Introduction to Virtual Phone numbers for travellers

A virtual international phone number ensures you are always reachable, regardless of where in the world you happen to be. Protect yourself from roaming charges and unexpected expenses while travelling by using a virtual international phone number. Such numbers will help travellers to connect with other travellers as well.

You can choose from any area code in the US and get a local number for your business.

international virtual phone number

A prepaid international phone number for expatriates and travellers. Keep your home country number and get a new one for your travels. No contracts, no commitments, and no hidden fees. Get a local number in the country you’re visiting to make it easier for people to reach you

Virtual International phones help to keep in touch with loved ones and friends without stretching yourself between two different countries. A cost-effective way to maintain communication with contacts all over the world. It is easy to use as it can be used on any phone or computer.No need for special software or applications just a regular phone line will do!

The need of having a virtual phone number for travellers

international virtual phone number

Available on arrival

Never miss a call while travelling internationally. You can keep your business contacts and customers updated while you're on the go. It helps you to avoid expensive international roaming rates. You can keep your loved ones updated about your whereabouts.No need for data or a Wi-Fi connection. Airtime not wasted on roaming charges

international virtual phone number

Easy to achieve

No need to set up a new telephone line. Get a SIM card in minutes, without having to visit phone providers Call back home or make international calls at the best rates. Keep your current number and contacts. Because it is so easy to get the number, many people are using this widely when it comes to travel plans.

international virtual phone number

Be Connected

Keep in touch with your family and friends abroad without breaking the bank. Easily stay connected even when you're on the go. Never miss another important call. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your calls are always secure. Forward calls to another number when offline Low-cost international phone number Stay in touch with loved ones while overseas

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Less Expensive

Save up to 90% on international calls and texts. Get a local number in over 60 countries. No contracts, no hidden fees, and you can cancel anytime. Stay connected with loved ones without breaking the bank. Save money on your phone bill using a virtual number costs much less than making calls from a traditional phone line.

Security and Privacy With Virtual Phone Numbers

Keep your  virtual international phone number safe from hackers. There are so many cases of accounts getting hacked very easily day by day. Hence it is important to use a virtual phone number for added security and privacy. With Call Mama, you can easily get a local phone number in any city or country Forward calls and texts to any other phone number.

Stay safe and confidential when giving away your phone number. Please think twice before giving your phone number to anyone. Keep your number hidden from unfamiliar people. Use a virtual number for one-time acquaintances or job interviews reachable without having to give out your number

Protect your phone number and privacy when you need to enter details online Keep your personal contact information
private by using a virtual international phone number instead Easily accessible and can be used for one-time acquaintances or job interviews. Hide your phone number from unfamiliar people

virtual international phone number for People Going On Business Trips

Save money on your travel phone bill. Keep your business contacts and conversations organised. Connect with others while avoiding expensive roaming fees. Easy to use, even for first-time travellers. Some of the important attributes of such numbers are

international virtual phone number

Get Unlimited international calling. With Call Mama virtual numbers for travellers, there are no geographical barriers. Maintain only one device for all your virtual phone numbers Stay connected with loved ones and business partners without any worry. You can talk to any person from different corners of the world.

Set one Mobile Device for All Your Business Numbers. With VoIP, it is easier to Do Business While travelling. Stay Connected with Your Business No Matter Where You Are. Easily reduce operating Costs by Consolidating Devices. Stay connected with your business wherever you go. Easily set up and manage your calls and messages

Make it look like you’re local, even if you’re not. Build trust with customers and business partners by having a number from their area code. Never miss an important call, no matter where you are in the world. You can increase trust with customers by being local. No need to change your current phone number. Get a virtual number for any location in the world

Remain connected with loved ones and business contacts while travelling. Quickly and easily add social media accounts to your device. Post updates and photos from your trip on social media. Keep your business running while you’re on the go Avoid international roaming charges. Stay connected while travelling

Some Limitations of Virtual Phone numbers for Travellers are

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At times having just a few apps for travellers is not enough. Every country has its own rules and regulations when it comes to using technology. For example, some countries banned the use of WhatsApp, like China, North Korea, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), and more for some reason. Hence you shouldn't feel helpless when it comes to contacting others.

voip phone explained

The conventions and costs of phone calls are also a big problem for dialling. As an alternative to calling you’ll need a little more than an old-fashioned payphone. Luckily, you do have an option of international virtual phone numbers as an affordable alternative to using the VoIP technology without bearing the cost of SIM cards and purchasing Equipment.

voip phone explained

People won't be able to call back to their homes due to many app restrictions. They would have to bear extra charges. With the help of Virtual Phone numbers, you can keep in touch with loved ones abroad without expensive long-distance fees. You can stay connected even when social media accounts are unavailable.


Being a traveller one should go ahead with a virtual phone number as it Saves time and money on your travels. Avoid tension and stress while travelling. Make the most of your travel time. Get more done in less time. Stay connected with loved ones. Keep in touch with business associates. It is easy to understand plans