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Privacy Policy

Call mama may ask for personal data to access certain Call mama websites or portions of these websites. This includes your name, e-mail address and telephone number (‘Personal Information’). You will be considere to have agreed to the use, transfer and export of your Personal Data, as describe in this privacy statement, by using these Call mama websites and Mobile Apps and/or providing Personal Information. It may also use Personal Information for business purposes such as promoting site registration and helping with order processing. Call mama will keep your Personal Information safe. Call mama strives to ensure the accuracy of any Personal Information they process.Read more to know about our Privacy Policy

Information sharing

Call mama may share your personal information. Call mama may also retain personal data in other countries. You can opt out of any such processing, transfer and/or retention by not submitting your personal data to Call mama.

Call mama may share your information with Call mama business partners if we feel your business interests are being serve. This includes account, credit card, and ordering information. Call mama may also alert you to new products and services that may be of interest to you. Call mama may share aggregate statistics about website visitors, customers, and sales. This is done to provide information about our services to potential partners, advertisers, and other reputable  parties. These statistics will not include personally-identifying information. There are ten Privacy Policy of our company which you should know.

If you have any questions or comments about the terms outlined above, you can contact us via [email protected] or through the in-app Support Center


First: Validity And Observance Of The General Terms And Conditions

These Terms and Conditions of can be found at Official Call mama, which is available on both Google Play and Apple Store.

Second : Description Of Services

2.1 Services

Callmama offers a variety of mobile services, including

  1. Virtual Phone Numbers are also known as eSIM, Did numbers.
  2. Calling minutes for international and local use
  3. Call mama offers SMS services that allow users to send/receive messages locally as well as to other mobiles worldwide.

Call mama ‘ official website callmama 

will display products/services, and/or mobile apps via Google Play or Apple Store.

2.2 Registration For Using Call Mama Services

To use Call mama services, the customer must register and agree to the terms and conditions. Please note that there are differences in the Terms of Use for each service.

The following information is required for registration:

  • Register with a real mobile number
  • For specific users purchasing any service that requires such information from the telecom operator, or regulator within a specific country, they will need to provide their name, passport copy, and proof of address.
  • Email address

Before registering for the app, the customer must agree to our Terms of Service and Privacy Policies terms.

The following information can be found on the Call mama  web browser:

2.3 Quality Of Provided Service

Call mama is necessary to provide Customer with the highest quality direct and indirect service. However, Call mama cannot guarantee that the quality service will be uninterrupte by the resource (Mobile Operators Telecom Providers or Aggregators), or that it will be free from safety breaches, expiry, or other external factors.

Call mama will still provide maximum support and repair to any Customer who is experiencing a problem with their service.

2.4 Customer Use of Service

Call mama must be use only by the Customer.

Call mama has the right to investigate Customer accounts internally or through the reliance on a third party and make rules to end Customer service/product, suspend customer accounts, or charge them. The Customer will continue to benefit from Call mama services until a decision  made.

Through a notification to his Call mama  Account, the suspected Customer will be clearly notified about the fault and reason for the rule.

Call mama has the right to terminate or deactivate any service it assigns to a user for misdeeds or abusive usage. This can be done at any time without requiring notification.

2.5. The Accepted Use Of Service

  1. Customer agrees that the Services, Software, and Websites will only be use for the purposes allowed by this Agreement and any applicable laws, regulations, generally accepte practices, or guidelines in the relevant jurisdictions.
  2. Customer will not use the Service or allow the Service to be use in any way to transmit Inappropriate content. Unsolicited material, spam and sexually explicit material as well as content that violates applicable law or is hateful towards any individual or group due to race, sex or gender, religious affiliation, sexual orientation, language or national origin are all examples of Inappropriate Content.
  3. The Service shall not be use by Customers to make unusual calls that are not consistent with their normal individual usage.
  4. Customer shall not use the Service to engage in unusually high usage of the Services from individual accounts or employ any automated programs such as bots or clones (non-person-to-person communications) that may impair our ability to provide the service to other customers and/or indicate misuse of the service.
  5. The Customer cannot use the Service to make callbacks, call forwarding, auto-dialling, continuous, or extensive call forwarding, telemarketing (including unsolicited or unauthorized spam or advertising), voicemail blasting, or fax broadcasting.
  6. We will not tolerate any attempt to violate the rights of others. This restriction may be violate and you could face prosecution and damages. We may terminate your license at any time and prohibit you from accessing the Services.

Third : Service Activation

The service type determines the method of activation.

  1.  Numbers – activation occurs automatically after assigning the number to the user.
  2. After assigning the recharge needed for the service, activation of the SMS and calling minutes is automatically performe.

