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About CallMama.com

CallMama.com offers top quality products at reasonable prices. The products featured under the website illustrate an appeal which is universal throughout various ethnic markets. The company’s innovative solutions range from telephony products such as phone cards, VoIP, wireless services to gift cards. Each service and product CallMama.com offers is distinctly different from one another. Through personalized marketing channels, the company has surpassed many rival companies in overall head to head competition within the telecommunications and ecommerce community. The management team at CallMama.com has a strong track record of providing superior customer service and is aware that a satisfied consumer has a greater likelihood of producing return business. This principal places a greater emphasis on customer satisfaction and support by the CallMama.com management and support staffs. By meeting and exceeding these expectations, the company serves a large portion of the prepaid and ecommerce community.

Cheap International Calls

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Excellent Voce Quality

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