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Free Calls to India from the UK

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Rehmath Ali

Rehmath Ali



Staying in touch with loved ones back home in India can be expensive when living abroad in the UK. With most mobile providers, calling Indian mobile numbers and landlines from a UK number costs around 5–10 pesos per minute. At those rates, an hour-long call back home every week can easily add up to over £200 per year.

Luckily, there are several ways to drastically reduce the cost of calling India by using free or low-cost online calling and messaging services. With just an internet connection and the right apps or websites, you can call landlines and mobile phones in India for free or very cheap free calls to India from the UK. Here are some of the best options:

WhatsApp is one of the most popular free messaging and calling apps worldwide. If your friends and family in India also have WhatsApp, you can call them through the app for free over WiFi or mobile data, even for international calls. WhatsApp also allows free messaging and photo sharing. The app uses your existing phone contacts, so no separate usernames or IDs are needed.

Facebook Messenger is another good option that also allows free calls over wifi or mobile data as long as the person you are calling has Messenger too. Facebook calling can be used to call both individuals and groups.

Skype offers some of the cheapest international call rates around. You can get a monthly subscription with unlimited calling to mobiles and landlines in India starting from around £5 per month. Skype also has a call-forwarding feature, so you can get a local virtual phone number in India that forwards calls to your UK Skype account.

A brief background on expensive charges of free calls to India from the UK

Calling India from the United Kingdom has traditionally been a very costly affair. Most major UK phone networks charge anywhere from 5 to 15 pence per minute for calls to Indian mobile numbers and landlines. At these rates, calling family and friends in India frequently can rack up huge phone bills very quickly.

For example, a 30-minute call on a weekday would cost £1.50–£4.50, depending on the provider. Calling for an hour every week would cost around £6–18 per month. Over an entire year, the total cost for weekly hour-long calls home would add up to £72 to £216.

These high charges are largely due to the infrastructure required to route calls across continents and different phone networks. There are also additional fees involved in connecting international calls this way. Unfortunately, the pricing model has not changed much over the years, even as technology has advanced.

Luckily, the emergence of free online calling through apps and voice-over IP has now made it possible to bypass these expensive international charges. Using services like WhatsApp, Skype, Google Hangouts, and more can save UK residents with loved ones in India a tremendous amount on their phone bills.

Promise of guide to make free calls to India from the UK

Calling loved ones in India from the UK doesn’t have to be expensive anymore. Major phone networks may charge up to 15 pesos per minute for calls to India, but using the right apps and services can help you make those international calls for free.

In this comprehensive guide, you’ll discover the best methods for calling Indian mobile numbers and landlines without racking up huge phone bills. We’ll walk you through setting up and using top apps like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Skype, Google Hangouts, and more for affordable calls to India.

You’ll learn how to use these apps over wifi and mobile data, or by purchasing cheap subscriptions or call packs. We’ll also provide tips on how to get Indian virtual phone numbers for local call forwarding using services like Skype.

Follow our guide, and you’ll be able to call India whenever you want without worrying about per-minute charges. Stay in touch with loved ones more frequently and affordably. We’ll show you the ropes of establishing free communication channels that keep you connected with family and friends back home.

Say goodbye to expensive international call rates and hello to free calls to India from the UK. Everything you need to know is right here in this comprehensive companion guide.

Overview of Options for Free Calls

Overview of Options for Free Calls

Using calling apps and VoIP services

One of the best ways to make free calls is by using calling and voice-over-IP (VoIP) apps. These types of apps allow you to make voice and video calls over the internet, using your wifi or mobile data, rather than through your phone provider’s cellular network. This means you can avoid using your cellular voice minutes and make calls for free.

Popular calling and VoIP apps to consider include WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, FaceTime, Google Hangouts, Viber, LINE, WeChat, Skype, Telegram, and more. As long as both parties have the app installed on their smartphones, tablets, or computers, you can make high-quality voice and video calls between the apps for free. Even international calls are typically free through these apps.

