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Rehmath Ali

Rehmath Ali



The internet has revolutionized how we communicate across distances. While traditional landline calling used to be the only affordable option for long distance, now using the internet for phone calls opens up a world of possibilities. Online calling technology, known as Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), has made calling family and friends abroad cheaper and more accessible than ever.

Services like Skype pioneered online calling years ago. By using the internet rather than analogue phone lines, Skype allowed free calls between users and low-cost calls to other landlines and mobiles worldwide. While call quality was mixed in the early days, improvements in internet speeds have made Skype calls clear and consistent today.

Beyond Skype, innovative startups have taken online calling even further Making Online Phone Calls. Apps like WhatsApp, Google Voice, Viber and FaceTime integrate calling features with modern chat and video chat interfaces. Billions now use their smartphones’ data connections for affordable international communication.

One standout option for global online calls is  Call Mama. This startup was founded by entrepreneur Rehmat Ali to make calling home more affordable for immigrant communities abroad. Call Mama provides virtual local numbers to get low calling rates to landlines and mobiles in one’s home country.

A key feature of Call Mama is its free WiFi calling from its smartphone app to any number back home. This allows unlimited calling at absolutely no cost when connected to wireless internet. Call Mama also has inexpensive prepaid home-country calling packages, SMS capabilities, virtual phone numbers, and top-up services.

As internet access expands globally, online calling opens the doors for cheaper, easier long-distance communication. Give services like Skype, WhatsApp or Call Mama a try to save on costs and gain flexibility in Making Online Phone Calls. With Call Mama’s free WiFi calling especially, you can talk endlessly with family abroad at no charge. Online calling has made staying connected across borders simple and affordable.

Brief explanation of online calling and VOIP technology

Online phone calling refers to making voice calls over the Internet, rather than traditional analog telephone networks. This is made possible by Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology.

VoIP works by converting your voice into digital signals that can be transmitted over the internet. When you place a VoIP call, your voice is broken down into small packets of data. These data packets are sent through your internet connection to the person you are calling.

On the receiving end, the packets are reassembled in the correct order to reconstruct your voice. The other person’s voice is also digitized and sent back to you as data packets, allowing two-way conversation.

VoIP bypasses traditional landline networks, allowing calls to be routed less expensively over the internet. Any devices with internet access, like smartphones or computers, can make VoIP calls.

VoIP services often provide features traditional landlines lack, like video calling or call recording. Call quality can vary based on internet speeds but is typically clear.

Online VoIP calling has opened up global communication by reducing costs and allowing mobility through smartphones. Leading services like Skype and WhatsApp demonstrate the potential of internet-based calling today. VoIP continues to evolve and expand access worldwide.

Overview of benefits: cost savings, flexibility, access to features

Online calling provides many advantages compared to traditional landline services. The top benefits are cost savings, flexibility, and access to features.

Firstly, online calls via VoIP are much cheaper, especially internationally. Providers like Skype and Call Mama offer free calling between users. Calls to landlines and mobiles in other countries are typically very low cost over the internet. Services like Call Mama even give free home-country calling over WiFi.

Secondly, online calling gives you the flexibility to use your account anywhere with an internet connection. Smartphone apps enable calling on the go. You can also use your online calling service on multiple devices or while travelling abroad with no extra fees.

Lastly, online calling gives features landlines lack like video chat, voicemail transcription, call recording and more. Call Mama even provides capabilities like virtual phone numbers, international top-up and SMS messaging along with affordable international calls.

With major cost savings, flexibility, and useful features, online calling via services like Skype and Call Mama is advantageous for global communication. The benefits keep growing as internet access spreads and VoIP technology improves.

Making Online Phone Calls with Skype

Making Online Phone Calls with Skype

Skype pioneered online calling through its VoIP network and software Making Online Phone Calls. Skype allows free video and voice calls between Skype users anywhere in the world. This enables affordable communication internationally.

Skype also gives inexpensive rates for calls to landlines and mobile numbers outside of Skype. While not free, these calls are much cheaper than conventional long-distance rates. Skype operates on desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones for flexibility.

Call quality on Skype depends on internet speeds but is generally decent. However, some users report inconsistent reliability and call dropping Making Online Phone Calls. Skype’s interface also lacks some modern messaging features compared to apps like WhatsApp.

While Skype led the way for online calling, new services like Call Mama leverage the latest technology for an improved experience. Call Mama offers free WiFi-based calling to any number in your home country from their smartphone app. This allows unlimited free calls abroad.

Call Mama also provides virtual local numbers to save on international calling costs to landlines and mobiles. Advanced features like voicemail transcription and SMS capabilities add convenience. For affordable and reliable home-country calling, Call Mama outpaces older options like Skype.

Description of Skype and its features

Skype is one of the earliest and most well-known online calling platforms. First released in 2003, Skype pioneered free voice and video calling between users worldwide through Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology. Over the years, Skype has continued adding features while maintaining its core free-calling capabilities.

