Ways To Get A Free Virtual Number For WhatsApp

Different ways to have a free virtual number for WhatsApp.  

With the Callmama app, you can set up a free virtual number for Whatsapp account with a legitimate US phone number. You can free virtual number for Whatsapp use this account to protect your privacy or open a second account for your business. Our software is easy to use. You can create a new Whatsapp account by downloading the program from the App Store or Google Play, providing basic information, and clicking “Create Account.”

Advantages of creating a fake number for your WhatsApp account

A fake phone number generator will allow you to create another WhatsApp account without using your phone number. You can stay in touch by keeping your personal information private. Some advantages of creating a fake number for your WhatsApp account are as follows.  

    • It is free
    • More privacy
    • Prank your buddies.
    • Keeps your number hidden
    • Keep your phone number private.

Different ways to obtain a free virtual number for WhatsApp 

Many websites will offer free virtual number for Whatsapp online to get sign-ups, be it on any app or website. Using quick phone numbers will make it easy for you to hide your phone number and choose to talk to only those you wish to.

Get a free number by following the guidelines:

Download the Callmama application.

Observe the guidelines in this tutorial

The process of getting verification done

Use your virtual number to get the WhatsApp verification done.

Is it possible to use WhatsApp without a phone number?

No, you can’t use WhatsApp without a number either put your free virtual number for Whatsapp. Using a virtual number will be more encrypted, and keep your identity private to ensure your conversations are secure.

How can one use WhatsApp without a number? 

If you feel uncomfortable providing your personal number, you might use a virtual or fake number. You must first download or install the CallMama app before launching WhatsApp and go to the setting to change your phone number. Simply enter both your old and new phone numbers into the app, then agree to the terms and conditions, and your new phone number will come with a verification code that you can use to switch numbers.

free virtual number for whatsapp


May I register Callmama’s Number on social media like Facebook and Instagram?

With Callmama, you can get a special offer on a Social Media Number that will allow you to use it for registering on various platforms without giving out your personal number.Contact us for more details.

What next once the registration is done?

Once you register or verify, you can start using your calling messaging on WhatsApp. Callmama is more secure than other platforms. With our unique code, you will have access to your account even if someone else purchases your old number. Why risk losing your WhatsApp conversations and history? Try Callmama today.

Why do numbers get blocked on WhatsApp?

Your phone number can also be blocked for several reasons, such as sending spam or irrelevant messages or attempting to register more than three to five times in a short period of time.

What to do if I don’t receive a code for verification?

Enter your phone number, then hold on for the 6-digit verification code to appear. No problem if you don’t receive it. Just be patient; the procedure could take up to 10 minutes to complete. Still not showing up? Try again in one or two hours. Our customer text service team is also always on hand if you need assistance. Make that call now, and we’ll hold the line for you.

What if my private data is shared?

All calls and SMS messages are encrypted for your safety. Stay safe and secure with our encryption technology.With Callmama, you can be confident that your calls are private and that your information is safe, so make calls without having to worry about their information being shared with third parties.