Seamlessly expand your business presence without geographical limitations. Operate internationally while maintaining a local identity, facilitating better client interactions.

Details About
The 585 Area Code


New York

Time Zone:

Eastern (GMT -05:00)

Cities Serving:

East Rochester, Batavia, Rochester, Dansville, Middleport, Holley, Fillmore, Cuba, Wayland, Wyoming, Webster, Fairport, Avon, Warsaw, Honeoye, Penfield, Perry, Geneseo, Pavilion, Bloomfield, Belmont, Albion, Shortsville, Churchville, Caledonia, Wellsville, Oakfield, Olean, Stafford, Le Roy, Elba, Kendall, Medina, Henrietta, Bliss, Akron, Lyndonville, Canandaigua, Farmington, Livonia, Spencerport, Belfast, Hilton, Hemlock, Naples, Leicester, Cohocton, Angelica, Byron, Brockport, Victor, Arcade, Waterport, Corfu, Rushford, Strykersville, Java Center, Java Village, Nunda, Dalton, Castile, Bergen, Chaffee, Honeoye Falls, Monroe, Stanley, Rush, Atlanta, Varysburg, Darien Center, Alexander, Rushville, Erie, Attica, North Chili, Hamlin, East Aurora, Mount Morris, Springwater, Franklinville, Bolivar, Scottsville, Buffalo, Alden, Ceres, Portville, Friendship, North Java

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Understanding Local Phone Numbers in the 585 Area Code

Local Presence: Establish a powerful presence in 585 without a physical office. Leverage the 585 City area code to build trust and recognition among 585 customers. A local number enhances your accessibility and fosters a sense of community.

Global Flexibility: Manage operations from anywhere while projecting a local image. Operate globally while maintaining a strong local presence in 585. Virtual numbers enable you to connect with clients worldwide while appearing local.

Key Benefits

No Hardware Needed:

Simple virtual setup, no physical gear, hassle-free online process.

Easy Setup:

Quick and user-friendly, minimal tech skills required, guided interface.

Affordable Pricing:

Cost-effective plans, budget-friendly monthly pricing, no hidden fees.

585 Area Code

Unlock Endless Possibilities with CallMama's Robust 585 Area Code Features

Experience the future of business calling. CallMama offers modern communication features to help your business connect.
video camera

Video Conferencing

Face-to-face video meetings from anywhere

Call Recording

Call Recording

Save important conversations for reference

Call Forwarding

Call Forwarding

Never miss an important customer call

Call Queuing

Call Queuing

Manage multiple incoming calls professionally

contact book

Caller ID

Know who's calling before you pick up



Custom greetings and easy message access

International Calling

International Calling

Connect globally at low

Local Calling

Local Calling

Reliable nationwide calling included

Unlimited Chat

Unlimited Chat

Ongoing conversations with customers

SMS Features

SMS Features

Text capabilities for registrations, OTPs

Instant Setup

Instant Setup

Get started within 60 seconds with no delays

International Top-Up

International Top-Up

Add international minutes easily

NXX Analysis for 585 Area Codes

Area Code Analysis

Provider Distribution

Advanced Communication Solutions
With Area Code Number

Unified Communication: 

Combine calls, video, messaging, and more on a secure cloud platform. Streamline all your communication needs into one efficient system. This integration simplifies management and enhances productivity.



Connect with CRM and helpdesk systems for enhanced data-driven strategies. Integrate your communication tools with other business systems for optimal performance. This connectivity ensures seamless operations and improved customer interactions.

AI-Powered Call Analytics

AI-Powered Call Analytics:

Gain insights from customer conversations to improve sales and support. Use advanced analytics to enhance your customer service and sales strategies. Analyze call data to identify trends and make informed decisions.

Get Your 585 Phone Number In Less Than 60 Seconds

Download the Callmama App and start making and receiving calls from anywhere at anytime.
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Active Phone Number Prefixes( NXX)
for 585 area code

