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The Optimal Call Forwarding Solution Offered by CallMama

Call Forwarding

Smart Call Routing

CallMama likely offers intelligent call routing, where incoming calls are forwarded to the most appropriate line or device based on predefined rules.

Call Forwarding

Voicemail Integration

Enhanced call forwarding might seamlessly integrate with voicemail services. If a call is forwarded and remains unanswered, it'll be directed to a voicemail system.

Call Forwarding

Multi-Device Support

Numerous devices, such as VoIP systems, landlines, cell phones, and other gadgets, are probably among the many devices to which the service can relay calls.

Expand Your Business Horizons Everywhere

Business communications are crucial for maintaining smooth operations. Prompt responses to calls are vital for productivity and customer satisfaction. However, missed calls can lead to lost opportunities, particularly if a client chooses a competitor due to unavailability.

Seamless Call Routing

Redirect incoming and unanswered calls to any number—be it your office, home, or mobile—to guarantee that all calls are attended to.

Flexible Forwarding Options

Choose to forward calls to various extensions, phone numbers, groups, or departments, either all at once or in a sequence.

Custom Ring Settings

Set the number of rings before calls are forwarded, ensuring a timely response without unnecessary delays.

What is call forwarding?

Call forwarding is a popular feature in business phone systems, enabling the redirection of incoming calls to an alternative phone number under specific conditions. These conditions could include situations like after regular business hours, during vacations, or when the user is already engaged in another call.

This functionality is extensively utilized in call centers to ensure all incoming business calls and inquiries are promptly addressed. Employees activate the call forwarding service, which automatically redirects incoming calls to a colleague’s office phone.

Call Forwarding

Unlock the Benefits of Call Forwarding

Business Continuity

Call forwarding ensures business continuity during unforeseen events like power outages or equipment failures by redirecting calls to alternate numbers or systems, thus maintaining uninterrupted customer support.

Cost Savings & Flexible

Reducing the need for extra staff or phone lines and potentially saving money is possible when call-forwarding is used to efficiently route incoming calls to the right people or departments.

Personalized Call Handling

Call forwarding allows personalized call management based on specific needs. You can set rules to handle calls differently based on the caller or time, ensuring an appropriate response to each call.

Guide to Implemeting Call Forwarding in Your Business

Call forwarding can be used in many instances. It helps manage your incoming calls, and instead of missing calls, you can configure your settings to redirect them to a colleague or to voicemail so you can respond to them later. The following are call-forwarding options you can use to better manage your incoming calls.


Always Call Forward

Always forward your calls, no matter the instance.


Selective Call Forwarding

Customize your call forwarding settings to suit your need.


Call Forward When Busy

Automatically forward calls as soon as callers hear the busy signal.


Call Forwarding When Unanswered

Transfer calls when callers receive no answer after a couple of rings.


Advanced Call Forwarding

Configure your call forwarding settings for your business calls.

phone call

Call Forward When Unreachable

Forwarding calls to a new number when your telephone number is unavailable.

Why choose CallMama? as you call forwarding services

Business phone solutions come in a range of capabilities. While some offer basic features like hold music customization, others provide advanced communication platforms with extensive call forwarding options. These advanced solutions allow users to create custom call forwarding rules based on caller ID and area codes, along with features like call waiting.

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Why Choose Callmama for Your Call Forwarding Needs?

Callmama is a top-rated phone application that offers a range of features to ensure seamless connectivity and uninterrupted communication.


To forward calls to an international number, you first need to enable international calling capability on your phone system. Once enabled, add the complete country code and phone number with area code to the call forwarding rule. Be aware of potential long distance charges when forwarding calls internationally.

When setting up international call forwarding, most phone systems let you add multiple international and domestic numbers in a single rule using simultaneous or sequential ringing, but be aware that this can lead to high long-distance charges if you’re forwarding to multiple international destinations.

Some phone providers do not permit forwarding of toll-free numbers to international destinations because of complex billing issues, so check with your phone service provider about any restrictions on international forwarding of toll-free numbers before trying to set it up.

The reliability of international call forwarding depends on the quality of the telephone networks involved, and can be negatively impacted by factors such as network congestion, so it’s a good idea to have a backup voicemail system set up in case forwarded international calls fail to connect properly.

Call forwarding rules apply equally to incoming domestic and international calls, so incoming calls from international numbers can be forwarded to other destinations in the same way as calls originating nationally.

Some phone providers have options to forward international calls only during certain times of day, so check if your phone system allows configuring country-specific call forwarding rules.