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Mexico Phone Number Format



Making calls to Mexico requires understanding some key differences in the Mexico Phone Number Format compared to numbers in other countries. From international dialing codes to area codes and local number lengths, dialing Mexican phone numbers can initially seem confusing. This guide will provide a comprehensive overview of the phone number structure and dialing procedures for successfully placing calls of any kind to Mexico. Whether you need to contact Mexican businesses, friends, family, or make travel arrangements, having the proper knowledge of the Mexico Phone Number Format and dialing formats is essential. We’ll cover the nationwide country codes, area/region codes, local number patterns, and best practices for hassle-free calling to all parts of Mexico.

The Anatomy of a Mexico Phone Number Format

Mexican mobile number follow a standardized format consisting of three core components – a country code, an area/regional code, and the local subscriber number.

Country Code: +52

This is the dialing code to access the Mexican telephone network from abroad. When calling Mexico from another country, you must first dial +52 before the rest of the number.

The Anatomy of a Mexican Phone Number

Area/Regional Codes:

Mexico uses area codes ranging from 2-3 digits to cover different states, cities, and regions across the country. Common area codes include:

  • Mexico City: 55
  • Guadalajara: 33
  • Monterrey: 81
  • Cancun: 998

Local Subscriber Number:

This is the remaining 7-8 digit portion unique to the individual phone line.

Landline Number Example:

+52 55 1234 5678

(+52 country code, 55 area code for Mexico City, 1234 5678 local number)

Mobile/Cellular Number Example:

+52 1 555 123 4567

(+52 country code, 1 for mobile network, 555 area code, 123 4567 local number)

Mexican mobile numbers always have the digit 1 after the +52 country code, followed by a 3-digit area code and 7-digit subscriber number.

When dialing domestically within Mexico, you typically omit the +52 country code and just use the area code and local number.

By understanding this consistent number formatting, you can properly dial any landline or mobile line in Mexico from abroad or domestically.

How to Dial Mexico From Your Country

The process for calling Mexico differs slightly depending on which country you are dialing from. Here are step-by-step instructions for some of the most common locations:

How to Dial Mexico From Your Country

Dialing Mexico From the United States:

  1. Dial the U.S. international exit code 011
  2. Dial Mexico’s country code 52
  3. Dial the 2-3 digit Mexican area/regional code (omitting the leading 0 if applicable)
  4. Dial the 7-8 digit local Mexican mobile number

Example: 011 52 55 1234 5678 (Mexico City landline)

Dialing Mexico From the United Kingdom:

  1. Dial the UK international exit code 00
  2. Dial Mexico’s country code 52
  3. Dial the 2-3 digit Mexican area/regional code
  4. Dial the 7-8 digit local Mexican number

Example: 00 52 55 1234 5678 (Mexico City landline)

Dialing Mexico From India:

  1. Use either the international exit code 00 or +
  2. Dial Mexico’s country code 52
  3. Dial the 2-3 digit Mexican area/regional code
  4. Dial the 7-8 digit local Mexican number

Example: 00 52 55 1234 5678 or +52 55 1234 5678 (Mexico City landline)

Best Times to Call Mexico:

Due to Mexico spanning multiple time zones, the best time to call can vary depending on your location and where you are dialing in Mexico. As a general guide:

  • For calls to Western/Pacific Mexico mobile number from the U.S. West Coast, 9am-6pm is ideal
  • For calls to Central Mexico from the U.S. East Coast, 11am-8pm is a good window
  • For calls from Europe to most of Mexico, afternoons/evenings are preferable
  • From India, early mornings or evenings work well for most of Mexico

Checking the specific time zone difference is recommended for important calls to ensure reaching people during normal waking hours.

Major Mexican Area Codes

Mexico uses a vast number of area codes across its states and cities. Here are some of the most important area codes to be aware of when dialing landlines or mobile phones in major Mexican metropolitan areas:

CityArea Code
Mexico City55
Ciudad Juárez656
Los Cabos624

This table covers the area codes for Mexico’s largest cities like the capital Mexico City, major business hubs like Monterrey and Guadalajara, popular tourist destinations like Cancún and Los Cabos, and other significant population centers.

