The procedure to get a Virtual Phone Number


Buy a virtual phone number! A virtual phone number is a great way to keep your number private. Virtual phone numbers can be forwarded to any device, anywhere in the world. They provide a professional image for your business. It is an affordable way to get a local presence in a new market. In this way, many businessmen are an option for virtual numbers in order to expand their business

Buy a virtual phone number from any country in the world. You can keep your current phone number, or get a new one. This service is perfect for entrepreneurs, small businesses, and individuals who travel frequently or work from home. 

buy a virtual phone number

Definition of a Virtual Number

Virtual number is a new technology that is used to route calls depending on technology. Virtual Phone Numbers allow you to have a local presence for your business in any city or country. Forward your calls to any phone you want, anywhere in the worldYou can keep your current phone number and add a virtual number on top

Buy a virtual phone number for your business today and start receiving calls within minutes With a virtual phone number, you can grow your business by expanding your customer base.
Buy a virtual phone number it is a great way to stay connected with your customers while you’re on the go. Buy a Virtual phone number they are perfect for businesses that operate in multiple countries or states.

The Procedure to get a virtual phone number

Instant Activation

Download and Install Call Mama App from the Play store or on Apple Store

Instant Activation

Choose a number from the main menu “Phone Numbers” >“Buy Number”.

Instant Activation

Submit all the necessary documents which are mentioned on the website.

Different Categories of Virtual Phone Numbers


Mobile Numbers

Call Mama provides mobile numbers for different countries around the globe at affordable prices, making it easy for people to stay connected while travelling or living abroad. Call Mama makes it easy to keep your same number when you switch countries, so you don't have to worry about missing any calls or texts.


Toll Free Numbers

Keep your customers happy with a Toll-Free Number. Increase customer trust by providing a Toll-Free Number. They are easy to set up and use. It is not a time-consuming process hence you can just get started in minutes. Toll-free numbers also do make a professional impression on the customers


Buy Local Country Numbers

Buy a virtual phone number for your business from the country of your choice. Increase customer trust by providing a local phone number for them to call. Reduce expenses by forwarding calls to any landline or mobile phone worldwide at low rates. Receive voicemails and faxes as emails in PDF or WAV format

What is the need of having a virtual number?

Buy A virtual phone number it allows you to have greater control over your communication. You can have several virtual phone numbers and use them according to your needs. A virtual phone number gives you the flexibility to choose the best way to place and receive calls. With a virtual phone number, you will enjoy low calling rates.

Keep your number private. Virtual numbers enable you to protect your anonymity and privacy. Make international calls at the same local rates available. Get a personalised virtual number with custom features. 

Ways to send and receive SMS using Call mama

buy a virtual phone number

Cost Efficient

Keep your business growing with the easy and less costly routing of calls Benefit from quality calling and IM features. Eliminate the need to buy a phone line. Enjoy other features that boost your business , such as Call Forwarding. Reduce your monthly phone bill by using a virtual phone number Stay connected with clients and partners without the high cost of international calling

buy a virtual phone number

Professional approach

Your company will appear larger to outsiders. You'll receive a more professional phone number that's tailored to your business. You'll be able to manage your calls and messages easily. Having a virtual number gives you a local presence in new markets. You'll save time and money communicating with off-site employees as if you're all in the same office.-No more expensive long-distance calls or lost time travelling

buy a virtual phone number


Virtual Numbers will help you to protect yourself from spam and telemarketers. Keep your number private. Control who can reach you and when. Prevent unauthorised calls without permission. All these features will help you to get adequate safety and privacy making it the best option to use.

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A virtual number provider offers several benefits that can improve your business. You can have a call centre up and running in minutes with little to no technical experience required. Buy a Virtual phone number with providers that offer 24/7 technical support so you never have to worry about lost calls or downtime.

buy a virtual phone number

Call Mama Services

Local virtual numbers for business in over 40 countries and many area code such as 201,202,888, and 208 area code. Free app to manage your phone numbers and messages. Get 24/7 customer service Add extensions for additional phone number features like voicemail, call forwarding, and text messaging. Never miss another call because you can customise your voicemail greeting at any time.

Forward your calls to any number you like without having to change your current plan.
Add or reduce numbers as needed without any penalties or added fees. In this way, Call Mama Provides you with the best features so buy a virtual phones number know.