585200East RochesterWirelessOmnipoint Communications, Inc. - Ny5/17/2004
585201BataviaWirelessOmnipoint Communications, Inc. - Ny4/17/2002
585202RochesterWirelessSprint Spectrum L.p.2/13/2002
585203East RochesterLandlineNew Cingular Wireless Pcs, Llc - Dc10/13/2005
585204DansvilleLandlineTime Warner Cable Info Svce (new York) Llc-ny5/25/2005
585205MiddleportWirelessCellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wireless - Ny1/16/2007
585206HolleyLandlinePaetec Communications, Inc. - Ny1/16/2007
585207FillmoreLandlineTime Warner Cable Info Svce (new York) Llc-ny1/25/2007
585208RochesterWirelessCellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wireless - Ny6/10/2005
585209CubaLandlineLevel 3 Communications, Llc - Ny2/24/2007 Clec, Llc - Ny9/3/2008
585213WaylandWirelessNew Cingular Wireless Pcs, Llc - Dc3/10/2004
585214RochesterLandlineFrontier Telephone Of Rochester Inc2/13/2002
585215WyomingLandlineTc Systems,inc. - Ny8/30/2013
585216WebsterLandlineFrontier Telephone Of Rochester Inc2/13/2002
585217WebsterLandlineFrontier Telephone Of Rochester Inc2/13/2002
585218RochesterLandlineFrontier Telephone Of Rochester Inc2/13/2002
585219BataviaLandlineGlobal Crossing Local Services, Inc.-ny2/13/2002
585220RochesterWirelessFrontier Telephone Of Rochester Inc2/13/2002
585222RochesterLandlineFrontier Telephone Of Rochester Inc2/13/2002
585223FairportLandlineFrontier Telephone Of Rochester Inc2/13/2002
585224RochesterLandlineFrontier Telephone Of Rochester Inc2/13/2002
585225RochesterLandlineFrontier Telephone Of Rochester Inc2/13/2002
585226AvonLandlineFrontier Telephone Of Rochester Inc2/13/2002
585227RochesterLandlineFrontier Telephone Of Rochester Inc2/13/2002
585228WarsawLandlineTc Systems,inc. - Ny6/5/2003
585229HoneoyeLandlineFrontier Communications Of Seneca Gorham, Inc.2/13/2002
585230RochesterWirelessSprint Spectrum L.p.2/13/2002
585231RochesterLandlineFrontier Telephone Of Rochester Inc2/13/2002
585231PenfieldLandlineFrontier Telephone Of Rochester Inc2/13/2002
585231WebsterLandlineFrontier Telephone Of Rochester Inc2/13/2002
585232RochesterLandlineFrontier Telephone Of Rochester Inc2/13/2002
585233RochesterWirelessCellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wireless - Ny2/13/2002
585234RochesterLandlineFrontier Telephone Of Rochester Inc2/13/2002
585235RochesterLandlineFrontier Telephone Of Rochester Inc2/13/2002
585236WebsterWirelessCellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wireless - Ny3/10/2010
585237PerryLandlineFrontier Telephone Of Rochester Inc2/13/2002
585238RochesterLandlineFrontier Telephone Of Rochester Inc2/13/2002
585239RochesterLandlineFrontier Telephone Of Rochester Inc2/13/2002
585240RochesterLandlineFrontier Telephone Of Rochester Inc2/13/2002
585241RochesterLandlineFrontier Telephone Of Rochester Inc2/13/2002
585242RochesterLandlineFrontier Telephone Of Rochester Inc2/13/2002
585243GeneseoLandlineFrontier Telephone Of Rochester Inc2/13/2002
585244RochesterLandlineFrontier Telephone Of Rochester Inc2/13/2002
585245GeneseoLandlineFrontier Telephone Of Rochester Inc2/13/2002
585246RochesterLandlineFrontier Telephone Of Rochester Inc2/13/2002
585247RochesterLandlineFrontier Telephone Of Rochester Inc2/13/2002
585248RochesterLandlineFrontier Telephone Of Rochester Inc2/13/2002
585249RochesterLandlineFrontier Telephone Of Rochester Inc2/13/2002
585250BataviaLandlineTime Warner Cable Info Svce (new York) Llc-ny5/13/2010
585251RochesterLandlineFrontier Telephone Of Rochester Inc2/13/2002
585252PavilionLandlineLevel 3 Communications, Llc - Ny4/5/2007
585253RochesterLandlineFrontier Telephone Of Rochester Inc2/13/2002
585254RochesterLandlineFrontier Telephone Of Rochester Inc2/13/2002
585255RochesterLandlineFrontier Telephone Of Rochester Inc2/13/2002
585256RochesterLandlineFrontier Telephone Of Rochester Inc2/13/2002
585257BloomfieldLandlinePaetec Communications, Inc. - Ny1/14/2003
585258RochesterLandlineFrontier Telephone Of Rochester Inc2/13/2002
585259RochesterWirelessCellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wireless - Ny2/13/2002
585260RochesterWirelessNew Cingular Wireless Pcs, Llc - Dc2/13/2002
585261RochesterWirelessCellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wireless - Ny2/13/2002
585262RochesterLandlineFrontier Telephone Of Rochester Inc2/13/2002
585263RochesterLandlineFrontier Telephone Of Rochester Inc2/13/2002
585264RochesterLandlineFrontier Telephone Of Rochester Inc2/13/2002
585265WebsterLandlineFrontier Telephone Of Rochester Inc2/13/2002
585266RochesterLandlineFrontier Telephone Of Rochester Inc2/13/2002
585267RochesterWirelessNew Cingular Wireless Pcs, Llc - Dc1/28/2003
585268BelmontLandlineVerizon New York Inc.2/13/2002
585269RochesterLandlineTc Systems,inc. - Ny4/30/2004
585270RochesterLandlineTime Warner Cable Info Svce (new York) Llc-ny5/13/2010
585271RochesterLandlineFrontier Telephone Of Rochester Inc2/13/2002
585272RochesterLandlineFrontier Telephone Of Rochester Inc2/13/2002
585273RochesterLandlineFrontier Telephone Of Rochester Inc2/13/2002
585274RochesterLandlineFrontier Telephone Of Rochester Inc2/13/2002
585275RochesterLandlineLevel 3 Telecom Of New York, Lp - Ny2/13/2002
585276RochesterLandlineLevel 3 Telecom Of New York, Lp - Ny1/8/2004
585277RochesterLandlineFrontier Telephone Of Rochester Inc2/13/2002
585278RochesterLandlineFrontier Telephone Of Rochester Inc9/29/2003
585279RochesterLandlineFrontier Telephone Of Rochester Inc2/13/2002
585280RochesterLandlineXo New York, Inc.9/4/2013
585281RochesterWirelessNew Cingular Wireless Pcs, Llc - Dc2/13/2002
585282RochesterLandlineXo New York, Inc.10/16/2009
585283AlbionLandlineTime Warner Cable Info Svce (new York) Llc-ny12/13/2004
585284RochesterLandlineNew Cingular Wireless Pcs, Llc - Dc2/8/2007
585285RochesterWirelessNew Cingular Wireless Pcs, Llc - Dc2/8/2007
585286RochesterWirelessNew Cingular Wireless Pcs, Llc - Dc2/8/2007
585287RochesterWirelessNew Cingular Wireless Pcs, Llc - Dc6/13/2007
585288RochesterLandlineFrontier Telephone Of Rochester Inc2/13/2002
585289ShortsvilleLandlineWindstream New York, Inc. - Red Jacket2/13/2002
585290RochesterWirelessSprint Spectrum L.p.6/24/2010
585291RochesterWirelessFrontier Telephone Of Rochester Inc2/13/2002
585292RochesterLandlineFrontier Telephone Of Rochester Inc2/13/2002
