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Rehmath Ali

Rehmath Ali


How does a virtual number work with WhatsApp?

A virtual number provides an alternative phone number that can be used specifically for WhatsApp verification and account setup. Rather than using your number, a virtual number allows you to keep your WhatsApp usage separate. Read further to learn how virtual numbers for WhatsApp work.

Virtual numbers work by apps or services acquiring real phone numbers and providing them to users temporarily. When you get a virtual number, it will come with an area code and act like a real phone number. This number can be used when WhatsApp sends an SMS or text message for verification during account creation.

How does a virtual number work with WhatsApp?

Once you enter the verification code from the SMS received to your virtual number, your WhatsApp account will be activated. This allows you to have a WhatsApp account linked to your virtual number rather than your real SIM card number. It helps keep privacy intact.

Some virtual number services may provide the option to forward calls and messages from your virtual number to your actual phone. This way, you can use the virtual number seamlessly after verification as well. Overall, a virtual phone number for WhatsApp lets you keep your number private while seamlessly using WhatsApp for business or secondary purposes under an alternative virtual number.

Virtual numbers can be used to receive and make calls, send and receive text messages, and use other features of WhatsApp.

One of the biggest advantages of using a virtual number for WhatsApp is the ability to take full advantage of the app’s diverse features. With a virtual number, you aren’t limited to just using WhatsApp for its basic messaging capabilities.

Once you’ve verified your WhatsApp account with a virtual number, you can use it to make and receive WhatsApp calls. Whether you want to have lengthy conversations or just need to convey quick information over a call, virtual numbers enable this core WhatsApp capability.

Virtual numbers also allow you to send and receive text messages over WhatsApp, just as you would with your regular phone number. You can carry out conversations, send critical information or reminders, and exchange media files like photos or documents. The virtual number acts as your ID on WhatsApp’s messaging platform.

In addition to calls and texts, virtual numbers let you access other WhatsApp features like video calling, voice notes, status updates, location sharing, and sending GIFs or stickers to express yourself. You can fully utilize WhatsApp’s expanding suite of capabilities by using the virtual number as your digital identity.

With a verified virtual number, you don’t need to switch between your personal and business accounts. You can seamlessly communicate, collaborate, and access all the features you need through your dedicated virtual number account. It provides flexibility and integrity in communication within the WhatsApp ecosystem.

In summary, getting a virtual number opens the door for you to leverage WhatsApp to its fullest potential. It goes beyond just verification and allows you to receive calls, send messages, and use all other integrated features offered by the platform.

The Need for WhatsApp Number Verification

WhatsApp has become one of the most widely used messaging platforms globally, with billions of users. However, to create a WhatsApp account, you first need to verify your phone number. WhatsApp enforces this verification to prevent spam, misuse, and abuse on their platform. The verification process links your account to your phone number.

Why Virtual Numbers Work for WhatsApp Verification

Why Virtual Numbers Work for WhatsApp Verification

Phone number verification can pose challenges if you want to use WhatsApp in a country where you don’t already have a number. This is where virtual numbers come in as the ideal solution.

You can get a virtual number to verify your WhatsApp account from various apps and online services. This provides you with a phone number that can receive SMS or calls, just like a real phone number. With this virtual number, you can verify your WhatsApp account and start using it for messaging.

Benefits of Using Virtual Numbers for WhatsApp

There are many advantages to using a virtual number for WhatsApp:

Benefits of Using Virtual Numbers for WhatsApp

  • It enables account verification from any country. Get a virtual number with any country code you need.
  • Improves privacy: Keep your number private while using WhatsApp.
  • Allows multiple accounts: Create extra WhatsApp accounts for business and secondary purposes.
  • Facilitates pranks and jokes: Set up fake profiles and send funny messages to friends.
  • Works while travelling: Use WhatsApp without buying SIM cards abroad.

Easy Ways to Get a Virtual Number for WhatsApp

With over 2 billion users, WhatsApp has become a global communication phenomenon. However, to use the platform, you need to verify your phone number first. Rather than linking your number to WhatsApp, you can easily obtain a virtual number to maintain privacy. Here are some options:

Easy Ways to Get a Virtual Number for WhatsApp

CallMama is a top provider offering virtual phone numbers from over 200 countries worldwide. With CallMama, you can get a virtual WhatsApp number with any country code. It only takes seconds to generate your number for verification.

TextNow is a popular free app that provides virtual numbers for WhatsApp and calling. You can choose a virtual number with a local area code and SMS/texting. Numbers are available in the US, Canada, and the UK.

Google Voice also lets you get a free virtual phone number in the United States or Canada. You can use it to verify your WhatsApp account. It may also allow you to link the Google Voice number to your existing WhatsApp account.

Hushed offers virtual phone numbers with a 7-day free trial. It provides numbers specifically aimed at WhatsApp verification from the United States. You can get unlimited numbers for continued use with paid plans.

Overall, it’s quick and easy to obtain virtual numbers from CallMama, TextNow, Google Voice, Hushed, and other similar services. These options give you access to numbers across the globe to verify your WhatsApp account without ever linking your personal information.


A virtual phone number can be a game-changer if you need to use WhatsApp in another country or want to keep your number private. It enables easy verification and full access to WhatsApp’s messaging capabilities worldwide.

In summary, getting a virtual phone number can greatly improve your WhatsApp experience and unlock the app’s full capabilities. With over 2 billion users globally, WhatsApp has become a premier communication channel, making verification essential.

However, by using a virtual number for verification instead of your number, you gain significant advantages. Virtual numbers provide enhanced privacy, as your real number stays hidden from public view or misuse.

A virtual number also enables you to seamlessly use WhatsApp when travelling abroad without constantly buying new SIM cards. It prevents mixing personal and business communications by allowing you to create multiple WhatsApp accounts.

With top providers like CallMama, you can get virtual numbers from over 200 countries worldwide. CallMama makes it quick and easy to generate a virtual WhatsApp number with the country code you need.

Other apps, like TextNow and Google Voice, also offer free virtual numbers for verifying your WhatsApp account. With these digital numbers, you can pass WhatsApp’s verification process while keeping control over your privacy and contacts.

In short, a virtual phone number is a smart choice to unlock WhatsApp’s capabilities without compromising your personal information. It brings more flexibility, accessibility, and security to your WhatsApp experience. Look into providers like CallMama to get started with a virtual number today.