Free Skype-to-Skype calling

The foundation of Skype is free Skype-to-Skype calls. By using Skype’s platform, you can make unlimited free voice or video calls to any other Skype user no matter where they are located Making Online Phone Calls. This allows cheap communication all over the world. Video calling supports up to 50 people for group conversations.

Inexpensive calls to landlines and mobiles

Beyond Skype-to-Skype, you can make low-cost calls to traditional landlines and mobile numbers in over 100 countries. Call rates vary but are significantly cheaper than conventional long-distance charges, especially for international calls. So Skype gives you affordable options to call people who aren’t Skype users too.

Call quality

Call quality depends on the internet connections of both parties. Skype uses codecs to compress the call audio and compensate for network lags. On strong WiFi or broadband connections, Skype audio is fairly clear. Video can be more variable based on the bandwidth available. Overall call quality has improved in recent years.

Availability on multiple platforms

A major advantage of Skype is its broad platform availability. Skype has apps for iOS and Android mobile devices as well as desktop platforms like Windows and Mac. Your contacts, call history and messages sync across platforms, allowing flexible calling on the go or from multiple devices.

Other Skype features include instant messaging, screen and file sharing, call recording and voicemail. There are also some business-focused offerings like conference calling and cloud PBX integration. While not as feature-rich as some newer apps, Skype remains a top choice for affordable and accessible online calling worldwide.

Smartphone Apps for Online Calling

Smartphone Apps for Online Calling

Smartphones have opened up voice calling capabilities through data connections alongside WiFi Making Online Phone Calls. Many apps now integrate online calling features for cheap international communication.

Google Voice app and features

One popular option is Google Voice, Google’s calling and voicemail app. Google Voice gives each user a free phone number to make and receive calls. In the app, you can call other numbers in the U.S. and Canada at low rates. International calls are affordable as well.

Google Voice transcribes voicemails automatically making them easy to skim through. It also has features like call screening, blocking numbers, and scheduling calls in advance Making Online Phone Calls. Integrations with Gmail and other Google services make it a versatile option.

Other VOIP apps like WhatsApp, Viber, FaceTime

Beyond Google Voice, many messaging apps allow free voice and video calling through data plans or WiFi. WhatsApp supports calling other users at no cost with its huge international user base. Facebook Messenger also provides free VoIP calls along with messaging.

Apple’s FaceTime is built into iOS devices for video calls, great for staying in touch with iPhone/iPad contacts. Viber, LINE, and Telegram offer combinations of free messaging and calling features. WeChat is essential in China as a communications platform.

Benefits of calling through smartphone apps

The main benefits of using smartphone apps for online calling include cost savings, especially internationally, and the flexibility to call from anywhere with mobile data access. Calls made over WiFi avoid using cellular minutes.

Smartphone apps also integrate calling with modern messaging and social media experiences. Features like animoji on FaceTime and group messaging in WhatsApp cater to younger users.

As mobile networks expand globally, smartphone calling apps make international communication affordable and convenient through VoIP technology. Cost savings, flexibility and built-in features make them a preferred way to stay connected across borders.

Callmama for Affordable International Calls

Callmama for Affordable International Calls

Callmama is an innovative calling service that makes international communication more accessible. Founded by entrepreneur Rehmat Ali, Callmama provides tools to call home countries affordably.

The core feature that makes Callmama stand out is free WiFi calling. Using Callmama’s smartphone app, you can make unlimited calls over WiFi or mobile data to any number in your selected home country at no cost. This allows endless conversations without expensive international calling fees.

In addition, Call mama provides virtual local numbers so you can call your home country’s landlines and mobiles and only pay low domestic rates. Callmama virtual numbers save up to 98% compared to standard international charges.

Callmama also enables inexpensive international SMS messaging. Affordable call packages are available without WiFi.

Setting up a Callmama account is fast through their mobile app for iOS and Android devices. Manage to call online or via your smartphone.

For immigrant families, students abroad, and global residents, Callmama makes staying in touch with home easy and affordable. With free WiFi calling and discounted rates, Callmama facilitates meaningful global connections.

Overview of Callmama service

Callmama is an innovative calling service founded by entrepreneur Rehmat Ali to provide affordable international calling options. Callmama aims to help immigrant communities and global residents save money when calling friends and family back home.

The main feature Callmama offers is free WiFi calling from their mobile app. You can make unlimited calls over WiFi or mobile data to any number in your selected home country at no cost. This alone provides tremendous savings compared to conventional international calling rates.

In addition, Call mama provides virtual local numbers so you can call your home country’s landlines and mobiles and only pay low domestic rates rather than expensive international fees.

Callmama also enables inexpensive international SMS messaging from their app. Affordable call packages without WiFi access are available as well.

The service works on both Android and iOS smartphones. Setting up an account is fast through Callmama’s well-designed mobile app.

For immigrant families, ex-pats, students abroad and others, Callmama facilitates affordable communication with home countries through innovative technology Making Online Phone Calls. Free WiFi calling and discounted rates remove the barriers of high long-distance costs.