585293ChurchvilleLandlineFrontier Telephone Of Rochester Inc2/13/2002
585294CaledoniaLandlineTime Warner Cable Info Svce (new York) Llc-ny10/13/2005
585295RochesterLandlinePaetec Communications, Inc. - Ny2/13/2002 Clec, Llc - Ny8/19/2010
585297BataviaLandlineVerizon New York Inc.7/25/2004
585298RochesterWirelessCellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wireless - Ny5/14/2004
585299ChurchvilleLandlineTime Warner Cable Info Svce (new York) Llc-ny10/5/2006
585300BataviaLandlineSprint Spectrum L.p.2/13/2002
585301RochesterLandlinePaetec Communications, Inc. - Ny8/3/2004
585302PerryLandlineTc Systems,inc. - Ny4/11/2001
585303RochesterWirelessSprint Spectrum L.p.2/13/2002
585304OakfieldLandlinePeerless Network Of New York, Llc - Ny3/9/2016
585305RochesterWirelessSprint Spectrum L.p.2/13/2002
585306RochesterWirelessFrontier Telephone Of Rochester Inc2/13/2002
585307OleanWirelessCellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wireless - Ny2/13/2002
585308Le Clec, Llc - Ny10/14/2010 Clec, Llc - Ny10/14/2010 Clec, Llc - Ny10/14/2010
585309RochesterWirelessOmnipoint Communications, Inc. - Ny6/10/2002 Clec, Llc - Ny7/13/2010
585312ElbaLandlinePeerless Network Of New York, Llc - Ny3/18/2016
585313RochesterWirelessCellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wireless - Ny2/13/2002
585314RochesterWirelessCellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wireless - Ny2/13/2002
585315RochesterWirelessCellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wireless - Ny2/13/2002
585316KendallLandlinePeerless Network Of New York, Llc - Ny3/18/2016
585317RochesterWirelessSprint Spectrum L.p.2/13/2002
585318MedinaLandlineTime Warner Cable Info Svce (new York) Llc-ny2/13/2002
585319RochesterLandlineTime Warner Cable Info Svce (new York) Llc-ny3/27/2005
585320RochesterWirelessFrontier Telephone Of Rochester Inc2/13/2002
585321HenriettaLandlineFrontier Telephone Of Rochester Inc2/13/2002
585322BlissLandlineVerizon New York Inc.2/13/2002
585323RochesterLandlineFrontier Telephone Of Rochester Inc2/13/2002
585324RochesterLandlineFrontier Telephone Of Rochester Inc2/13/2002
585325RochesterLandlineFrontier Telephone Of Rochester Inc2/13/2002 Clec, Llc - Ny9/16/2010
585327RochesterLandlineFrontier Telephone Of Rochester Inc2/13/2002
585328RochesterLandlineFrontier Telephone Of Rochester Inc2/13/2002
585329RochesterWirelessCellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wireless - Ny2/13/2002
585330RochesterWirelessCellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wireless - Ny2/13/2002
585331AlbionLandlineTc Systems,inc. - Ny2/13/2002 Clec, Llc - Ny2/21/2011
585333RochesterLandlineFrontier Telephone Of Rochester Inc2/13/2002
585334HenriettaLandlineFrontier Telephone Of Rochester Inc2/13/2002
585335DansvilleLandlineFrontier Telephone Of Rochester Inc2/13/2002
585336RochesterLandlineFrontier Telephone Of Rochester Inc2/13/2002 Clec, Llc - Ny9/17/2010 Clec, Llc - Ny9/17/2010
585338RochesterLandlineFrontier Telephone Of Rochester Inc2/13/2002
585339RochesterLandlineFrontier Telephone Of Rochester Inc2/13/2002
585340RochesterLandlineLevel 3 Telecom Of New York, Lp - Ny2/13/2002
585341RochesterLandlineLevel 3 Telecom Of New York, Lp - Ny2/13/2002
585342RochesterLandlineFrontier Telephone Of Rochester Inc2/13/2002
585343BataviaLandlineVerizon New York Inc.2/13/2002
585344BataviaLandlineVerizon New York Inc.2/13/2002
585345BataviaLandlineVerizon New York Inc.2/13/2002
585346LivoniaLandlineFrontier Telephone Of Rochester Inc2/13/2002
585347WebsterLandlineFrontier Telephone Of Rochester Inc2/13/2002
585348East RochesterWirelessNew Cingular Wireless Pcs, Llc - Dc6/19/2008
585349SpencerportLandlineOgden Telco Ny Dba Frontier Ogden Telephone Co2/13/2002
585350RochesterLandlineFrontier Telephone Of Rochester Inc2/13/2002
585351RochesterLandlineFrontier Telephone Of Rochester Inc7/15/2008
585352SpencerportLandlineOgden Telco Ny Dba Frontier Ogden Telephone Co2/13/2002
585353RochesterWirelessCellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wireless - Ny4/7/2011
585354RochesterWirelessNew Cingular Wireless Pcs, Llc - Dc5/7/2004
585355RochesterLandlineTime Warner Cable Info Svce (new York) Llc-ny5/2/2004
585356BataviaWirelessCellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wireless - Ny2/13/2002
585357AlbionWirelessPaetec Communications, Inc. - Ny12/31/1969
585358RochesterLandlineXo New York, Inc.6/1/2011
585359HenriettaLandlineFrontier Telephone Of Rochester Inc2/13/2002
585360RochesterLandlineOmnipoint Communications, Inc. - Ny1/11/2006
585361ShortsvilleLandlineWindstream New York, Inc. - Red Jacket5/9/2011
585362RochesterWirelessCellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wireless - Ny8/8/2007
585363RochesterLandlineCenturylink Communications Llc7/29/2014 Clec, Llc - Ny5/3/2011
585365BelfastLandlineVerizon New York Inc.2/13/2002
585366HiltonLandlineTime Warner Cable Info Svce (new York) Llc-ny5/2/2004
585367HemlockLandlineFrontier Telephone Of Rochester Inc2/13/2002
585368RochesterLandlineFrontier Telephone Of Rochester Inc2/13/2002
585369RochesterWirelessNew Cingular Wireless Pcs, Llc - Dc1/30/2012
585370RochesterWirelessSprint Spectrum L.p.2/13/2002
585371RochesterLandlineSprint Spectrum L.p.7/6/2011
585372OleanLandlinePaetec Communications, Inc. - Ny2/13/2002
585373OleanLandlinePaetec Communications, Inc. - Ny2/13/2002
585374NaplesLandlineFrontier Telephone Of Rochester Inc2/13/2002
585375OleanLandlinePaetec Communications, Inc. - Ny2/13/2002 Clec, Llc - Ny2/13/2002
585377FairportLandlineFrontier Telephone Of Rochester Inc2/13/2002
585378OleanWirelessNew Cingular Wireless Pcs, Llc - Dc2/13/2002
585379OleanLandlineTelcove Atlantic, Inc. - Ny2/13/2002 Clec, Llc - Ny9/8/2011
585381RochesterLandlineFrontier Telephone Of Rochester Inc2/13/2002
585382LeicesterLandlineFrontier Telephone Of Rochester Inc2/13/2002
585383East RochesterLandlineFrontier Telephone Of Rochester Inc2/13/2002
585384CohoctonLandlineFrontier Telephone Of Rochester Inc2/13/2002
585385RochesterLandlineFrontier Telephone Of Rochester Inc2/13/2002
585386AngelicaWirelessNew Cingular Wireless Pcs, Llc - Dc10/19/2011
585387RochesterLandlineFrontier Telephone Of Rochester Inc2/13/2002
585388FairportLandlineFrontier Telephone Of Rochester Inc2/13/2002