For smaller cities or rural areas, there are hundreds of other area codes ranging from 2-3 digits in use throughout the country. Many online resources, such as area code lookup tools, can provide additional codes if you need to dial a less densely populated region.

When dialing domestically from one Mexican area code to another, you will typically dial:

01 + Area Code + 7 or 8 Digit Local Number

Whereas international callers must dial:

+52 + Area Code + 7 or 8 Digit Local Number

Familiarizing yourself with these major city codes is helpful, but double checking any unfamiliar area codes is recommended before dialing to ensure your call is connected properly.

Getting a Mexican Phone Number

In certain situations, obtaining a Mexican phone number can be extremely useful. For businesses operating in Mexico or serving Mexican customers/clients, having a local Mexican number projects a professional local presence. Frequent travelers to Mexico may want a Mexican number to avoid costly international roaming charges when making calls within the country.

An increasingly popular solution is the use of virtual Mexican phone numbers which can be purchased through online providers for affordable rates. These virtual numbers are cloud-hosted and can be configured to ring to any existing phone line – your Mexican Cell Phone, VoIP system, or landline back home.

Getting a Mexican Phone Number

Benefits of Virtual Mexican Phone Numbers:

  • Avoid paying international call rates when dialing Mexican numbers
  • Appear as a local caller to increase answer rates
  • Easy setup and management through web-based control panels
  • Select from available numbers in different Mexican cities/area codes
  • Forward calls to any phone or take advantage of advanced features like call recording

Top Providers for Virtual Mexican Phone Numbers:

  • CallMama – Wide range of Mexican virtual number plans
  • MyCountryMobile – Mexican virtual numbers with SMS capabilities
  • Ghostbot Vista – Virtual Mexican numbers with SMS capabilities
  • Telnyx – Mexican numbers from $1/month
  • United World Telecom – City/area code options

Virtual Mexican phone number providers typically offer pay-as-you-go or monthly plans at very reasonable rates compared to traditional phone services. Do your research to compare pricing, features and dependability for the right fit.

Having a Mexican phone presence through Virtual Phone Number can be an affordable solution for businesses, entrepreneurs and travelers to maintain seamless communications across Mexico.

Additional Tips for Smooth Communication

Beyond understanding the mobile phone number formats and dialing procedures, there are a few more tips that can help ensure successful calling to Mexico:

Store Contact Numbers Properly

Always save Mexican phone numbers in your contacts using the full international format, including +52 country code. This will avoid any confusion about how to properly dial out. For example, store a Mexico City number as +52 55 1234 5678, not just the local portion.

Consider Voice/Messaging Apps

Apps like WhatsApp, Skype, Facebook Messenger and others that allow calls/messaging over data can be extremely cost-effective options for communicating with Mexico. WhatsApp in particular is widely used. These apps only require an internet connection to operate inexpensively.

Language Considerations

While many Mexicans in major cities and tourist areas have English proficiency, Spanish is of course the predominant language across the country. Basic courtesy phrases in Spanish can go a long way. For important calls where language may be a barrier, consider using a real-time translation service or app to streamline understanding.

Double Check Number Validity

If a Mexican number seems incorrect or doesn’t connect properly, double check the area code validity or inquire about any special prefixes/codes required for that particular region. Confirming details beforehand prevents dropped calls.

By combining proper dialing format knowledge with these additional tips, you’ll be fully prepared for smooth, uninterrupted communication whether calling Mexico for business or personal reasons. Taking the time to understand all aspects ensures your calls go through every time.

International Calling Costs and Plans

Making international calls to Mexico can potentially get expensive if you don’t plan ahead and explore cost-saving options. Traditional wireless carriers and landline providers often charge high per-minute rates for international long distance calling.

