International Calling Guide for Australian Country Codes

Are you looking to call a Loved One or Business Associate in Australia and having trouble with complicated codes associated with international calling? At Callmama, we strive to make your calling experience as smooth as possible, and we have gathered here a list of Australia area codes just for you.


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While calling a number in Australia, follow these simple steps.

For example, you would like to call Brisbane


Dial your country exit code


Dial 61, which is the country code of Australia


Dial 7, which is the Area Code of Brisbane


Dial the Local Number in Australia you wish to call

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List of Area Codes for Australian Cities

Area Area Code
Sydney and Canberra
Melbourne and Hobart
Mobile Telephones
Perth and Adelaide

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The country code for Australia is 61. Dial this code before entering the local number in Australia to complete your international call.

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