585389RochesterLandlineFrontier Telephone Of Rochester Inc2/13/2002
585390ByronLandlineNeutral Tandem-new York, Llc - Ny5/2/2016
585391BrockportLandlinePaetec Communications, Inc. - Ny2/13/2002
585392HiltonLandlineOgden Telco Ny Dba Frontier Ogden Telephone Co2/13/2002
585393CanandaiguaLandlineFrontier Telephone Of Rochester Inc2/13/2002
585393FarmingtonLandlineFrontier Telephone Of Rochester Inc2/13/2002
585394CanandaiguaLandlineFrontier Telephone Of Rochester Inc2/13/2002
585394FarmingtonLandlineFrontier Telephone Of Rochester Inc2/13/2002
585395BrockportLandlineFrontier Telephone Of Rochester Inc2/13/2002
585396CanandaiguaLandlineFrontier Telephone Of Rochester Inc2/13/2002
585396FarmingtonLandlineFrontier Telephone Of Rochester Inc2/13/2002
585397RochesterLandlineMci Worldcom Communications Inc. - Ny6/11/2012
585398VictorLandlineFrontier Telephone Of Rochester Inc2/13/2002
585399RochesterLandlineFrontier Telephone Of Rochester Inc2/13/2002
585400RochesterLandlinePaetec Communications, Inc. - Ny7/30/2009
585401WyomingLandlineTelnyx Llc12/5/2016
585402RochesterWirelessCellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wireless - Ny3/9/2006
585403OleanWirelessSprint Spectrum L.p.4/3/2002
585404RochesterLandlineTime Warner Cable Info Svce (new York) Llc-ny8/15/2016
585405RochesterLandlineXo New York, Inc.3/10/2017
585406RochesterWirelessCellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wireless - Ny4/11/2005
585407VictorLandlineTelnyx Llc3/20/2017
585408ArcadeLandlineTelnyx Llc4/17/2017
585409BataviaLandlineLevel 3 Telecom Of New York, Lp - Ny5/21/2001
585410RochesterWirelessCellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wireless - Ny2/8/2005
585412CanandaiguaLandlineTc Systems,inc. - Ny2/13/2002
585412FarmingtonLandlineTc Systems,inc. - Ny2/13/2002
585413RochesterLandlineFrontier Telephone Of Rochester Inc8/19/2004
585414RochesterWirelessSprint Spectrum L.p.2/13/2002
585415RochesterWirelessSprint Spectrum L.p.2/13/2002
585416WaterportLandlineTime Warner Cable Info Svce (new York) Llc-ny6/4/2010
585417RochesterLandlinePaetec Communications, Inc. - Ny7/29/2015
585418CorfuLandlineTime Warner Cable Info Svce (new York) Llc-ny8/11/2006
585419RochesterLandlinePaetec Communications, Inc. - Ny2/13/2002
585420RochesterLandlineFrontier Telephone Of Rochester Inc2/13/2002
585421FairportLandlineFrontier Telephone Of Rochester Inc2/13/2002
585422WebsterLandlineFrontier Telephone Of Rochester Inc2/13/2002
585423RochesterLandlineFrontier Telephone Of Rochester Inc2/13/2002
585424RochesterLandlineFrontier Telephone Of Rochester Inc2/13/2002
585425FairportLandlineFrontier Telephone Of Rochester Inc2/13/2002
585426RochesterLandlineFrontier Telephone Of Rochester Inc2/13/2002
585427RochesterLandlineFrontier Telephone Of Rochester Inc2/13/2002
585428RochesterLandlineFrontier Telephone Of Rochester Inc2/13/2002
585429RochesterLandlineFrontier Telephone Of Rochester Inc2/13/2002
585430FairportWirelessNew Cingular Wireless Pcs, Llc - Dc11/9/2015
585431BrockportLandlineChoice One Communications, Inc. - Ny2/13/2002 Clec, Llc - Ny4/24/2012
585433VictorLandlineLevel 3 Communications, Llc - Ny11/14/2008
585434RochesterLandlineTime Warner Cable Info Svce (new York) Llc-ny10/17/2014
585435RochesterWirelessCellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wireless - Ny6/25/2012
585436RochesterLandlineFrontier Telephone Of Rochester Inc2/13/2002
585437RushfordLandlineVerizon New York Inc.2/13/2002
585438AvonLandlineTime Warner Cable Info Svce (new York) Llc-ny6/25/2005
585441RochesterLandlineMci Worldcom Communications Inc. - Ny3/30/2012
585442RochesterLandlineFrontier Telephone Of Rochester Inc2/13/2002
585443GeneseoWirelessCellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wireless - Ny8/7/2012
585444HenriettaLandlineChoice One Communications, Inc. - Ny9/29/2007
585445RochesterWireless365 Wireless, Llc10/22/2012
585446RochesterLandlineLevel 3 Telecom Of New York, Lp - Ny6/14/2013
585447GeneseoWirelessCellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wireless - Ny6/5/2008
585448RochesterLandlineTime Warner Cable Info Svce (new York) Llc-ny12/22/2016
585449BelmontLandlineMci Worldcom Communications Inc. - Ny3/10/2014
585451RochesterWirelessNew Cingular Wireless Pcs, Llc - Dc2/13/2002
585452RochesterLandlineFrontier Telephone Of Rochester Inc2/13/2002
585453RochesterLandlineFrontier Telephone Of Rochester Inc2/13/2002
585454RochesterLandlineFrontier Telephone Of Rochester Inc2/13/2002
585455RochesterWirelessCellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wireless - Ny2/13/2002
585456RochesterLandlineXo New York, Inc.9/30/2009
585457Java CenterLandlineVerizon New York Inc.2/13/2002
585457Java VillageLandlineVerizon New York Inc.2/13/2002
585457StrykersvilleLandlineVerizon New York Inc.2/13/2002
585458RochesterLandlineFrontier Telephone Of Rochester Inc2/13/2002
585461RochesterLandlineFrontier Telephone Of Rochester Inc2/13/2002
585462RochesterLandlineFrontier Telephone Of Rochester Inc2/13/2002
585463RochesterLandlineFrontier Telephone Of Rochester Inc2/13/2002
585464RochesterLandlineFrontier Telephone Of Rochester Inc2/13/2002
585465RochesterWirelessCellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wireless - Ny6/7/2007
585466AngelicaLandlineVerizon New York Inc.2/13/2002
585467RochesterLandlineFrontier Telephone Of Rochester Inc2/13/2002
585468NundaLandlineFrontier Telephone Of Rochester Inc2/13/2002
585469RochesterWirelessCellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wireless - Ny3/8/2005
585471RochesterLandlineLevel 3 Communications, Llc - Ny7/19/2013
585472RochesterWirelessNew Cingular Wireless Pcs, Llc - Dc6/24/2004
585473RochesterLandlineFrontier Telephone Of Rochester Inc2/13/2002
585474RochesterWirelessCellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wireless - Ny7/11/2007
585475RochesterLandlineFrontier Telephone Of Rochester Inc2/13/2002
585476DaltonLandlineCitizens Telecomm Co Of Ny Dba Frontier Comm Of Ny2/13/2002
585477RochesterLandlineFrontier Telephone Of Rochester Inc2/13/2002
585478RochesterWirelessCellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wireless - Ny8/12/2005
585479BataviaLandlineAt&t Local7/27/2009
585481RochesterWirelessCellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wireless - Ny10/29/2013
