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Callmama provides many features like local and international calling, international top-up, sending and receiving SMS, video conferencing, free chat, call forwarding, etc.


Our Greece Virtual Phone Numbers give you access to a network of international numbers that allows you to call or text anyone in major countries like Albania, China, Japan, Thailand, etc. Without having to pay premium roaming charges.


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Virtual Numbers

A virtual phone number is a great way to have a second phone line without any hassle.

international calling

International Calling

Make international calls with no more expensive long-distance bills or PINs.

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Call Forwarding

With call forwarding, you can forward your calls to the app's registered number.


Free Chat

A virtual phone number is a chat line that one can use to connect with others anonymously.



The service allows you to send & receive unlimited text sms from anywhere worldwide.

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Local calling connects easily with customers and creates a local presence anywhere.

Greece Virtual Phone Number

About Virtual Phone Number

A virtual phone number is not directly associated with a single, fixed phone line. Incoming calls are therefore routed to one of a predetermined number of phone lines, which can be mobile, landlines, or VoIP. The particular device to which each call is routed is determined on the go.

Due to this form of call routing, virtual phone numbers provide greater freedom and anonymity. Virtual phone numbers are significantly more difficult to track than ordinary phone numbers. Because they are not attached to a specific address, organizations may use them to route calls to softphones.

Greece Country Code (+30)

CallMama offers Greece Country Code (+30). With this code, you’ll be able to set up your business in Greece and reach a whole new customer base. This virtual phone number will allow you to keep your existing phone number and have it forwarded to Greece, so you can continue to use it for all your calls.You can add features like voicemail and call forwarding to ensure you never miss a call. You can also add features like voicemail and call forwarding to ensure you never miss a call. You can also add features like voicemail and call forwarding.

Here are some popular area codes of Greece, which are:

Heraklion 281

Kavala 251

Larissa 241

Thessaloniki 231

Tripoli 271

Features along with Greece Virtual Phone Number

Most Effective Solution for Greece Business Phone Number

Unlimited calling and texting to any Greek mobile number

A local Greek virtual phone number that your friends and family can use to reach you


No contracts or monthly fees – you only pay for the calls you make!

Greece Virtual Phone Number
Greece Virtual Phone Number

How Can CallMama help you?

Callmama has the perfect solution – Our Greece virtual phone numbers! With Callmama, you can have a Greek phone number that you can use to call and text your friends and family back home. Best of all, our Greece virtual phone numbers come with a variety of features that will make staying in touch easy and convenient. 

With Callmama, you can make and receive unlimited calls to any Greek landline or mobile number for a low monthly price. Now, your customers can call you from their mobile phones or landlines at local rates, and you can receive calls on your mobile phone, landline, or VoIP device service from anywhere in the world

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