Use Signal Without Phone Number

With a signal without a phone number, you can send encrypted messages that cannot be intercepted or read by anyone other than the intended recipient(s) Use Signal without having to provide your phone number. Works on both Android and iOS devices. Group messaging allows you to communicate with multiple people at the same time

You can use Signal without a phone number. This is a huge benefit because it means that you can keep your contact list and messages private even if you don’t want to give out your phone number. It uses end-to-end encryption to make sure that your messages are safe from prying eyes. 

use signal without phone number
Primary tricks

Some Security Tricks to get the most out of the App are

End-to-end encryption

Keep your messages private and secure. An end-to-end encryption protocol is used by other major messaging platforms. No one, not even the company, can access your messages except for the sender and recipient. All calls and messages are encrypted, as well as metadata like who you spoke to and when those conversations occurred.

No advertisements

The signal is a not-for-profit company which means your privacy is their number one priority No ads, trackers, or affiliate marketers. The Signal Protocol is open source which guarantees security and privacy. Grants and donations support the Signal app. You can be sure your calls and messages are secure and private.No adverts, affiliate marketers, or trackers

Screen Security & Screen Lock

You will be the only one who can see your messages. Screen Security and Lock will prevent screenshots of your Signal conversations from being taken. Keep your privacy protected with Screen Security and Lock. Keep your privacy protected using the Screen Lock feature Locks the app using the same pattern, password, FaceID or TouchID used to lock your phone

Chat without adding numbers in contacts

You can keep your contact list private. You don’t have to worry about adding people you don’t know. Your conversations will be more secure. You can talk to people without them having the app. Chat with anyone, anywhere, without adding them to your contacts Send encrypted messages if the other person has a Signal account

Use Signal Without Phone Number

Phone numbers nowadays can reveal a lot of data. Hence it is very important to protect your data nowadays so that there is no misuse of your data. You can keep your number private.No need to give out your phone number for verification or other purposes. You can receive texts and calls on your computer.

Use Signal without giving out your phone number. Remain anonymous when messaging. Get a flexible and affordable virtual USA phone number.No SIM card or ID is required. Stay away from hackers and stalkers who are trying to get your data or bank details for fraudulent activities.

Secondary Tricks
Verify Using Safety Numbers

Confirm the security of your Signal encryption with safety numbers. Get an extra layer of security for your chats and calls. Make sure your messages are safe from attackers Verify that the encryption is not under attack. This will help to make your data more secure and you are at very less risk of falling into trouble with data privacy,

View Once Media

Images and videos are automatically deleted from the conversation after being viewed, ensuring that they don’t stay on the recipient’s device long. Keep your conversations and media secure with end-to-end encryption. Quick and easy to use by sending images and videos in a matter of seconds.

Disappearing Messages

Messages disappear after a set amount of time, so they can’t be screenshotted or saved Can be used for private conversations that you don’t want anyone else to see. Send a notification when the recipient has read the message. You can choose how long messages last between 10 seconds and one week.

Take a Back Up

Keep your data safe with a local backup. Enable chat backups for an added layer of security Protect your data in case of accidental deletion or device loss. Quick and easy to create a local backup. Go to “Chats and media” > enable “Chat backups“. You can restore the backup at any time.

Some Other Ways

use signal without phone number

Relay Calls

Keep your identity and contact information private and use signal without phone number. Eliminate the risk of exposing your IP address to your contacts. Make calls without any risks or worries. However, enabling this feature may cause the call quality to be reduced.Privacy Under the Communication Section > relay calls.

use signal without phone number

Enforce Incognito Keyboard

Keep your keyboard data private. Disable other 3rd party keyboards from recording your typing behaviour. Keep your personal information confidential and use signal without phone number. Type in peace knowing that your keyboard is not tracking you. By keeping your personal information confidential not many people would be able to get easy access to your bank details.

use signal without phone number

Hide your notifications

Protect your privacy by hiding signal messages on your lock screen and use signal without phone number. Keep your contact list hidden from those who may try misusing your data. Stop notifications from being seen by those you don’t want to see. Keep your conversations confidential. It is always very important to consider all the points to protect your data


With Signal, you can communicate securely with anyone, without worrying about who is listening. Callmama is one of the few messaging apps that takes your privacy seriously. You don’t need to create a new account or remember another password–just use your phone number. Maintain your privacy by using a virtual phone number and stay hidden and secure.  Stay connected while travelling – Use a virtual number to make and receive calls while you’re on vacation. Avoid telemarketing calls by having your virtual number filter out unwanted spam calls. Easily Connect with customers anywhere in the world. use signal without phone number provides toll-free or local calling options no matter where your customer is located