Just be aware that while the calls are free through the app, you will still use some mobile data if you make the calls over cellular data and not wifi. So if you have a limited data plan, try to use WiFi whenever possible for these calls. Also, note that call quality can sometimes vary depending on the strength of your internet connection. But overall, calling and VoIP apps provide an excellent option for free calls.

Other perks of using calling or VoIP apps are that they allow group calling with multiple people on the line, provide instant messaging capabilities, and work across different devices. With so many great calling apps to choose from, compare their features and find one that best fits your needs and preferences.

Leveraging promotions and offers from providers 

Taking advantage of special promotions and offers from phone carriers and calling apps is another great way to make free calls.

For example, phone carriers will frequently offer deals for free unlimited calling and texting to certain countries or regions, such as Mexico, Canada, Europe, etc. They may also include a certain number of international calling minutes for free on certain plans. These promotions change over time, so keep an eye out for international calling deals that align with where you need to call frequently.

Individual calling apps will also periodically offer free calling credits, limited free calling minutes or discounted calling rates. Calling apps like Skype in particular are known to hand out promotional calling credits to new and existing users. Pay attention to emails from your calling apps, as they will often announce these special deals and promotions.

You can also find great rates by purchasing prepaid international calling cards or international phone cards from convenience stores, on Amazon, and through other retailers. While not completely free, these prepaid international cards can drastically reduce the per-minute cost of making international calls.

Phone carriers also sometimes offer free unlimited calling and texting promotions at certain times, like weekends or holidays. By taking advantage of these limited-time offers, you can maximize your free-calling opportunities.

Overall, keep an eye out for special promotions and limited-time deals from any provider of phone and internet calling services. A bit of hunting can unlock some excellent free-calling savings.

Using unlimited international call plans

If you make frequent international calls, consider signing up for an unlimited international calling plan from your phone carrier. These plans offer unlimited calling minutes to landlines and mobile phones in many countries around the world.

Major phone carriers like Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint all offer unlimited international calling plans, usually starting around $15 per month extra. While pricier than just using calling apps and promotions, the unlimited nature of these plans can provide great value if you call internationally often.

You should be able to call landlines and mobile phones in over 60 countries, depending on the carrier. Popular destinations like Mexico, Canada, China, India, the UK, France, Germany, Italy, and more are generally included. Be sure to check your carrier’s list of supported unlimited calling countries before signing up, as the lists can vary.

The benefit of these international calling plans is that they offer unlimited talk time to landlines and cell phones. So you don’t have to worry about extra per-minute charges adding up. Just keep in mind that truly unlimited plans only apply when dialling landlines and mobile numbers, not toll-free numbers or premium rate numbers.

Some carriers also provide unlimited calling plans that include unlimited texting internationally. So check if your carrier has an unlimited talk and text bundle for even better savings.

While saving money is important, call quality and connection reliability are also key factors when making international calls. Be sure to check reviews and feedback on your carrier’s international calling coverage and call quality in the countries you’ll be dialling. That way, you can maximize both cost savings and call performance.

With an unlimited international calling plan, you can talk freely, knowing you have unlimited minutes to connect with friends, family, and business contacts worldwide.

Popular Apps for Free India Calls

Popular Apps for Free India Calls


Skype is one of the most popular apps for free calls to India. It uses VoIP (voice over Internet protocol) to let you make video and voice calls for free over wifi or mobile data.

To use Skype for free India calling, both you and the person you are calling just need to have the Skype app installed on your smartphones, tablets, or computers. Skype offers high-quality audio and video on calls to India.

One great feature of Skype is its availability across different platforms and devices, including iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, Linux, etc. This makes it very convenient.

Skype also provides instant messaging for free to stay in touch with contacts in between calls. You can make group video calls with up to 50 people, share files, and customize your Skype interface.

While Skype-to-Skype calls are free, Skype also offers affordable paid plans for calling mobile numbers and landlines in India if needed. But the ability to make unlimited free Skype-to-Skype calls makes it a top choice for free calling to India.


WhatsApp is another very popular app for free calls to India. As long as both you and the person you’re calling have WhatsApp installed, you can make free WhatsApp audio and video calls to India over wifi or your mobile data connection.

