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For caller from countries other than the {{mpg_country_list}}, the ideal time to schedule a call with someone in the {{mpg_country_list}} is between {{mpg_best_time_to_call}} {{mpg_country_list}} Standard Time {{mpg_time_zone}}.

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Cebu, {{mpg_country_list}} Current Time :

Time Convertor

Time convertor is a tool that allows you to convert a given time from one time zone to another, accommodating different time formats and handling daylight saving time adjustments. It is useful for scheduling meeting or events across multiple time zones.

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India Time Now

03:00 pm (IST)

(UTC +05:30)

2:30 hours Behind

Philippines Time Now

06:30 pm (PST)

(UTC +08:00)

2:30 hours Ahead

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Time Difference

The time differences range from 8 hours ahead of UTC to 5 hours behind UTC, showcasing the diverse time zones across the globe.

Understanding the Time Difference between and the {{mpg_country_list}}

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Time Zone Differences Across Other Major Countries

New York




Philippines state and region UTC time offset and current time

World Time Display

Country Time

City Times

New York



Hong Kong

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Avoiding Pitfalls with Philippine Time

While scheduling across time zones requires care, a few common pitfalls can easily throw a wrench into coordinating with the Philippines. Being aware of potential snags allows you to deftly sidestep scheduling confusion. With some foresight, you can seamlessly sync your calendars despite the geographic distances involved.

1. Misunderstanding Time Differences:

Account for the time zone difference between your location and the Philippines. Call at appropriate times to avoid disturbing people's sleep schedules.

2. Ignoring Local Holidays:

Be aware of major Philippine holidays like New Year's Day and Christmas when businesses may be closed. Respect these cultural celebrations by avoiding scheduling during these times.

Scheduling Business Calls to the Philippines

Effectively scheduling calls with Philippine counterparts requires careful consideration of time zones and local customs to ensure productive partnerships.

Coordinating Across Time Zones

International scheduling requires time zone awareness. Tools like and help coordinate global teams. Clear communication is key: state times in both your timezone and your colleagues'. Consider flexible work hours to increase overlap. Use virtual processes to maintain seamless operations across locations.

Setting Up Recurring Meetings

For recurring meetings with Philippine contacts, respect their local time. Use tools like ScheduleOnce to find mutually convenient slots across time zones. Be flexible and considerate of your partners' work hours. This approach fosters productive collaboration and mutual respect in international scheduling.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The standard time zone for the Philippines is UTC+08:00, often referred to as Philippine Time (PHT).

No, the Philippines does not observe daylight saving time, and it has not followed it since 1990.

To convert Philippine Time to your local time in the US, you can use online converters like timeanddate or manually subtract the time difference from Philippine Time, which is UTC+08:00, such as 13 hours for Eastern Standard Time (EST) or 16 hours for Pacific Standard Time (PST).

It’s recommended to call the Philippines from the US during late afternoon or evening (06:00 AM to 08:00 AM EST) or early in the morning (08:00 PM to 10:00 PM EST). These times align with suitable calling times in the Philippines, creating better chances of reaching someone.

Yes, you can use world clock apps, calendar integration features, and VoIP services like Skype and Google Hangouts to manage international calls and meetings with the Philippines.