Fourth : Service Cancellation

Subscriber-based products (virtual telephone numbers) are subject to cancellation.

  • Service renewal is automatically turne on. If the user doesn’t want to renew his/her subscription, he/she can turn it off manually. The subscription will expire if the user does not turn off auto renewal and fails to renew it before the expiration date, even though he/she was informed.
  • The user is advise to cancel any subscriptions or accounts associate with the number (for example, bank and social media accounts). Otherwise, the number may be returne to the provider’s inventories and could be bought by another user whose previous registration data and accounts can be connected. Call mama is not responsible if a user loses data from a subscription that has expired.

Fifth : Payments And Charges

5.1 Payment Terms

There are different payment terms for the services provided. Some of them must use the IAP (In App Purchase), while others can be bought using local payment methods such as PayPal or payment cards.

It is crucial to adhere to the Terms of Use and rules governing the payment method used.

5.2 Use Charges

  1. Call mama does not state that charges offered through IAP are exempt from VAT. Instead, the relevant store will display the VAT (if applicable) according to Customer country rules.
  2. Call mama shall be notified by the customer if they have any dispute with an invoice or part thereof. This must be done within 12 days from receipt of the invoice.
  3. Except where customer claims are not disputed or confirmed by a final judge, the customer cannot set aside any claims against Call mama.

5.3 Customer Ownership Of Service

After payment to Call mama, the customer becomes the owner immediately.

Customers can manage, activate and display purchased services via the “My ” tab on Call mama’s website and/or mobile app.

The Subscription service is purchased by the customer. It will remain with the client for the entire purchase period, which may vary from 1 month to 1 year.Privacy Policy of our company is simple to read and understand.

It is important to mention that you can upgrade your subscription on Android from one plan to another. For example, you can upgrade from a monthly plan to several options such as quarterly, biannually and annually. There will not be any downgrades.

Consumable services such as the calling minutes must be used within one year of the date that the credit was assigned.

5.4 After Purchase Policy

Call mama services purchased are non-refundable in the circumstances mentioned in Section 3. However, the Customer can claim a refund or compensation if the service is not activated due to technical issues by Call mama as a reseller.

Sixth : Customer Privacy

Callmama  are able to collect customer data starting with registration. All data given by the Customer with consent will be secured.

To ensure data safety, all data exchanged between Call mama  servers and Call mama  are encrypted with SSL.

6.1 Collected Data

Callmama will have access to the following Customer information:

  • Mobile number and email
  • YouTube account Gmail
  • Personal and business official documents such as full name, and company name. Proof of address. Country ID. Passport. Company registration certificate and Payment details.
  • IP address.

NOTICE: Call mama permissions do not necessarily mean that Call mama has access to your devices. This is permission to allow certain app features to function, such as uploading documents to purchase data for specific providers.

6.2 Cases Data We Collect

Call mama gathers the data mentioned in the following cases.

  • If a customer registers for the first or modifies previously registere account data, in cases where the real number has been change.
  • Some providers require identification verification before a customer can purchase a mobile numbers
  • The Customer logs in to the app.
  • Participation in surveys by Customers or completion of user profile data
  • Browser cookies are used to view or use our website.

6.3 Customer Data Required

Callmama  need to collect certain information about the Customer in order to fulfill the following purposes:

  • Customer support processes ex: Referring to Customer accounts as an individual case when asked for assistance or information.
  • Safety processes ex: Referring to the Customer account in cases of suspected actions, as per Section 2.4.
  • Payment processes ex: Referring to the Customer account for refunds or failed transactions
  • Marketing Processes: Ex: Promotional Notifications for Segmented Customer Base
  • Ex: Technical processes for building systems for the mentioned purposes.

6.4 Sharing Customer Data With Third Parties

Call mama has an obligation not to share Customer data with any other business entity. However, there may be some cases that require Call mama sharing specific Customer data such as the ones below:

  • Callmama  may need assistance from local authorities. Ex: When further investigation is required after detecting an illegal act by a Customer.
  • Callmama  may be required to use external software services for marketing purposes. Ex: Promotional email campaigns.
  • Callmama  share customer information with local providers, provided that they verify that all registration details have been completed and are approved by local regulations.
  • To improve the user experience and website design, it is important to understand their behavior.
  • Retarget visitors to your website with targeted ads. Many eSIM free coins center Customers may share data with survey mediators.

6.5 Website Cookies

Cookies are text files that are encrypted and saved in the browser directory when a user visits a website. Cookies are used to improve the user experience. Many eSIM websites use cookies to enhance user experience, including:

Although you can tell your browser to refuse cookies, it is possible for some features on our website to not work properly.

