How to Call India from the US: Mastering International Connections

call India from the US


What is the country code for India?

The country code for India is “+91.” When calling India internationally, remember to dial this country code first, followed by the specific phone number you want to reach. Using the country code ensures that your call is directed to the right country and helps establish a connection to your desired destination within India. If you need to know about How to call India from the US, read on to learn more about the best practices, dialing format, and affordable options that make calling India easy and convenient.

What is the format for calling India from the US?

To call India from the United States, you first need to dial 011, which is the US exit code used to call another country. After dialing 011, you then need to enter India’s country code which is 91. So the number sequence so far is 011 91. Next, you’ll dial the area code without the leading 0. For example, if you’re calling New Delhi, the area code is 11 so you would dial 11. After the area code, dial the local phone number. 

For example, to call the number 011-91-11-1234567 in New Delhi, India from the US, you would dial:

011 91 11 1234567

Breaking this down:

  • 011 is the US exit code
  • 91 is India’s country code 
  • 11 is New Delhi’s area code without the leading 0
  • 1234567 is the local phone number

A few other important points:

  • India has multiple area codes – the major ones are 11 for New Delhi, 22 for Mumbai, 33 for Kolkata, and 44 for Chennai.
  • You need to drop the leading 0 from the area code when dialing from outside India.
  • Mobile numbers in India follow the same format – 011 91 xxx xxxxxxx where xxx is the mobile code.
  • India has adopted 10-digit local phone numbers for all landline and mobile numbers.

So in summary, from the US, you would dial:

  • 011 (US exit code) 
  • 91 (India country code)
  • City area code without 0 
  • Local Number

This allows you to directly call Indian numbers from the US without going through an operator. The full sequence needs to be dialed even for calls within the same Indian city.

How to Call India from the US: A Step-by-Step Guide

Calling India from the US is now easier than ever! Whether you have a specific plan or need a calling card, just follow a simple dialing sequence: “011,” then “91,” followed by the area or city code and the desired number. Additionally, you can explore toll-free numbers or take advantage of mobile apps and online services for free calls. Thanks to technological advancements and more affordable plans, connecting with India is no longer a costly and challenging task. It’s like discovering a mythical unicorn that comes with a money-saving guide!

What are the different ways to call India from the US? 

Using your cell phone: Dial 011 (US exit code), 91 (India country code), area code without 0, and local number as explained above. Check with your cell provider about international calling rates.

Using a landline: Same process as cell phones. Call your landline provider to see if India is included in your international calling plan. Rates are usually better than cells.

Calling cards: An inexpensive option for calling India. Purchase a prepaid international calling card, dial a toll-free access number, enter your PIN, and then dial the number. Calling card rates can be as low as 1 cent per minute.

VoIP services: Use a Voice-over IP service like Skype to call Indian numbers by adding credit and purchasing an international calling plan. Quality can be hit or miss but rates are cheap.

Calling apps: Apps like Callmama allow you to call Indian mobile and landlines through an internet connection. Just purchase calling credit and dial the number in the app. Call quality is usually excellent.

So in summary, using your phone, a calling card, VoIP service, or an app like Callmama are the main options for calling India from the US at reasonable rates. Be sure to compare calling plans and rates to find the most cost-effective option.

Callmama: The Most Affordable Way to Call India from the US

With Callmama, you get a user-friendly platform and flexible pricing plans, making it easier than ever to stay connected with your loved ones in India.

Experience reliable connections and top-notch audio quality at competitive rates for both landlines and mobiles. Plus, take advantage of features such as call recording, call forwarding, and video conference calling for all your business needs.

Take it from John, an entrepreneur based in the US, who found Callmama to be the perfect solution for his business. By using this app, he was able to establish clear lines of communication with his Indian clients and significantly reduce his phone bills.

Don’t settle for low quality or limited features. When it comes to calling India from the US, It is the ultimate choice. With its affordability and reliability, it’s the perfect option for individuals and businesses alike. Say goodbye to unclear calls and embrace crystal-clear communication across borders.


Affordable Rates for International Calls

Making international calls to India from the US is now more affordable than ever! Exploring options that offer competitive rates for calling India is key. Service providers can provide special call plans or discounted rates specifically tailored for calling India. Plus, special offers such as unlimited calling plans or discounted rates during certain times of the day may be available.

A pro tip is to compare different service providers and their rates to find the most affordable option. Further cost-saving opportunities may be found by considering VoIP services or mobile apps. Connecting two countries has never been easier!

Top Ways to Call India from the US

Connecting to India from the US? No problem! Here are some top ways to make international calls.

Callmam: Get free calls to India from the US with Callmam. Super user-friendly and top-notch call quality.

  1. Get the Callmama app
  2. Register for Callmama through the app
  3. Sync your contacts
  4. Activate India Unlimited
  5. Choose a contact you wish to reach out to and then press the talk button

Explore your options and get connected! Save money and stay connected! How to dial an India toll-free number from the USA? 


How to dial an India toll-free number from the USA

Calling India toll-free numbers from the United States is easy and convenient with the right dialing code sequence. Toll-free numbers in India begin with 1800, and are free to call from both landlines and mobile phones within the country.

