The Procedure to get a USA virtual phone number from Callmama

Introduction to USA Virtual Number

A virtual number gives you a real USA phone number that can receive calls and texts. You can choose to forward your calls and texts to any other phone number, whether it’s a mobile or landline. This service is great for people who need a USA number for business purposes or for people who want to keep their personal life and business life separate buy US number.


Categories Of US Virtual Number By Callmama


Local Number

Make it look like you have a physical office in the USA. Gain trust with customers by having a Local USA number. Improve customer support with Local numbers for different areas in the US Stand out from your competition by being one of the only businesses to offer this service. Keep your social media accounts secure by using verified phone numbers

Protect your personal information by using a virtual number for your account. Easily verify your social media accounts with just a few clicks. Use virtual numbers to keep your phone number private. A local number will help you to get a local presence in the market. This will help you to gain more business locally.

Toll-Free Numbers

Free customer support for your customers. Increase customer satisfaction with free calling Attract more customers by providing a free support number. Stand out from the competition by providing free customer service. You can keep your number private. Easily protect your business from robocalls and telemarketers.

You can use toll-free numbers to send sms, make outgoing calls, and receive incoming calls from up to 5 lines at the same time The cost of receiving calls on this toll-free number differs according to where the toll-free number is called from. This is very ideal for any business to have a more professional approach.


How to buy a USA Virtual Number from Callmama App

Download the
Callmama App

Install the Callmama app which is available on the play store

a Number

From the main menu, “Phone Numbers” > “Buy Phone Numbers”.

Advantages of Having a US virtual Number


Easy Account Activation

Get an American number for free and start using your favourite applications and sites that are not available in your country. Take advantage of the many benefits that USA numbers offer, like caller ID, voicemail to email, and more. Keep your number private and get all the perks of having a USA virtual number without having to travel or live in the United States.


Call Forwarding

Buy us virtual number for business or personal use and keep your identity protected. Use your virtual number to make calls and receive calls from the United States, without ever having to give out your phone number. Forward your virtual number to any phone, anywhere in the world, and never miss another call from the United States


Adequate Transparency

Keep your phone number private by using a virtual number instead. You can keep your personal and work life separate by having a different number for each. You can make and receive calls from the US without having to pay international ratesYou can pick up your voicemail messages from any phone, anywhere in the world.



Buy us number and enjoy the benefits of Call Forwarding, Voicemail, and more. Enjoy total privacy and anonymity with your new virtual number. Stay connected to friends and family in the United States without having to worry about expensive long-distance rates. Benefit from easy online account management and 24/7 customer support.

Attributes of US Virtual Phone number

High Credibility & Trust

Gain credibility and build trust with your customers by giving them a local phone number to reach you. Provide a local experience for your customers no matter where they are calling from Keep your number private and confidential Manage calls and messages easily through an online portal

Cloud Features

Keep your customers in the loop with call forwarding and voicemail to email. Improve customer service with easy access to customer data, including recordings of past conversations. Connect with your team anywhere in the world with our global call routing feature. Get more done in less time by using virtual phone number features!

Call Queuing

Keep your customers happy by not making them wait on the phone. Play music or a recording to keep them entertained. Connect customers to the next available agent. Get call queuing for your business today! In this way, you won't miss any important calls from your customers and able to attend to every customer.

Smart IVR

Reduce wait times for customers. Automate non-essential or time-consuming customer service tasks. Seamless customer experience for your callers. Improve caller satisfaction, this will help you to retain customers in large numbers. Also, it would help you to bring in more sales to the company.


CRM Integrations

Improve agent productivity and customer satisfaction with seamless CRM/Helpdesk integrations. Stay connected to your customers through their preferred channels – voice, chat, email, etc. Automate workflows and improve team efficiency with our powerful integrations. Get started quickly and easily with our user-friendly interfaces and comprehensive support document
Improve agent productivity and customer satisfaction. You can Seamlessly integrate virtual numbers with CRMs and Helpdesk software. It helps you to maximise the return on investment of your virtual number subscription. In this way, CRM integration is a very important part of any business.

Keep track on marketing ROI

Get real-time insights on how your offline marketing campaigns are performing in the USA. Identify and track high-performing marketing channels quickly and easily. Pinpoint the exact areas of improvement for your offline marketing campaigns Make data-driven decisions to optimise your marketing spend
See which campaigns are working and adjust them on the go. Keep track of your marketing budget in real-time. Get an immediate response on what is and isn’t working. Save money by cutting out wasteful campaigns. This also denotes that it is a very cost-efficient way to do business


Activation of Remote Working

Enable remote working for your team, improving morale and productivity. Stay connected with features like voicemail to email, find me, follow me, and unlimited extensions. Enjoy crystal clear sound quality and never miss an important call. Get a system that’s easy to use and set up – we do all the hard work for you!
Employees can work when and where they are most productive, leading to increased overall productivity. Customers have access to support services 24/7, 365 days a year. There is no need for physical office space or hardware, resulting in cost savings for the company. Employees can work from anywhere in the world, ensuring that the best talent is always available regardless of location

Who can buy virtual phone numbers from Callmama?

Buy USA virtual phone number with having the best calling features with Callmama. Keep your number private and use your Callmama number for business or travel USA virtual numbers come with all the features of regular numbers (voicemail, caller ID, etc.).Download Callmama app for android and ios both.