The procedure to register in callmama & activate your account


You can now easily manage your account and subscriptions. Get the best deals and offers available. Make use of the app’s new features for a better user experience. Call Mama is an easy-to-use app that helps you connect with loved ones all over the world. You can now register and activate your account in call mama sign App more quickly and easily than ever before!

With Call Mama, you’ll enjoy crystal clear call quality and stay connected with your loved ones no matter where they are. Try Call Mama today and experience the best in international calling. 


An overview Of Register in callmama

You can use Call Mama to call any phone number in the world, without having to worry about expensive rates or connection fees. Call Mama is easy to use, even if you’re not familiar with mobile technology. You don’t need a SIM card or special equipment, just download the app and you’re ready to go.

You can use the app to get virtual phone numbers for your call mama app devices from over 190 countries. Call Mama helps you connect to data plans from over 100+ providers in over 55 countries. The app is simple, easy to use, and affordable. Call Mama is the first and only app that offers both voice and data services on a single platform. It is also compatible with both android and ios devices.

The steps to register yourself on the website are

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The initial registration process is Simpler and Quicker than before

As a new user, you can register in Call Mama by entering your phone number without having to complete the registration process. This makes the registration process much easier and faster than before. You will be able to start using Call Mama immediately after registering. You don’t have to worry about submitting an activation code

— 02

of your number

Keep your number confidential. Another layer of protection for your account and personal information.Eliminates the possibility that someone else could access your account
Simple, easy-to-use verification process.Keeps your information confidential and protected
Low-cost international calling without having to use Skype or other apps.

— 03

If you are an old subscriber who changed your number or phone

No need to worry if you want to change your number or phone, you can now easily change your number or phone without any trouble. Follow the same smooth steps mentioned above to verify your number or modify it into a new one. It will not cost you any trouble, it is completely hassle-free and won’t even cost you much.

What is the need of Call Mama to ask for your real number to



Protect your identity and personal information with a unique phone number. Keep your email address private and secure. Stop spam and unwanted calls with a verified caller ID. - Keep your phone number private and safe. Protect yourself from spam and telemarketers. Easy to use, fast, and reliable. Avoid spam by keeping your email address secret. Stop companies from selling your data

Protect your number from misuse and fraud. Registering with us is the best way to ensure complaints are followed up on quickly. Keep track of your order and delivery status. Be a part of a community that takes misuse and fraud seriously. Protect your number from misuse and fraud Registering with us is the best way to ensure complaints are followed up on quickly

Account Verification

Register without verifying your real phone number. See our coins centre and other features before deciding to verify. Use our app without verifying for as long as you want. Protect your privacy by using a verified number. Keep others from using your number on their account Link your number to the device for extra security.

Recover your account balance without losing any data. Easily and quickly retrieve your account information.No without more frustration or lost time trying to recover what's yours. Keep playing your favourite game without interruption. This will enable you to smooth the functioning of your work which will in turn increase productivity.



This is possible due to several reasons, the most common reason is weak connectivity.
In case this happens then just simply, click on “I did not receive the code” to resend it to you via WhatsApp.

Please make sure your WhatsApp Number is the same as the one you registered within Call Mama. Otherwise, just contact our support team. They will check the number by calling you and will give you the code, or they will resend the code via WhatsApp.

No, you can collect coins immediately once after you are done with registration with us.

Yes, it is safe, you can make the call mama sign-in or registration process easier by postponing the verification step. Your safety is still our top priority. No one else will be using your account unless he provides the verification code which will be sent to your number.

No, Not at all. You can easily download the call mama app on your new mobile app and call mama to sign in after verification of your number.

Call Mama will do it for you, with complete ease.