Way to get a free US virtual phone number

Get a free US virtual phone number from Callmama for your business to Stay in touch with friends and family in the USA and easily manage your calls and messages from one app.

free US virtual phone number

Collect your coins

Collect coins by inviting your friends, attending surveys, playing games, and watching videos, and you can redeem them before the validity. Once it got expires, you can’t use it.

Change your WhatsApp number without losing data with Callmama

No misuse of Automated Messages or Broadcast List

With Callmama, you can automate your messages without spamming your contacts, and your contacts will appreciate that you respect their time by only sending them automated messages when it’s really necessary.Try the virtual number for marketing

No Spreading of False Information & Rumours

Prevent yourself from being the reason for spreading rumors. This way, there is adequate transparency, and there is no miscommunication of your messages with your customers.

Lock your phone and apps

Callmama keeps your WhatsApp conversations and photos safe and secure. Keep a lock screen password and make it difficult for others to access your phone, and Protect yourself from identity theft and fraud.

Get approval from the customer

Protect your contact from looking like a spammer by only sending messages to the customer who has already granted permission, and make a list of those contact and send messages only in one click.