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Outbound calling
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Prepaid plans are a way for you to buy credits for those back home so they can get data, calling minutes, and more.

Virtual Phone number

Get a USA phone number with Call mama App and start International calling from anywhere !

Available for IOS and Android

Lowest Rate

Call Mama offers the best calling service to make international calls to 150 global countries around the world.

No Hidden Fees

Call mama charges per-minute billing. Do not have Monthly fees, Maintenance fees, Surcharges, or any other fees.

Call Mama App

Whether you prefer making international calls through landline and/or mobile by dialing an access number.

Call Mama Offering Top Countries

Specially for the new user, get it now the cheapest rate compare to market with Callmama

USA Call - Call Mama


Call on landline with $0.015/min

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United Kingdom Call - Call Mama


Call on landline with $0.020/min

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UAE Call - Call Mama


Call on landline with $0.189/min

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Canada Call - Call Mama


Call on landline with $0.015/min

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Cuba Call - Call Mama


Call on landline with $0.749/min

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India Call - Call Mama


Call on landline with $0.0239/min

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Nigeria Call - Call Mama


Call on landline with $0.120/min

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Call on landline with $0.036/min

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No More expensive Phone Bill with Call Mama

“I found my mother’s old phone number due to the high-priced wireless plan that I can’t afford. With Callmama, I got a phone number, and now I can talk to my mother and my friends with CallMama App.”

– Shelly

No More Phone Bill - Call Mama
Second Phone Number - Call Mama

Second Phone Number for your Business with Call Mama

My business looks more professional and easy without adding any additional costs by using Callmama’s second phone number.

– Alexander

Multiple Devices – Multiple Numbers

Download the Callmama App on any phone or computer and choose any area code for the second phone number. Start using Callmama’s second phone number for your business.

Connecting Friends and Family Abroad with Call Mama

With Callmama international connection, I can call my mother from anywhere in Canada for the very low price.

– Alina

Best International Calling

Callmama offers the lowest-cost for international calling to over 235+ countries. Now I can talk more with my mother without worrying about the big bills.

Friends and Family - Call Mama
Free International Connectivity​ - Call Mama

International Connectivity with Call Mama

Getting a Phone Number from Callmama provides me cellular service. So I can use my new phone number anytime from anywhere.

– John

Get Unlimited Calling & Texting to U.S. and Canada

Download on any device to get a free phone number, and start calling and texting anywhere in U.S. for free.

How does Call Mama work?

Basically, getting a Phone Number from Callmama provides you cellular service. Firstly, you can use your new phone number anytime from anywhere with free of cost service. Secondly, no matter where you are you can make calls with high-quality voice without any network error.

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Call On Any Phone, Anytime, Anywhere

However, With Callmama, use any phone to call on different kinds of phones anywhere around the world.  Basically, and avoid your expense and assuring you a high-quality calling. It is just an international calling as it is.

No Rough Calls, No Trouble, No Internet

We are connecting your call via local phone lines, and there is no dependency on the internet connection and no worries about dropping calls. However, instead, you are evading insane international calling rates by the time taking the local calls with 100% quality.

No Suspicious Business with CallMama App

After that, there is no covered changes or unforeseen charges. We are making sure that you consistently in the understanding of one’s calling activities involving account stability and credits employed.

Call Friend & Family All Over The World With Call Mama App

Where do your want to call?

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Customer Feedback

Erin Vanderveld - Call Mama
Erin Vanderveld
CTO – Vegan

I found the system really easy to use, as I am not computer minded. I feel it is far better tan a similar airtime provider. Also, it charges no transaction fee.

Mohammad Junaid - Call Mama
Mohammad Junaid
Senior Accountant – ODOORO

If is very easy to use as compare to other providers. I can use it without any difficulties. Best App for international calling and keep in touch with your customer any time.

Jennifer Gooding - Call Mama
Jennifer Gooding
Vice President – MTTO

User friendly site. Helpful staff. Competitive pricing for sure. It is very useful to keep in touch with my customer around the world with very cheap price and good quality.

Arslan David - Call Mama
Arslan David
Manager – TND Transport

Using this system to make a call is very easy, all you have to do is open the app on your mobile phone and tab on any of the numbers you have already registered.

Marcus White - Call Mama
Marcus White
Software Manager – KOMEM

I came to know from one of my friend about the App and once I got to use it I became very happy and my family aboard as well, the voice quality is very good and pricing is convenient.

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