585482RochesterLandlineFrontier Telephone Of Rochester Inc2/13/2002 Clec, Llc - Ny2/25/2014
585484RochesterLandlineLevel 3 Telecom Of New York, Lp - Ny12/17/2013
585485East RochesterWirelessNew Cingular Wireless Pcs, Llc - Dc4/23/2014
585486RochesterLandlineLevel 3 Telecom Of New York, Lp - Ny2/13/2002
585487HenriettaLandlineFrontier Telephone Of Rochester Inc3/27/2005
585488RochesterLandlineCenturylink Communications Llc9/4/2012
585489RochesterWirelessCellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wireless - Ny10/14/2004
585490RochesterWirelessCellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wireless - Ny10/14/2005
585491RochesterWirelessCellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wireless - Ny9/5/2014
585492ArcadeLandlineVerizon New York Inc.2/13/2002
585493CastileLandlineFrontier Telephone Of Rochester Inc2/13/2002
585494BergenLandlineFrontier Telephone Of Rochester Inc2/13/2002
585495WyomingLandlineFrontier Telephone Of Rochester Inc2/13/2002
585496ChaffeeLandlineVerizon New York Inc.2/13/2002
585497Honeoye FallsWirelessLevel 3 Communications, Llc - Ny7/10/2006
585498RochesterLandlinePeerless Network Of New York, Llc - Ny9/28/2015
585500RochesterLandlineFrontier Communications Of America, Inc. - Ny7/1/2009
585502Le RoyLandlinePaetec Communications, Inc. - Ny2/13/2002
585502PavilionLandlinePaetec Communications, Inc. - Ny2/13/2002
585502StaffordLandlinePaetec Communications, Inc. - Ny2/13/2002
585503RochesterWirelessOmnipoint Communications, Inc. - Ny4/4/2002
585506RochesterLandlineFrontier Telephone Of Rochester Inc2/13/2002
585507RochesterLandlineLevel 3 Communications, Llc - Ny3/19/2002
585509RochesterWirelessSprint Spectrum L.p.7/19/2001
585510MonroeUnknownNeutral Tandem-new York, Llc - Ny8/7/2017
585512RochesterLandlineTc Systems,inc. - Ny4/20/2001
585513BergenLandlineTelnyx Llc3/20/2017
585519GeneseoLandlineTc Systems,inc. - Ny4/11/2001
585520RochesterWirelessNew Cingular Wireless Pcs, Llc - Dc2/13/2002
585521RochesterLandlineFrontier Telephone Of Rochester Inc2/13/2002
585524BataviaWirelessOmnipoint Communications, Inc. - Ny1/23/2015
585525RochesterLandlineFrontier Telephone Of Rochester Inc2/13/2002
585526StanleyLandlineFrontier Communications Of Seneca Gorham, Inc.2/13/2002
585527RochesterLandlineFrontier Telephone Of Rochester Inc2/13/2002
585528RochesterLandlineFrontier Telephone Of Rochester Inc2/13/2002
585529RochesterLandlineFrontier Telephone Of Rochester Inc2/13/2002
585530RochesterLandlineFrontier Telephone Of Rochester Inc2/13/2002
585531NaplesLandlineLevel 3 Communications, Llc - Ny4/3/2006
585532RochesterWirelessMetro Pcs, Inc.3/6/2015
585533RushLandlineFrontier Telephone Of Rochester Inc2/13/2002
585534AtlantaLandlineFrontier Telephone Of Rochester Inc2/13/2002
585535VarysburgLandlineVerizon New York Inc.2/13/2002
585536BataviaWirelessOmnipoint Communications, Inc. - Ny9/28/2015
585537RochesterWirelessOmnipoint Communications, Inc. - Ny12/31/1969
585538CaledoniaLandlineFrontier Telephone Of Rochester Inc2/13/2002
585539CubaLandlinePeerless Network Of New York, Llc - Ny12/9/2015
585541CastileLandlineNeutral Tandem-new York, Llc - Ny3/17/2017
585542AkronLandlineVerizon New York Inc.2/13/2002
585543OleanLandlineTc Systems,inc. - Ny2/13/2002
585544RochesterLandlineFrontier Telephone Of Rochester Inc2/13/2002
585545RochesterLandlinePaetec Communications, Inc. - Ny2/13/2002
585546RochesterLandlineFrontier Telephone Of Rochester Inc2/13/2002
585547CorfuLandlineCitizens Telecomm Co Of Ny Dba Frontier Comm Of Ny2/13/2002
585547AlexanderLandlineCitizens Telecomm Co Of Ny Dba Frontier Comm Of Ny2/13/2002
585547Darien CenterLandlineCitizens Telecomm Co Of Ny Dba Frontier Comm Of Ny2/13/2002
585548ByronLandlineVerizon New York Inc.2/13/2002
585554RushvilleLandlineFrontier Communications Of Seneca Gorham, Inc.2/13/2002
585558WarsawLandlineTime Warner Cable Info Svce (new York) Llc-ny6/25/2005
585563RochesterWirelessTime Warner Cable Info Svce (new York) Llc-ny6/25/2005
585567FillmoreLandlineCitizens Telecomm Co Of Ny Dba Frontier Comm Of Ny2/13/2002
585568RochesterLandlineWarwick Valley Mobile Telephone Company - Ny10/17/2006
585571RochesterLandlinePaetec Communications, Inc. - Ny2/13/2002
585572LivoniaLandlineTime Warner Cable Info Svce (new York) Llc-ny10/17/2006
585576RochesterWirelessSprint Spectrum L.p.2/13/2002
585577CanandaiguaLandlinePeerless Network Of New York, Llc - Ny5/20/2016
585577FarmingtonLandlinePeerless Network Of New York, Llc - Ny5/20/2016
585581RochesterLandlineFrontier Telephone Of Rochester Inc2/13/2002
585582Honeoye FallsLandlineFrontier Telephone Of Rochester Inc2/13/2002
585584PavilionLandlineFrontier Telephone Of Rochester Inc2/13/2002
585586RochesterLandlineFrontier Telephone Of Rochester Inc2/13/2002
585588RochesterLandlineFrontier Telephone Of Rochester Inc2/13/2002
585589AlbionLandlineVerizon New York Inc.2/13/2002
585590AlbionLandlineVerizon New York Inc.2/13/2002
585591AtticaLandlineVerizon New York Inc.2/13/2002
585593WellsvilleLandlineVerizon New York Inc.2/13/2002
585594North ChiliLandlineOgden Telco Ny Dba Frontier Ogden Telephone Co2/13/2002
585596WellsvilleLandlineVerizon New York Inc.2/13/2002
585597CorfuLandlineEmpire Long Distance Corporation7/16/2015
585598RochesterLandlinePaetec Communications, Inc. - Ny2/13/2002
585599CorfuLandlineCitizens Telecomm Co Of Ny Dba Frontier Comm Of Ny2/13/2002
585600RochesterLandlinePaetec Communications, Inc. - Ny7/30/2009
585610WellsvilleLandlineTc Systems,inc. - Ny2/13/2002
585612DansvilleLandlinePaetec Communications, Inc. - Ny2/13/2002
585613RochesterLandlineTc Systems,inc. - Ny2/13/2002
585615RochesterWirelessSprint Spectrum L.p.2/13/2002
585617RochesterLandlinePaetec Communications, Inc. - Ny2/21/2002
585621RochesterLandlineFrontier Telephone Of Rochester Inc2/13/2002
585622RochesterWirelessCellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wireless - Ny5/30/2014
585623RochesterWirelessCellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wireless - Ny8/25/2014
585624Honeoye FallsLandlineFrontier Telephone Of Rochester Inc2/13/2002
585625RochesterLandlineXo New York, Inc.9/25/2009
585626WebsterLandlineFrontier Telephone Of Rochester Inc2/25/2011
585627RochesterLandlineNeutral Tandem-new York, Llc - Ny5/11/2006