6.6 Storing Collected Data

All data collected is encrypted and stored in the Call mama database. This database has a very restricted access and requires a private SSH keys file. This data is only accessible in exceptional cases, as described in section 5.4

Seventh : Number Porting

Porting refers to the transfer of a number from one Telco Provider (or another).Learn about our company by reading our privacy policy.

We have relationships with many Telco providers. Each provider has different processes and procedures regarding the numbers they can obtain or route calls across.

Port requests can take up to 8 weeks. This is dependent on the Telco Provider as well as the number of phone numbers involved. Ports can take anywhere from 4-8 weeks. We have no control over this and can only chase the Telco providers.

Porting is possible for most numbers. However, certain agreements between Telco Providers may prevent some numbers from being portable. To verify if numbers can be transferred to our Telco Providers, it is best to contact our Support Team.

Porting Number from Call mama

If you wish to stop using our services, you can port the number away to Call mama. Porting a number away from Call mama will incur an administrative fee.

CountryPrice per Number

We suggest that you send any porting requests to your new provider. This will allow us to release the numbers and minimize downtime.

For more information, please contact the Support Team at [email protected]

Eight : International Top-UP

Call mama provides you with the possibility to transfer prepaid airtime value (for communication or data transmission capacity) to a phone subscription account registered to an end user with certain mobile networks operators in certain countries on the terms and conditions set forth on the Site or otherwise in these Terms of Service or Privacy Policy.

By accessing the Site or App, you will be able to purchase Mobile Top Up, in such denominations and amounts as are displaye in the user interface at the time of purchase, for transfer to the receiving end users. Contact us to know more about our privacy policy. Please note that there may be maximum thresholds for the aggregate value that you may transfer at any given point in time. All values available for Mobile Top Up are stated VAT inclusive (if applicable) and inclusive of Rebtel’s service charges.

The value that you purchase for a Mobile Top Up will be debite to the payment card or other offered payment method that you have registered with your Call mama Account or otherwise provide to us. You are responsible for all transactions performe by use of your Call mamaAccount. By completing the Mobile Top Up as set forth on the Site, you authorize us to transfer the value as ordered by you, to the mobile telephone number (the “MSISDN”) that you have identified.

Callmama will upon receipt of your order for Mobile Top Up make a reservation corresponding to the cost of the value and the transfer service to your specified payment method, and will upon successful completion of the Mobile Top Up, debit such cost to your specified payment method. Funds received by Call mama for Mobile Top Up do not constitute funds held on account for the user.

8.1 : Top-UP

Once the Mobile Top Up has been successfully complete, which will be notifie to you, the value transferre cannot be refunde or removed from the receiving MSISDN. Please note that Call mama does not assume any liability should you send Mobile Top Up to the wrong MSISDN.

We will notify you if a Mobile Top Up transaction cannot be successfully complete. A transaction can either (i) fail, meaning that the reservation of the charges to your credit  or other specifie payment method will be release, or (ii) be pending, meaning that the transaction is in progress (which may continue up to 24 hours) during which time the charge will remain reserve against your credit card or other specifie payment method, but not yet been debited (and no Mobile Top Up value will reach or be available for use by the receiver MSISDN).Our privacy policy are simple to understand .

Should it come to your knowledge that a Mobile Top Up initiate by you, the cost for which has been charge to your specifie payment method, has not reache the MSISDN identifie by you, you shall notify Call mama within reasonable time and provide us with underlying documentation evidencing the cost which was debite to you, and identifying the MSISDN for which you have ordered the Mobile Top Up. We reserve the right to charge you any costs which we may have for crediting value to your specifie payment method, if Mobile Top Up has not been successfully complete and such failure has been caused by you.

Nine : Warranty And Liability

Call mama, as noted in Section 2.3 is responsible for providing the highest quality service possible. However, Call mama cannot guarantee that they will be available to serve you long-term with Privacy Policy.

Many eSIM-supporte countries can change, add, modify or be remove at any time without notice. Callmama eSIM doesn’t guarantee service availability.

Rates for Call mama services may change without notice.

Tenth: Governing Law And Jurisdiction

Our Services are governed by the laws of Spain, the EU and all other aspects.

The Connectivity Services and Mobile Services are not to be use in any way or for any purpose by users. This would violate the laws of Spain or EU.

All applicable laws, statutes and regulations relating to corruption must be adhere to by the users at all times during the provision of the Service, including the relevant provisions of the EU Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and all rules and regulations.

Our Privacy Policy is being updated

The privacy policy is reviewed regularly by the company. It was last updated July 1st 2022