To call an Indian toll-free number from the US, you need to dial:

  • 011 – The US exit code to access an international line
  • 91 – India’s country code
  • 1800 – India’s toll-free prefix
  • The rest of the toll-free number
  • For example, to call the toll-free number 1800-123-4567 in India from the US, you would dial:
  • 011 91 1800 123 4567

A few important notes:

You do not need to dial the 0 before the Indian area code, only the area code itself

  • The Indian toll-free prefix 1800 is dialed as-is, unlike regular Indian numbers where the 0 is omitted
  • Calls to Indian toll-free lines from the US are not free, regular international calling rates from your phone carrier will apply
  • Both mobile phones and landlines in the US can call Indian toll-frees
  • Some calling cards and VOIP apps provide discounted rates on calls to Indian toll-frees
  • The dialing format remains the same regardless of which state in India the toll-free number belongs to
  • Double-check check the toll-free number has been dialed correctly to avoid any invalid number charges

Following this straightforward 011 91 1800 format allows you to conveniently access Indian toll-free services like customer support, sales, tech assistance, and more from the United States, with the reliability of an international dialing code sequence. Check with your local phone provider for applicable international calling rates.

If you are in the 214 area code (Dallas, Texas), you would dial: 011 + 91 + Local Number

If you are in the 202 area code (Washington, DC), you would dial: 011 + 91 + Local Number

If you are in the 203 area code (Connecticut), you would dial: 011 + 91 + Local Number

If you are in the 205 area code (Birmingham, Alabama), you would dial: 011 + 91 + Local Number

If you are in the 208 area code (Idaho), you would dial: 011 + 91 + Local Number

The process is the same regardless of which US area code you are calling from – simply dial 011 (the US exit code), followed by 91 (India’s country code), followed by the local number. This allows you to easily call India from anywhere in the United States.

Callmama app calling rates to India:

DestinationCall Rate Per Minute
Mobile Phones$0.0157

Key Notes:

  • Callmama provides low-cost calling rates to India starting from as low as $0.0157 per minute.
  • Calling Indian mobile phones is only slightly more expensive at $0.0157 per minute.
  • Toll-free calls are completely free through the app.
  • Call rates are cheaper compared to alternatives like cell phone providers and calling cards.
  • Call quality over Call Mama’s VoIP network is excellent.
  • There are no contracts or monthly fees, only pay for what you use.

In summary, Call Mama provides an affordable and convenient way to call India from the US with high quality and low per-minute rates. The app can save you significantly compared to other options.

Tips for saving money on international calls

Use calling cards or apps – Calling cards and apps like Call Mama let you call internationally for much cheaper rates, often under 10 cents per minute. Shop around for the best deal on a prepaid calling card or app that offers calls to your destination.

Take advantage of landlines – Calling landlines instead of mobiles can reduce costs. Also, use a landline to call whenever possible instead of cell phones which have higher rates.

Schedule calls wisely – Calling during off-peak hours like evenings and weekends costs less than peak times on weekdays. Adjust your calling times accordingly.

Use VoIP services – Services like Skype allow you to make international calls over the internet very cheaply, especially for video calls. Use WiFi to avoid data charges.

Get an international plan – Some cell phone carriers offer plans with bundled international minutes for certain countries or discounted international rates. Adding this option to your cell plan can save substantially.

Use online fax services – Online fax services let you send faxes internationally very cheaply. Though declining, fax is still used frequently in some industries and countries.

Limit unnecessary calls – Identify circumstances where you can use texting, messaging apps, or email instead of making international calls. Only call when a voice conversation is really required.

Take advantage of free options – If both parties have the app, free services like WhatsApp Calling offer free international calls over wifi.

So in summary, research rates thoroughly, leverage the best deals from calling cards/apps, use landlines and off-peak discounts, and limit calls to essential conversations only. With some diligence, you can save a lot on international calling.

Unbeatable Benefits: What Makes Callmama the #1 App for Calling India

Low RatesCall rates are as low as $0.0157/min, cheaper than alternatives
Call QualityExcellent call quality over VoIP network
No CommitmentThere are no contracts or monthly fees, pay-as-you-go
Flexible PaymentsTop up an account easily via credit/debit card or PayPal
Toll-Free CallingFree calls to Indian toll-free numbers
Mobile AppApp available for iOS and Android devices
Calling HistoryReview previous calls and calling charges
Customer Support24/7 customer service and support
SecuritySecure account and payment system
ReliabilityRobust network with 99.9% uptime

In summary, Callmama provides an unbeatable combination of low call rates, flexibility, reliability, and call quality. The app makes it easy and affordable to call India without lock-in contracts or monthly fees.

List of Indian country codes

The Indian country code is 91. Here you will find a list of Indian area codes.

CityArea Code


The country code for India is 91. When calling India from the US, you need to dial 91 after the international exit code of 011.

Check that you have the right country code and area code dialed. Cellular coverage varies in India, so you may have better connectivity calling urban areas. Contact your phone carrier if connection issues persist.

The full dialing format is:

011 + 91 + City Area Code + Local Number

For example, to call a number in New Delhi:

011 + 91 + 11 + Local 8 digit number

The process is the same – dial the international exit code of the country you are in, followed by India’s country code 91, the area code, and the local number. The exit codes vary for each country

Calling rates to India from the US range from 1 to 15 cents per minute on average, depending on your phone carrier and calling plan. Rates are typically lowest late at night and on weekends.

  • SMS rates to India are charged per message sent, typically ranging from $0.05 – $0.25 per message from the US.
  • Rates vary between different US carriers. AT&T charges $0.25 per SMS to India, Verizon $0.15, while T-Mobile charges $0.05 – $0.20 per message.
  • International SMS rates are usually more expensive than domestic text rates, which are often unlimited in the US.

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