Traditional Carrier International Calling Plans

If you need to regularly make calls to Mexican numbers from your existing phone line, it’s worth checking if your carrier offers any international calling plan add-ons or bundles. These plans provide a set number of minutes or unlimited calling to selected countries/regions for a flat monthly fee.

For example, AT&T has an $18/month Unlimited Latin America plan that covers calling Mexican landlines and mobiles. Verizon offers an $10/month unlimited plan just for calls to Mexico.

Cost-Effective Calling Alternatives

For those who don’t need an “unlimited” option, using VoIP (Voice over IP) services or internet-based calling apps can provide significant savings versus typical carrier international rates:

  • WhatsApp / Facebook Messenger – Make free voice and video calls over the internet/data to other users
  • Skype – Low per-minute rates for calls to Mexican numbers (e.g. 2.3¢/min to landlines)
  • Rebtel – VoIP service specializing in cheap international calling plans to Mexico
  • Google Voice – Get a low-cost virtual US number and call Mexico for as little as $0.01/minute

If calling Mexican numbers frequently for business or personal reasons, switching to an alternative VoIP solution can end up being far more economical than sticking with your regular carrier’s high international rates.

Evaluating your specific calling needs and shopping around for bundled international plans or inexpensive app-based options will help maximize savings when communicating with Mexico.

Troubleshooting Common Calling Issues

Even with the proper dialing formats and procedures, calls to Mexican numbers may sometimes fail to connect for various reasons. If you encounter issues completing calls, here are some potential causes and basic troubleshooting tips:

Common Reasons for Failed Calls to Mexico:

  • Incorrect dialing sequence (wrong country, area or local number codes)
  • Network issues or service outages on either end
  • Number has been disconnected or is no longer in service
  • Number may be blocked from receiving your incoming calls
  • Issues with calling app connections/internet access

Basic Troubleshooting Tips:

  1. Verify you are dialing the full number exactly as provided, including country and area codes.
  2. Check your carrier or internet connection is active with no outages.
  3. Try calling the number again at a later time in case of temporary issues.
  4. Ensure any calling app updates or credits are current if using VoIP.
  5. Request the party in Mexico to call you back to test incoming call capabilities.

If you continue having persistent problems reaching a specific Mexican number after thorough troubleshooting, the next steps are:

  • Contact your carrier’s customer support for an investigation into any potential blocks
  • Search online forums for any reported issues with that area code or service provider
  • Ask the person you’re trying to call if they have recently changed numbers
  • As a last resort, you may need to find an alternate number to try

While frustrating, many failed call issues can be resolved by verifying details, updating connections, and using available support resources. With some basic legwork, you should be able to identify and fix the root problem.

Mexican Phone Etiquette & Customs

While the technical process of dialing and connecting to Mexican phone numbers is universal, there are some cultural customs and norms around phone etiquette that are helpful to understand:

Greetings and Formalities

Initial greetings when answering calls in Mexico often involve more formal salutations compared to casual “Hello?” responses. Common formal greetings include:

  • “Buenas días” (Good morning)
  • “Buenas tardes” (Good afternoon)
  • “Diga” or “Dígame” (Literally “Speak” or “Tell me”)

Using polite greetings and identifying yourself at the start is considered proper etiquette in Mexico.

Business vs Personal Phone Calls

There can be distinct differences in tone and formality between business/professional calls and personal calls with family/friends:

  • For business calls, it’s advisable to use formal greetings, titles/honorifics, and maintain a relatively formal communication style.
  • With personal contacts, a more casual, informal tone is common once initial greetings are exchanged.

Cultural Considerations

In Mexican business culture, there may be certain scheduling norms:

  • Avoid scheduling calls extremely early in the morning before 9 am
  • The mid-day “comida” lunch period from 2-4 pm is considered private time
  • Late evenings after 8 pm may be received as imposing on personal/family time

Additionally, be aware that directness is not always valued – conversations may seem circuitous compared to other cultures. Establishing an initial rapport is important.