WhatsApp uses your existing mobile number and contacts, so it’s easy to start calling your contacts in India who already use WhatsApp messaging. Calls are made over the internet rather than through your cellular plan, so no cellular minutes are used.

One great feature is WhatsApp’s ability to make group video calls with up to eight participants. This makes it easy to bring family and friends together on a group call to India.

The WhatsApp interface is very simple and familiar to most smartphone users. Voice and video quality are usually excellent, even on low-bandwidth connections. That makes it reliable for calling India even with slow internet speeds.


For iPhone, iPad, and Mac users, FaceTime is one of the easiest ways to make free video and voice calls to India.

FaceTime works seamlessly across Apple devices. To make a call, just select a contact who also uses Apple devices and tap the FaceTime icon to call them via video or audio.

Calls made over FaceTime audio or video are completely free over WiFi or internet data. FaceTime leverages your existing iPhone contacts, so no separate login or account is needed. You can have group FaceTime calls with up to 32 people.

The advantage of FaceTime is its tight integration with Apple’s Messages app. You can seamlessly transition a message conversation to a FaceTime call. FaceTime call quality is also very reliable and clear, thanks to Apple’s proprietary protocols.

The only catch is that FaceTime only works between Apple devices, so it’s not cross-platform. But for iPhone users, it’s a very convenient app for free calls to India.

Google Hangouts 

Google Hangouts is Google’s video chat app that allows free calls to India from iOS, Android, and any computer with a webcam.

To use Hangouts for calls to India, you simply invite your recipient to start a Hangouts video call. As long as you both have Google accounts, you can make free Hangouts calls from within Gmail or the Hangouts app.

Hangouts calls are completely free for video and audio conversations worldwide. You can have group video calls with up to 25 participants through Hangouts on desktop or up to 8 participants on mobile.

The Hangouts interface is straightforward, and the app is easy to use. Call quality is generally very good, provided both parties have decent internet speeds.

An advantage of Hangouts is that it integrates with other Google services. For example, you can switch seamlessly from a Gmail conversation to a Hangouts call. Hangout is a reliable option for free calls to India on any major platform.


Viber is a popular calling and messaging app that offers free calls to India. It uses your phone number and contacts to connect you with your contacts, also using Viber worldwide.

To make calls through Viber, both parties simply need to have Viber installed on their smartphones. Viber offers clear audio and video quality on calls to India over WiFi or mobile data.

Viber also supports group video calls with up to 20 participants. So it’s easy to bring your whole family together on a call to India for free. Viber’s interface is intuitive and fast.

A unique Viber feature is the ability to transfer calls between devices seamlessly. If you get a call on your mobile device, you can transfer it to your desktop with ease.

Viber also offers calling to mobile numbers and landlines at low rates if needed. But its free Viber-to-Viber calling capability is what makes it such a good option for free calls to India.

What is VoIP and how does it enable cheap international calls?

What is VoIP?

VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. It refers to making voice calls over the internet rather than through a traditional cellular network.

With VoIP services, your voice call audio is converted into digital packets that are sent over the internet to the recipient. As long as both parties have an internet connection, they can connect for a call.

VoIP calls are much cheaper than traditional calls because they bypass cellular network fees. You’re only using your existing internet connection rather than cellular minutes.

Some examples of popular VoIP services include Skype, WhatsApp, FaceTime, Google Voice, Viber, and more. As long as you have the app, VoIP calls through these services are free or very cheap.

Overall, VoIP technology enables very low-cost voice and video calling worldwide by leveraging the internet. It has revolutionized affordable international calling.

Using VoIP Services for Cheap Calls to India 

VoIP services make it extremely affordable to make international calls to India. Here are some tips:

  • Use calling apps like WhatsApp, FaceTime, Skype, Google Hangouts, etc. for free VoIP calls to India. Just make sure your recipient also uses the service.
  • Compare VoIP provider rates if you need to call non-VoIP Indian phone numbers. Skype offers unlimited calling to mobiles and landlines in India for around $15 per month. Other providers, like Viber, also offer low per-minute rates.
  • Use a VoIP service like Google Voice to get a free US number, then use the cheap rates in India. Calls from your Google Voice number to India cost just 1 cent per minute.
  • Use a VoIP device like MagicJack when at home for unlimited free calling to India. MagicJack costs about $70 for the device, with no annual fees for free home calling.
  • Leverage free calling promotions and limited-time offers from VoIP providers. Taking advantage of deals can reduce your calling costs even further.