585628BelfastWirelessNew Cingular Wireless Pcs, Llc - Dc9/29/2014
585629RochesterWirelessCellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wireless - Ny10/14/2015
585632BergenLandlineLevel 3 Communications, Llc - Ny9/12/2007
585633RochesterLandlineYmax Communications Corp. - Ny5/12/2011
585634RushvilleLandlineCenturylink Communications Llc9/24/2014
585635East RochesterWirelessNew Cingular Wireless Pcs, Llc - Dc9/29/2014
585636HamlinLandlineTime Warner Cable Info Svce (new York) Llc-ny3/27/2005
585637BrockportLandlineFrontier Telephone Of Rochester Inc2/13/2002
585638HolleyLandlineVerizon New York Inc.2/13/2002
585641RochesterLandlineChoice One Communications, Inc. - Ny2/13/2002
585642RochesterWirelessCellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wireless - Ny10/8/2014
585643RochesterLandlineLevel 3 Communications, Llc - Ny2/3/2006
585644NAUnknownMultiple Ocn Listing11/30/2001
585645WebsterLandlineWarwick Valley Mobile Telephone Company - Ny7/6/2007
585647RochesterLandlineFrontier Telephone Of Rochester Inc2/13/2002
585648WellsvilleWirelessCenturylink Communications Llc12/31/1969
585652East AuroraLandlineVerizon New York Inc.2/13/2002
585653ArcadeLandlineTime Warner Cable Info Svce (new York) Llc-ny10/18/2006
585654RochesterLandlineFrontier Telephone Of Rochester Inc2/13/2002
585655East AuroraLandlineVerizon New York Inc.2/13/2002
585656AtticaWirelessNew Cingular Wireless Pcs, Llc - Dc10/9/2014
585657BloomfieldLandlineFrontier Communications Of Seneca Gorham, Inc.2/13/2002
585658Mount MorrisLandlineFrontier Telephone Of Rochester Inc2/13/2002
585659KendallLandlineVerizon New York Inc.2/13/2002
585662RochesterLandlineLevel 3 Telecom Of New York, Lp - Ny8/31/2004
585663RochesterLandlineFrontier Telephone Of Rochester Inc2/13/2002
585664BataviaWirelessMetro Pcs, Inc.9/28/2015
585666RochesterLandlineFrontier Telephone Of Rochester Inc7/7/2009
585667RochesterLandlineXo New York, Inc.1/7/2015
585669SpringwaterLandlineFrontier Telephone Of Rochester Inc2/13/2002
585670WebsterLandlineFrontier Telephone Of Rochester Inc2/13/2002
585671WebsterLandlineFrontier Telephone Of Rochester Inc2/13/2002
585672RochesterLandlineLevel 3 Communications, Llc - Ny2/2/2005 Clec, Llc - Ny3/17/2015
585676FranklinvilleLandlineVerizon New York Inc.2/13/2002
585678RochesterLandlineFrontier Telephone Of Rochester Inc10/5/2006
585682WaterportLandlineVerizon New York Inc.2/13/2002
585683RochesterWirelessCellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wireless - Ny9/14/2007 Clec, Llc - Ny5/19/2015
585685RochesterLandlineIntegrated Path Communications, Llc - Ny1/4/2016
585687East AuroraLandlineVerizon New York Inc.2/13/2002
585689BlissWirelessCellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wireless - Ny9/13/2006
585690RochesterWirelessCellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wireless - Ny5/22/2006
585694RochesterWirelessCellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wireless - Ny10/30/2007
585697RochesterLandlineChoice One Communications, Inc. - Ny2/13/2002
585698RochesterWirelessCellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wireless - Ny6/12/2006
585701OleanLandlinePaetec Communications, Inc. - Ny2/13/2002
585702NAUnknownMultiple Ocn Listing5/1/2002
585703RochesterWirelessCellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wireless - Ny2/13/2002
585704RochesterWirelessCellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wireless - Ny2/13/2002
585705RochesterWirelessNew Cingular Wireless Pcs, Llc - Dc2/13/2002
585708AtticaLandlineTime Warner Cable Info Svce (new York) Llc-ny10/13/2005
585709RochesterWirelessSprint Spectrum L.p.2/6/2002
585713RochesterWirelessSprint Spectrum L.p.3/2/2010
585714East AuroraLandlineCenturylink Communications Llc2/13/2002
585719RochesterLandlineFrontier Telephone Of Rochester Inc2/13/2002
585720RochesterLandlineFrontier Telephone Of Rochester Inc2/13/2002
585721RochesterWirelessCellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wireless - Ny2/13/2002
585722RochesterLandlineFrontier Telephone Of Rochester Inc2/13/2002
585723RochesterLandlineFrontier Telephone Of Rochester Inc2/13/2002
585724RochesterLandlinePaetec Communications, Inc. - Ny2/13/2002
585726RochesterLandlineFrontier Telephone Of Rochester Inc2/13/2002
585727RochesterWirelessCellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wireless - Ny2/13/2002
585728WaylandLandlineFrontier Telephone Of Rochester Inc2/13/2002
585729RochesterWirelessNew Cingular Wireless Pcs, Llc - Dc2/13/2002
585730RochesterWirelessCellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wireless - Ny9/14/2005
585732RochesterWirelessNew Cingular Wireless Pcs, Llc - Dc2/13/2002
585733RochesterWirelessNew Cingular Wireless Pcs, Llc - Dc2/13/2002
585734RochesterWirelessCellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wireless - Ny2/13/2002
585735MiddleportLandlineVerizon New York Inc.2/13/2002
585736RochesterWirelessCellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wireless - Ny3/31/2015
585737RochesterWirelessCellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wireless - Ny2/13/2002
585738RochesterWirelessCellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wireless - Ny2/13/2002
585739RochesterWirelessCellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wireless - Ny2/13/2002
585742VictorLandlineFrontier Telephone Of Rochester Inc2/13/2002
585743RochesterLandlineChoice One Communications, Inc. - Ny11/27/2007
585746RochesterWirelessCellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wireless - Ny2/13/2002
585747RochesterWirelessNew Cingular Wireless Pcs, Llc - Dc2/13/2002
585748RochesterWirelessNew Cingular Wireless Pcs, Llc - Dc2/13/2002
585749RochesterWirelessCellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wireless - Ny2/13/2002
585750RochesterWirelessCellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wireless - Ny2/13/2002
585752RochesterWirelessNew Cingular Wireless Pcs, Llc - Dc2/13/2002
585753RochesterLandlineFrontier Telephone Of Rochester Inc5/17/2005
585754RochesterLandlinePaetec Communications, Inc. - Ny8/31/2006
585755RochesterWirelessNew Cingular Wireless Pcs, Llc - Dc2/13/2002
585756RochesterLandlineLevel 3 Telecom Of New York, Lp - Ny2/13/2002