As with any cross-cultural communication, being an attentive, respectful caller can go a long way. Note relevant customs, match the formality level of your recipient, and avoid unduly rushing conversations.

Beyond Phone Calls: Texting and Video Calling in Mexico

While voice calling remains crucial, text messaging and video calling have become increasingly popular communication methods in Mexico as well. Understanding your options can help you stay fully connected.

Beyond Phone Calls: Texting and Video Calling in Mexico

SMS and Messaging Apps in Mexico

Like many countries, Mexico has rapidly adopted smartphone messaging apps and services alongside traditional SMS texting. Popular messaging apps include:

  • WhatsApp – Extremely widespread usage for personal and business messaging
  • Facebook Messenger
  • Telegram
  • Signal

Messaging via data/wifi allows unlimited messaging without per-text fees. Traditional SMS does still incur international rates from most carriers.

Costs and Free Messaging Options

If you have an international/world messaging plan from your carrier, you can SMS Mexico at the same rates as domestic texting. However, for most it’s advisable to utilize free messaging within apps like WhatsApp when possible to avoid international SMS charges.

Within messaging apps, all text/photo/video messaging between app users is free over data/wifi connections. This provides an extremely affordable messaging solution when contacting people in Mexico.

Video Calling in Mexico

Apps like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, FaceTime, and Skype have made video calling in Mexico convenient and cost-effective. Video calling apps allow you to:

  • See friends, family or business contacts face-to-face
  • Share a more personal experience than just voice calls
  • Leverage video capabilities at no extra cost over data/wifi

For both personal connectivity and remote business/collaboration use cases, video calling apps are popular options when talking to Mexico.

Whether messaging or video calling, taking advantage of internet-based apps can enhance your communication experience while controlling costs when staying in touch with Mexican numbers.


Navigating the Mexico Phone Number Format and international dialing to Mexico no longer needs to be a hassle. This comprehensive guide has walked through all the key details – from understanding the anatomy of Mexican phone numbers with country codes and area codes, to properly dialing out to Mexico from abroad. We’ve also covered affordable communication options like messaging apps, video calling, virtual Mexican phone numbers, and cost-saving international call plans for reaching Mexico.

With this knowledge, you’re now fully prepared to confidently communicate with anyone in Mexico using the right dialing formats and procedures. No more confusion or wondering if you have the specifics correct. Simply refer back to these tips as needed until calling Mexico becomes second nature. Seamless cross-border connectivity for business or personal reasons is at your fingertips.


The country code for Mexico is +52 within the North American Numbering Plan. This must be dialed before the area/city code and local number when making an international phone call to Mexico.

Mexican landline numbers follow the format: +52 (area/city code) (local 7-8 digit number). For example, a Mexico City landline number may look like: +52 55 1234 5678.

Mobile numbers in Mexico have the format: +52 1 (3-digit area code) (7-digit local number). For example: +52 1 555 123 4567. The “1” after the country code indicates it is a mobile/cellular number.

Companies can get a local Mexican phone number presence by signing up for virtual phone numbers or global call forwarding services that provide numbers with Mexican city codes that ring to existing lines.

Yes, many companies in Mexico offer international toll-free numbers beginning with 800 or 888 for customer service and support hotlines that can be dialed from abroad.

To call Mexico from the US, you dial: 011 (US exit code) + 52 (Mexico country code) + (Mexican area code) + (local 7-8 digit number).

While integrated, Mexico’s phone numbers use the distinct +52 country code separating them from the North American Numbering Plan used by the US and Canada.

Yes, many virtual phone number and VoIP providers allow you to forward incoming calls from your existing international or toll-free number to any Mexican phone number.

Apps like WhatsApp, Skype, Facebook Messenger and Google Voice allow very low-cost voice calls and free messaging to Mexican telephone numbers over the internet.

Properly dialing the 2-3 digit Mexican area or city codes (e.g. 55 for Mexico City) is crucial to ensure your call routes to the correct regional destination within Mexico’s vast phone numbering system.

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