VoIP Provider Comparison

When comparing VoIP providers, look at factors like:

  • Cost structure: per minute vs. unlimited plans, special offers
  • Call quality: clarity, reliability, and connection performance
  • Supported countries: check rates and coverage specifically for India
  • Device flexibility: app vs. VoIP adapter, mobility features
  • Extra features: group calling, video calls, voicemail, etc.

For calls to India, Skype, WhatsApp, and Viber consistently offer some of the best call quality and rates. Google Voice also provides cheap, reliable calling to India.

Skype shines for unlimited calling packages to India mobile and landlines, starting at $15/month. Viber has unlimited calling available for $7.99/month, specifically to one select country.

For home use, Ooma and MagicJack devices offer unlimited calling with no annual fee. NetTalk is another good home VoIP option for India.

Testing call quality during trials is key to finding the best fit. Overall, VoIP services now enable extremely affordable and convenient high-quality calling to India.

International SIM Cards for India Calls

International SIM Cards for India Calls

Overview of International SIM Cards 

International SIM cards allow you to obtain a local phone number in another country and access cell phone plans with cheap international calling rates. For frequent calls to India, an international SIM with discounted India rates can save you a lot of money compared to roaming or calling from your regular number.

Popular providers of international SIM cards include LycaMobile and Lebara. These providers offer prepaid SIM plans that include cheap calling minutes to India along with data and texting.

For example, you can get a prepaid LycaMobile SIM in countries like the USA, UK, Australia, etc. When used on supported unlocked phones, the LycaMobile SIM offers plans like 5¢/minute calling to India and bundled local talk and text. Rates vary across different country plans.

Lebara is another major international SIM provider with great India calling rates starting as low as 1¢/minute from the US and Canada. International SIMs are an easy and flexible way to save on calls to India while travelling or living abroad.

Top Providers for Indian Calls 

Two of the top international SIM providers for cheap calls to India are:

LycaMobile: Lyca is one of the largest international SIM card providers. Their prepaid SIMs provide highly affordable calling rates to India and other destinations. For example, LycaMobile USA offers plans like:

  • $10 for 100 Indian minutes and 100 local minutes
  • $25 for 350 local minutes + 200 Indian minutes
  • $50 for 1400 local minutes + 1000 India minutes

So India calling rates can be as low as 5¢/minute from the US with Lyca. Lyca SIMs are available across Europe, Australia, Canada, and more. Calling rates and plans vary.

Lebara: Lebara focuses heavily on great rates to India and other ethnic destinations. Their prepaid SIMs include:

  • USA & Canada: 1¢/minute to India on $10 and $20 bundles
  • UK: 3¢/minute to India on £5, £10, and £15 top-ups
  • Australia: 5¢/minute to India on $10 recharge

Lebara operates in multiple countries, with calling plans tailored for India. Calling rates are extremely competitive.

Both Lyca and Lebara provide convenient online recharging options for their prepaid SIMs. Having access to such cheap per-minute calling to India makes using an international SIM very cost-effective.

Pros and Cons of International SIMs 


  • Much cheaper calling rates to India: often 1¢ to 5¢/minute vs. 10¢+ on regular plans
  • No contracts or credit checks—prepaid SIM plans offer flexibility
  • Access to cheap rates while travelling: Use the SIM abroad or at home
  • Extra features like local calling and texting: SIMs include some bundled local usage
  • Online recharging capability: easy to quickly top-up your SIM balance


  • Need an unlocked phone? It Won’t work in carrier-locked devices
  • Limited data on plans: often just 100MB–1GB per recharge
  • Calling restrictions: mostly just India and a few other countries
  • Coverage varies; check carrier coverage maps for your area
  • Need new SIM when moving; can’t take SIM to new country

Overall, the huge savings on Indian calling outweigh the disadvantages for most users. However, understanding the pros and cons allows you to set proper expectations.