585757ElbaLandlineVerizon New York Inc.2/13/2002
585758RochesterLandlineLevel 3 Telecom Of New York, Lp - Ny2/13/2002
585760RochesterLandlineLevel 3 Telecom Of New York, Lp - Ny2/13/2002
585762CorfuLandlineEmpire Telephone Corp.2/13/2002
585763WyomingLandlineLevel 3 Communications, Llc - Ny8/14/2007
585764RochesterWirelessNew Cingular Wireless Pcs, Llc - Dc2/13/2002
585765LyndonvilleWirelessVerizon New York Inc.2/13/2002
585766RochesterWirelessNew Cingular Wireless Pcs, Llc - Dc2/13/2002
585768Le RoyLandlineFrontier Telephone Of Rochester Inc2/13/2002
585768PavilionLandlineFrontier Telephone Of Rochester Inc2/13/2002
585768StaffordLandlineFrontier Telephone Of Rochester Inc2/13/2002
585770RochesterLandlineFrontier Telephone Of Rochester Inc2/13/2002
585771RochesterLandlineFrontier Telephone Of Rochester Inc2/13/2002
585773RochesterWirelessSprint Spectrum L.p.9/22/2006
585774AlbionLandlineNeutral Tandem-new York, Llc - Ny1/5/2016
585775RochesterLandlineGafachi Telecom-ny, Inc. - Ny3/3/2008
585777RochesterLandlineFrontier Telephone Of Rochester Inc2/13/2002
585781RochesterLandlinePaetec Communications, Inc. - Ny2/13/2002
585783RochesterLandlineFrontier Telephone Of Rochester Inc2/13/2002
585784RochesterLandlineLevel 3 Telecom Of New York, Lp - Ny2/13/2002
585785RochesterLandlineLevel 3 Telecom Of New York, Lp - Ny2/13/2002
585786WarsawLandlineFrontier Telephone Of Rochester Inc2/13/2002
585787WebsterLandlineFrontier Telephone Of Rochester Inc2/13/2002
585789East RochesterWirelessOmnipoint Communications, Inc. - Ny7/22/2008
585794RochesterWirelessCellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wireless - Ny9/13/2006
585797RochesterLandlineMci Worldcom Communications Inc. - Ny2/13/2002
585798MedinaLandlineVerizon New York Inc.2/13/2002
585800BolivarLandlineVoxbeam Telecommunications Inc. - Ny8/16/2012
585801WellsvilleWirelessBuffalo-lake Erie Wireless Systems Co., Llc2/15/2002
585802RochesterWirelessSprint Spectrum L.p.6/19/2001
585805East AuroraLandlineVerizon New York Inc.2/13/2002
585806OleanLandlinePaetec Communications, Inc. - Ny2/13/2002
585808WellsvilleWirelessNew Cingular Wireless Pcs, Llc - Dc5/21/2001
585813BataviaLandlineVerizon New York Inc.2/13/2002
585814NAUnknownMultiple Ocn Listing11/30/2001
585815BataviaLandlinePaetec Communications, Inc. - Ny2/13/2002
585820RochesterWirelessSprint Spectrum L.p.2/13/2002
585831RochesterWirelessCellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wireless - Ny10/11/2006
585850NAUnknownMultiple Ocn Listing11/30/2001
585851RochesterLandlineFinger Lakes Technologies Group, Inc. - Ny7/23/2009
585857RochesterWirelessCellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wireless - Ny4/14/2006
585861BataviaLandlineLevel 3 Communications, Llc - Ny12/28/2005
585865RochesterLandlineFrontier Telephone Of Rochester Inc2/13/2002
585866MiddleportLandlineVoxbeam Telecommunications Inc. - Ny8/17/2012
585867RochesterLandlineCommio, Llc3/29/2017
585869RochesterLandlinePaetec Communications, Inc. - Ny2/13/2002
585872WebsterLandlineFrontier Telephone Of Rochester Inc2/13/2002
585880RochesterWirelessCellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wireless - Ny2/13/2002
585883Mount MorrisLandlineTime Warner Cable Info Svce (new York) Llc-ny10/5/2006
585888RochesterLandlineFinger Lakes Technologies Group, Inc. - Ny5/27/2011
585889ScottsvilleLandlineFrontier Telephone Of Rochester Inc2/13/2002
585890BuffaloLandlineMultiple Ocn Listing11/30/2001
585899RochesterLandlineFrontier Telephone Of Rochester Inc2/13/2002
585900ChaffeeLandlineVoxbeam Telecommunications Inc. - Ny8/16/2012
585902AldenLandlineLevel 3 Communications, Llc - Ny2/13/2002
585905CanandaiguaWirelessSprint Spectrum L.p.12/21/2001
585905FarmingtonWirelessSprint Spectrum L.p.12/21/2001
585919CanandaiguaLandlinePaetec Communications, Inc. - Ny2/13/2002
585919FarmingtonLandlinePaetec Communications, Inc. - Ny2/13/2002
585921RochesterLandlineFrontier Telephone Of Rochester Inc2/13/2002
585922RochesterLandlineFrontier Telephone Of Rochester Inc2/13/2002
585924VictorLandlineFrontier Telephone Of Rochester Inc2/13/2002
585928BolivarLandlineVerizon New York Inc.2/13/2002
585933PortvilleLandlineVerizon New York Inc.2/13/2002
585933CeresLandlineVerizon New York Inc.2/13/2002
585933OleanLandlineVerizon New York Inc.2/13/2002
585935RochesterLandlineFrontier Telephone Of Rochester Inc2/13/2002
585936RochesterWirelessFrontier Telephone Of Rochester Inc2/13/2002
585937AldenLandlineVerizon New York Inc.2/13/2002
585939RochesterLandlineFrontier Telephone Of Rochester Inc2/13/2002
585943RochesterWirelessCellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wireless - Ny2/13/2002
585944RochesterWirelessCellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wireless - Ny2/13/2002
585948OakfieldLandlineVerizon New York Inc.2/13/2002
585953RochesterWirelessCellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wireless - Ny6/9/2009
585955RochesterLandlineFrontier Telephone Of Rochester Inc2/13/2002
585957RochesterLandlineMci Worldcom Communications Inc. - Ny2/13/2002
585964HamlinLandlineFrontier Telephone Of Rochester Inc2/13/2002
585966RochesterLandlineFrontier Telephone Of Rochester Inc2/13/2002
585967RochesterWirelessNew Cingular Wireless Pcs, Llc - Dc2/13/2002
585968CubaLandlineVerizon New York Inc.2/13/2002
585969PerryWirelessNew Cingular Wireless Pcs, Llc - Dc8/2/2002
585973FriendshipLandlineVerizon New York Inc.2/13/2002
585974RochesterLandlineFrontier Telephone Of Rochester Inc2/13/2002
585975RochesterLandlineFrontier Telephone Of Rochester Inc2/13/2002
585978RochesterWirelessNew Cingular Wireless Pcs, Llc - Dc2/13/2002
585979OleanWirelessBuffalo-lake Erie Wireless Systems Co., Llc11/16/2001
585981OleanWirelessOmnipoint Communications, Inc. - Ny8/13/2002
585986RochesterLandlineFrontier Communications Of America, Inc. - Ny10/5/2006
585987RochesterLandlineFrontier Telephone Of Rochester Inc2/13/2002
585991GeneseoLandlinePaetec Communications, Inc. - Ny2/13/2002
585993BataviaWirelessNew Cingular Wireless Pcs, Llc - Dc2/13/2002
585996NAUnknownMultiple Ocn Listing11/30/2001
585999North JavaLandlineVoxbeam Telecommunications Inc. - Ny8/17/2012
585999Java CenterLandlineVoxbeam Telecommunications Inc. - Ny8/17/2012
585999Java VillageLandlineVoxbeam Telecommunications Inc. - Ny8/17/2012


