Callmama Features

The US virtual Phone number for only $1.99  per month & included services


SMS Features

The service allows you to send and receive text messages from anywhere worldwide.


Call Forwarding

With call forwarding, you can have your calls forwarded to any phone, anywhere in the world.


Call Waiting​

Features like call waiting make it easy to manage multiple calls simultaneously.


International Top-Up​

International top-up allows you to add credits to your account so you can continue making.​


Instant Activation

You can be up and running with our instant activation in no time. Plus, our virtual phone numbers.

videoconference (1)

Video Conferencing

Our virtual phone number is perfect for business that want to add a video call option to their customer.


Free Chat​

A virtual phone number is a chat line that anyone can use to connect with others anonymously.


Local Calling

Local calling allows you to connect easily with customers and clients without worrying.



Conveniently retrieve voicemail messages via phone or computer. Get voicemail notifications.


International Calling​

A virtual phone number is a great way to make international calls. No more expensive.


Caller Id

Caller ID comes standard with most virtual phone numbers, so you can rest assured that your calls.​


Virtual Numbers

A virtual phone number is a great way to have a second phone line without the hassle.​

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Micheal Balboa

CTO - Chief Technical Officer

” The instant activation feature for virtual phone numbers is fantastic! I got my Canada virtual number in less than a minute, and it works flawlessly. Kudos to Callmama for such a great service!”

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Luke Cooper

Social Media Manager

“Callmama virtual number verification has made social media account verification hassle-free. I no longer have to share personal information, and it works like a charm for WhatsApp, Facebook, and other platforms. Very impressed!”


How Callmama Unlocked New Potential with an Enterprise-Level Phone Solution

To scale seamlessly, 1000+ clients upgraded to enterprise- level phones from TeleComCorp. The robust, customizable system enabled maximized connectivity.


A virtual phone number is a telephone number without a direct line to a physical location. Ideal for remote work and online businesses, these numbers allow users to manage calls through the internet. Users can receive calls on any device connected to the internet, providing flexibility and mobility. Unlike traditional phone numbers, virtual numbers can be local, national, or international, enhancing your business’s presence globally.
Obtaining a virtual phone number typically involves selecting a service provider and choosing a suitable plan. The process includes picking your desired number (local, national, or international) and setting up an account. Providers often offer customizable plans to suit different business needs, including options for small startups or larger enterprises.
Virtual phone numbers come with a variety of features enhancing communication and productivity. These include advanced call forwarding, voicemail to email, call recording for quality assurance, customizable voice menus (IVR systems), multiple extensions for team members, international calling capabilities, and seamless integration with CRM and other business tools. Some services also offer advanced analytics to track call performance and customer engagement.
Yes, one of the key advantages of virtual phone numbers is their capability for international calling. They allow businesses to establish a local presence in different countries without the need for a physical office. Calls to and from these numbers are often more affordable than traditional international calling, reducing overhead costs for businesses with global outreach.
Many providers offer number porting, allowing you to convert your existing traditional phone number into a virtual number. This process ensures you retain your existing customer base and contacts, making the transition seamless. It’s a vital feature for businesses upgrading their communication systems without disrupting existing operations.
Call forwarding in virtual phone systems is highly flexible, allowing incoming calls to be redirected to different numbers based on various criteria like time of day, caller ID, or availability of team members. This ensures that no important calls are missed and can be especially beneficial for teams working in different time zones.
A significant advantage of virtual phone numbers is their compatibility with multiple devices, including smartphones, tablets, computers, and VoIP handsets. This multi-device functionality allows users to make and receive calls from anywhere, ensuring constant connectivity for businesses and individuals alike.
A reliable internet connection is essential for optimal use of a virtual phone number. This can be through broadband, Wi-Fi, or a strong mobile data connection. The quality of the internet connection will directly affect call quality, so a stable and fast connection is recommended, especially for businesses where clear communication is crucial.