Activating and Recharging Tips

  • Carefully follow activation instructions to get the SIM working properly
  • Know how to check your SIM balance for your provider before using
  • Set up your online recharging account so you can easily add funds
  • Use recharge PINs or vouchers if you have issues with online recharge
  • Top-up your SIM even if you have a balance to renew the plan’s validity

When used properly, international SIM cards can save you a ton on calls to India. Just research providers, find a suitable plan and follow good usage practices.

Calling Cards for Cheap Rates

Calling cards are a convenient and affordable way to make long-distance or international calls. They allow you to dial a toll-free access number, enter your card details, and then dial the number you wish to call. The calls are charged to your calling card account rather than your phone line. Calling cards offer significantly lower rates than making direct long-distance calls or using a regular phone card.

How Calling Cards Provide Cheaper Call Rates

Calling cards can offer reduced call rates due to a few reasons:

  • Bulk minute purchases: Calling card providers buy minutes in bulk from telecom carriers at wholesale rates and pass on the savings to consumers. The more minutes on the card, the lower the per-minute rate.
  • Route optimization: calling card companies use the least-cost routing to connect calls more efficiently through multiple carriers. This reduces costs.
  • No overhead: Providers don’t need to invest in infrastructure like landlines, cell towers, or retail stores. Their overheads are lower.
  • Online systems: Internet-based calling cards use online account management, reducing administrative costs.

Types of Calling Cards

Calling cards are available in two main forms:

Physical Calling Cards

These are traditional phone cards sold at retail outlets. To make a call, you dial the access number on the back of the card and then enter your card’s PIN. These cards have a fixed number of talk-time minutes. Popular physical card brands include STi Prepaid, HablaMexico, and IDT Calling Cards.

Virtual/Online Calling Cards

These provide online accounts rather than physical cards. You register on the provider’s website and get a PIN. To make calls, you dial their access number and enter your PIN. You can recharge your account balance online. Leading virtual calling card providers include Pingo, Rebtel, and CallHippo.

Virtual cards offer more flexibility and lower rates than physical cards. You can manage your account online and take advantage of online promotional offers. The top virtual calling card services also offer mobile apps to make calling more convenient.

Top Calling Card Providers

Some of the best calling card services for cheap international calls include:

  • Pingo: Rates as low as 1 cent per minute to India. Online accounts and mobile apps are provided.
  • CallingMart offers large-minute bundles from 1000 to over 5000 minutes with rates under 2 cents per minute in India.
  • IDT Calling Card is an established calling card provider with per-minute rates in India starting at 1.2 cents. It is also available as a mobile app.
  • HablaMexico is one of the most economical choices for calls to Mexico and Latin America. Rates start at 1 cent per minute.
  • CallHippo is a virtual calling card with a user-friendly interface. Per-minute rates to India start at 1 cent.

Comparing Call Rates

When choosing a calling card, compare rates for your specific calling destination. Minutes purchased in bulk on a prepaid basis provide the biggest savings. Watch out for connection fees, maintenance fees, or expiration dates, which can increase effective per-minute costs.

Most providers charge per-minute rates, but some charge per call. Per-minute pricing is usually more affordable for longer calls. Opt for unlimited plans if you make frequent calls to one country.

Tips for Using Calling Cards Effectively

Follow these tips to maximize savings when using prepaid calling cards:

  • Shop around and compare rates across providers
  • Check for deals, discounts and promotional minutes
  • Buy larger minute bundles for lower per-minute pricing
  • Avoid cards with expiration dates or maintenance fees
  • Follow instructions carefully when dialing access numbers
  • Have your PIN handy when making calls
  • Track your talk time balance and recharge when required
  • Use online account management if available for convenience
  • Download mobile apps to call anytime, anywhere
  • Set speed dial to simplify dialling card access numbers

With a little research, you can find very affordable calling rates in India and other countries using prepaid calling cards. They offer an easy and convenient way to stay in touch with friends and family worldwide.

