Understanding the 985 Area Code: Callmama's Comprehensive Guide

The 985 area code is primarily assigned to the state of Louisiana, which is located in the southeastern region of the United States. It covers a significant portion of southeastern Louisiana, including cities such as Houma, Hammond, Slidell, and Thibodaux.
985 area code
985 area code

The Origins and Location of the 985 Area Code

The 985 area code was one of the first area codes created under the new overlay plan, which allows multiple area codes to serve the same geographical region of area code map. This avoided the need to change phone numbers for existing customers when a new area code phone lookup was introduced. The 985 region is often referred to as the “Northshore” or “River Parishes” of Louisiana. It spans from just west of New Orleans across Lake Pontchartrain along the northern Gulf Coast region of the state area code map. The 985 area code helps identify a caller’s general location within southeastern Louisiana.

Exploring the 985 Area Code's Geographic Coverage

The 985 area code serves over 1 million people across southeastern Louisiana. It covers parishes located north of Lake Pontchartrain, west of the Mississippi River, and east of the Atchafalaya Basin. Major cities included in the 985 area code are Slidell, Hammond, Bogalusa, and Thibodaux. Geographically, the 985 region spans wooded wetlands, prairies, rivers, and bayous. Parishes located within the area code include St. Tammany, Tangipahoa, Washington, St. Helena, Livingston, Ascension, East Feliciana, West Feliciana, Pointe Coupee, West Baton Rouge, Iberville, Assumption, and Terrebonne.

985 area code
985 area code

The History and Evolution of the 985 Area Code

The area code 985 was established in 2001 as an overlay for the existing 504 area code. Rapid population growth and the proliferation of telephone lines in southeastern Louisiana necessitated the introduction of a new area code to meet the increasing demand for telephone numbers. The implementation of the area code of 985 helped ensure an adequate supply of phone numbers for the region.

Identifying Incoming Calls from the 985 Area Code

The area code of 985 is a North American telephone area code serving parts of southeastern Louisiana, United States. It covers areas such as Covington, Hammond, Houma, Slidell, and their surrounding regions. The implementation of this feature will be particularly beneficial for our users residing or conducting business in this area, as it allows you to easily differentiate calls originating from within your local vicinity from those coming from unknown or suspicious sources.

985 area code

Benefits of 985 Area Code

Local Presence

A virtual phone number with the area code of 985 allows you to establish a local presence in the area, even if you are physically located elsewhere. This helps build trust and credibility with customers in that region.


Virtual phone numbers are often more affordable than traditional phone lines. They eliminate the need for dedicated hardware and maintenance costs, making them a cost-effective communication solution.


Virtual phone numbers can be easily set up, managed, and forwarded to any device or location, providing you with the flexibility to stay connected wherever you are.

Expanding Reach

With a virtual phone number in the area code of 985, you can target customers and expand your business in that specific region without the need for a physical office.


Why Should You Identify Area Codes?

Recognizing a  area code of 985 can provide insight on where a phone number originates from. The area code of 985 is assigned to locations across southeastern Louisiana. Identifying a area code of 985 indicates the call or contact is coming from this distinct region.For businesses, identifying area code of 985 can inform marketing efforts and customer service interactions. The region has its own culture, demographics, and economy. Understanding area codes helps customize engagement and build local relationships. Whether an individual or a business, recognizing a area code of 985  number provides useful insight on the caller’s geographic origin within Louisiana. 

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Frequently Asked Questions About 985 Area Code Virtual Phone Numbers

If you’re considering getting a virtual phone number with a 985 area code loaction, you may have some questions. Here are some frequently asked questions and answers:

The area code of 985 is a North American telephone area code serving a region in southeastern Louisiana, United States. It covers several parishes, including parts of Tangipahoa, St. Tammany, Washington, and more.

To call a number within the area code of 985, simply dial the 10-digit phone number, including the area code (e.g., 985-555-1234).

No, if you already have a phone number with the area code of 985, you don’t need to change it. Existing phone numbers were not affected by the introduction of the new area code.

No, Louisiana has multiple area codes. In addition to 985, the state is served by area codes such as 504, 225, 318, and more, depending on the region.

As of our last knowledge update in September 2021, there were no imminent changes planned for the area code of 985. However, it’s always a good idea to check with your service provider or the relevant authorities for any updates or changes.