A 585 area code virtual number is a phone number that allows you to establish a local presence in 585 City without needing a physical office. It operates through the internet, providing flexibility and advanced features.

 A 585 area code number helps establish credibility, enhance your local presence in 585, and provide seamless global communication without the need for expensive hardware.

To get a 585 area code virtual number, download the CallMama app, sign up, search for a DID phone number, and complete the purchase process.

Features include smart call forwarding, voicemail via email, power dialer, call recording, smart switch, call conferencing, call analytics, call monitoring, global connect, call transfer, call queuing, and custom on-hold music.
Call forwarding allows you to redirect incoming calls to any device, such as your mobile phone or landline, ensuring you never miss important calls.

Yes, setting up a 585 area code virtual number is easy. The process is entirely online, and CallMama provides a user-friendly interface to guide you through each step.

Yes, with features like global connect, you can optimize and manage international calls effectively, making it ideal for businesses with global operations.
A virtual number offers advanced features like call analytics, call monitoring, and call recording, which help improve team performance, customer service, and overall communication efficiency.
Virtual numbers eliminate the need for expensive hardware and installation fees, offering affordable monthly plans that help reduce overall communication costs.

CallMama offers 24/7 customer support and a resource center with guides, tutorials, and more to help you maximize the benefits of your virtual number.