Tips for Free Calling with Apps

Tips for Free Calling with Apps

Using WiFi for the best voice quality

When making calls with apps like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, or Skype, using a Wi-Fi connection can greatly improve voice quality compared to using mobile data. Connect your phone to a reliable Wi-Fi network before making calls to ensure the clearest audio on both ends of the conversation. Wi-Fi provides faster speeds and lower latency than cellular data, leading to fewer glitches, lags, or call drops during your conversations. If the wifi signal is weak, the call quality can suffer, so try to make calls in areas with a strong wifi connection or closer to the router. Running a speed test can help determine if your wifi is fast enough to handle voice calls without disruptions. Using Wi-Fi calling can also help reduce mobile data usage for those with limited plans. Just remember to disable Wi-Fi assist features that could unknowingly switch you to mobile data mid-call. Overall, leveraging your Wi-Fi connection is the best way to maximize call quality when using calling apps.

Take advantage of free call promos and unlimited plans

Many calling apps offer promotional periods of free calls or unlimited calling plans that can be taken advantage of for major savings. For example, apps like Viber and Skype provide completely free calls between users on their platforms. WhatsApp also has free voice calls, except for calls to some countries. Even regular cell providers like T-Mobile or AT&T offer unlimited talk and text plans. Comparing the promotional offers between calling apps is worthwhile to find the best free calling option. Some apps, like Google Voice, provide free calls within the US. Facebook Messenger and FaceTime have no limits on call lengths. Taking the time to research apps and utilize their free calling promos allows you to talk endlessly without racking up hefty cell phone bills. Setting up accounts during peak promo periods can maximize these savings over time.

Set up accounts and contacts correctly

To fully take advantage of free calling through apps, setting up your accounts properly is key. Download the app and create an account using your phone number or email. Allow the app access to your contacts so you can call anyone else with an account. Invite friends and family to join the same app and connect your accounts, so calls are free between you. Organize your main contacts within the app so their profiles are complete and calls connect smoothly. Link multiple devices, like your cell phone, tablet, and computer, to your account so calls can be answered on any screen. Keep the app updated to prevent bugs that disrupt calling abilities. With your account set up correctly and your main contacts added, you’ll be able to call your inner circle at no cost.

Check app balances and top up if needed

While many calling apps provide free calls, some do charge small fees that can add up over time. Apps like Skype charge per-minute rates to call phone numbers outside their service. WhatsApp charges nominal fees for calls to some countries. To avoid service disruptions from unpaid balances, regularly check your calling app account balance and top up as needed. Most apps allow prepayment of talk time credits or subscriptions that offer unlimited calling minutes. Setting up auto-recharge when your balance runs low is an easy way to maintain uninterrupted service. Keeping payment information current will also prevent any payment failures that could block your calling abilities. Monitoring your call usage and app balance allows you to budget accordingly and add more credits when running low. Proactively topping up your account ensures you can take advantage of free and low-cost calling through your favorite apps at all times.

Unlimited International Calling Plans

Unlimited International Calling Plans

Details on phone plans with unlimited India calls

For those who regularly call India, unlimited calling plans provide great value. Many providers now offer unlimited plans, specifically in India, with no per-minute rates or overage fees. These plans allow endless talk time on Indian landlines and mobile phones. Calls are typically unlimited 24/7, with no restrictions on duration. Verizon offers an unlimited India calling plan for $5 per month added to wireless plans, including calls to mobile and landlines in India. T-Mobile provides unlimited calling to landlines in India and mobile phones on its partner network for $15 per month. AT&T and Sprint also have monthly unlimited India calling options. When researching plans, check if unlimited talk time applies to all Indian providers or just certain networks. Also, confirm if any taxes or fees apply which could reduce savings. Overall, unlimited India calling plans provide predictability and help avoid surprise overage bills for frequent callers.

Providers like LycaMobile, Lebara, etc.

