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Get a USA phone number with Callmama App and start International calling from anywhere !


CallMama App

CallMama offers the best global calling service to make calls to 150 global countries around the world.

Lowest Rate

CallMama is the ultimate solution for those who are looking for an affordable way to make calls. 

No Hidden Fees

Whether you prefer making calls through landline and/or mobile by dialing an access number.


Callmama: Cheap Calling at the click of a button

International calling can be a confusing and expensive undertaking. Fortunately, The Callmama app provides global calls to companies practically anywhere in the globe at some of the cheapest rates available. Our app keeps you in touch even if you’re engaging with a distant coworker or closing a transaction two time zones away. Test it right now!

Get more than International Calling

Exceptional Quality Cheap Calls

Our app allows you to make crystal-clear calls. We use sophisticated VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) technologies such as WebRTC and many others to provide crystal-clear, HD voice conversations.

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Truly United Communication

The premier VoIP and telephony technology from Callmama is only one component of their unified cloud communications platform. Use the same software you use to conduct phone calls, video meetings and exchange quick / SMS communications.

Enhanced Call Features

Our software contains all of the necessary free-calling functions. This includes common capabilities like  call forwarding,voice recordings, video call, and more specialized services such as instant activation.

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No Other Equipment is Required

Cheap international calls through our  app store or google play is convenient and cost-effective without the need for additional equipment. The app can be downloaded on your mobile devices or mobile phones and once you have an internet connection or wi fi you can start making calls or stay in touch with you family. 

Huge numbers of people rely on this all-in-one app

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When you utilize the Callmama app, we will always give you a great communication experience. With a simple click, you may make calls. Its simple interface and competitive rates make it easy to see why so many people have switched. But the callmama app offers more than just reliable global calling. It also allows users to  dial internatinaly, make local calls, send texts,call quality and unify contact lists from multiple devices.

Low-Cost Calling

We provide you with the best prices for calling everyone worldwide, with no hidden fees or contracts.

Easy-to-Use App

Callmama is a free, easy-to-use app. Our app offers the best rates and the highest-quality connections in the market.

High-Quality Calls

Get high-quality cheap calls for less. Callmama is a global calling app that lets you call friends and family in major countries like USA and many more .


Calling charges will be incurred when you contact another country not designated as your workplace.

To refill your credit balance, go to the homepage page and select the value you wish to recharge with.