In addition to major US carriers, many prepaid international SIM card providers offer great rates for calling India. Companies like LycaMobile and Lebara sell prepaid plans with bundled minutes that automatically top up each month. LycaMobile has a $20 monthly plan with unlimited India calling included. Lebara provides a $10 monthly plan with 1000 India minutes. Beyond these options, local Indian grocery stores often sell prepaid SIM cards catering to Indian immigrants in the US, sometimes with free or cheap Indian calling bundles. Paying attention to these ethnic-focused prepaid providers can uncover even more savings versus major carrier plans. The key is researching the rates and options within your local community. Also, consider free over-the-top calling apps like WhatsApp that use data instead of cellular minutes.

Pros and cons of unlimited plans

Unlimited international calling plans provide great predictability for frequent callers but may not be the most cost-effective option for everyone. The pros of unlimited plans include no per-minute charges, protection from big overage bills, and the convenience of calling anytime without watching the clock. However, power users may find better value in getting a bucket of minutes at a lower per-minute rate. Light callers may be overpaying for unused minutes bundled into an unlimited plan. Others may prefer using calling apps like Skype with pay-per-minute rates. Check your average monthly call volumes to India to determine if unlimited makes sense financially. Also, consider if free calling apps like WhatsApp could meet your needs instead. Weigh total costs against added convenience to decide if an unlimited international calling plan aligns with your lifestyle and budget.

Promotions and Deals for Free Calls

Promotions and Deals for Free Calls

Special discounts by calling apps

Calling apps often run special promotions offering free call time to acquire new users. For example, WhatsApp frequently offers free calling credits upon signing up for new accounts. Viber regularly provides discounted call rates for first-time callers. Skype has offered deals like 100 free minutes for adding funds to your account. Keep an eye out for limited-time discounts on call rates offered directly through your favourite calling apps. Setting up account alerts can notify you of any new deals as soon as they are released. You may also find special country-specific discounts, like free calling to India for 30 days. Look for app referral bonuses that give you and your friends free call time for sharing the app. Taking advantage of these special calling promotions allows you to maximize free minutes and reduce your calling costs.

The Festival offers international SIM cards

International prepaid SIM card providers also offer discounts on call rates during major holidays and festivals. For example, around Diwali, many Indian SIM card companies provide bonus talk time or unlimited free calls to India for a limited period. Keeping up with cultural holidays and festivals can clue you into promotional deals for calls to your home country. Check SIM card retailer websites around major holidays for any promotions or sales on call rates. You may also be able to stack add-on discounts, like unlimited calls for one month plus extra talk time credits. To take advantage, buy your prepaid SIM card during peak promotional periods to score the best free call offers. You can often renew existing SIM cards too to qualify for holiday discounts.

Limited-time promotions by telecom companies

Domestic and international telecom providers regularly offer discounts and promotions on calling rates for a short time. Telecom companies like Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile may give out limited free call credits for adding a line or referring friend promotions. New customers may qualify for 1 month of free calling to select countries. Occasionally, free call days are offered on special occasions like Mother’s Day or Father’s Day. following social media accounts and email newsletters of major telecoms can alert you to short-term sales on calling rates. You can take advantage by loading up on-call credits during promo windows or using unlimited free calls while they last. Set calendar reminders for when promotional call rates expire to avoid overages. Activating short-term call promotions when available nets you maximum savings on calls to keep in touch.


Staying in touch with family and friends in India doesn’t have to be expensive, even when calling from the UK. With the rise of free calling apps like WhatsApp, FaceTime Audio, and Skype, free calls to India are more accessible than ever before. Even traditional cell phone providers offer unlimited international calling plans or discounted call rates to India. Taking advantage of promotions and special deals from carriers and prepaid SIM card companies can also reduce calling costs. Comparing rates and identifying the best options for free or discounted calls could lead to huge savings for regular callers to India from the UK. With the right apps and calling plans, you can call India as often as you want without worrying about hefty phone bills. The key is staying up-to-date on the best promotions and latest technology to call India for free or on the cheap. Maintaining connections with loved ones in India is priceless – but with the right strategy, it doesn’t have to cost a fortune.