Low rates for calls to home country

One of the major benefits Callmama provides is significantly lower rates for calling landlines and mobile phones in your home country. Callmama offers these discounted international rates in two main ways.

First, Callmama provides local virtual phone numbers so you can call home and only pay domestic rates rather than inflated international long-distance fees. This saves up to 98% on the costs of calls home based on typical international calling rates.

Second, Callmama offers prepaid calling packages for affordable per-minute rates when WiFi calling is not available. For example, 400 minutes to call landlines in over 50 countries is around $7. Calling mobiles is slightly more expensive but still much cheaper than standard rates.

Callmama’s inexpensive prepaid packages provide a fixed number of minutes at clear per-minute rates rather than variable charges. Top-up options are available right in the app when your minutes run low.

Between virtual local numbers and affordable prepaid packages, Callmama offers a budget-friendly home country calling for immigrant families, ex-pats, students studying abroad and others with loved ones overseas. Low call rates make regular communication affordable.

Virtual phone numbers

A key feature Callmama utilizes to reduce international calling costs is virtual phone numbers. Callmama provides users with virtual local numbers for their home countries.

Having a virtual number in your home country allows you to call landlines and mobile phones there at low domestic rates. When you call from your Callmama virtual number, you bypass costly international fees and instead pay the local rate as if calling from your home country.

For example, a user from Mexico living in the U.S. could get a Mexican virtual number from Callmama. When they use this number to call family in Mexico, they pay the local Mexican rate rather than the higher international rate from the U.S. Making Online Phone Calls.

Virtual numbers make it seem like you are calling locally rather than internationally. This mechanism allows Callmama to offer huge savings of up to 98% on international calls. Users can get virtual numbers for over 50 countries.

Callmama’s virtual numbers are managed through their mobile app and online tools Making Online Phone Calls. Numbers can be set up for individuals or shared family accounts. Virtual numbers provide a key cost-saving advantage for affordable global calling.

WiFi calling feature

The game-changing feature that Callmama offers for affordable international calling is free WiFi calling. Through Callmama’s mobile app on iOS or Android devices, you can make unlimited calls over WiFi or mobile data to any number in your home country completely free of charge.

This WiFi calling allows endless conversations with friends and family back home without incurring any long-distance fees. As long as you have an internet connection through WiFi or your phone data plan, you can call as much as you want via Callmama without being charged.

Callmama optimizes call quality using proprietary technology for smooth, natural calls over the Internet. Their advanced compression algorithms minimize lag and disruptions. Callmama’s WiFi calling achieves excellent clarity.

For immigrant families who want to call home frequently, Callmama’s unlimited free WiFi calling capability is an invaluable benefit. It removes the barriers of high long-distance bills so you can call home as often as you want.

SMS capabilities

Through the Callmama smartphone app, you can send and receive SMS text messages to phone numbers in your selected home country. This allows you to stay in touch via texting in a more convenient way.

Callmama currently enables SMS capabilities to over 50 countries worldwide Making Online Phone Calls. Some key supported countries include the USA, Canada, Mexico, UK, Australia, India, China, Philippines, Nigeria and many more.

With Callmama’s international SMS, you can avoid costly texting fees from your regular phone plan and instead text home affordably. Family group plans can be set up for shared SMS access as well.

SMS through Callmama could be used to send quick messages to confirm times to call, share photos or videos, or for any other texting needs. For high-SMS countries like the Philippines, Callmama provides big savings.

Tips for Making Online Calls

Tips for Making Online Calls

The internet has opened up a wealth of options for affordable voice and video calling globally. However, some simple steps should be taken to ensure a smooth and consistent online calling experience. Follow these tips when setting up and making calls over the internet Making Online Phone Calls.

Use a Stable, High-Speed Internet Connection

The most important factor determining the quality of online calls is having a fast, stable internet connection. For voice-only calls, minimum speeds of at least 5 Mbps download and upload are recommended. For HD video calling, speeds of 15+ Mbps down and up provide better performance.

Test your network speed using online speed check tools before an important call. For WiFi, position yourself near the router and limit other device usage to reduce bandwidth competition Making Online Phone Calls. Turn off data-intensive apps that can congest your connection. For mobile data, use 4G/LTE networks rather than 3G or 2G whenever possible for maximum throughput. Avoid public hotspots with sluggish speeds.

Check network strength indicators in your calling app to identify any weak spots. Move closer to routers or windows to improve WiFi signals. Mobile users can upgrade to better data plans or try using WiFi instead if the cellular connection is poor. A few simple adjustments can often boost speeds for better call reliability.

Check Costs for Non-VOIP Calling

Many online calling apps provide inexpensive options to call other mobiles and landlines beyond their proprietary networks. However, some have very high fees for non-VOIP calls which can lead to surprisingly large bills.

Before using any app extensively for non-VOIP calling, research the costs on their pricing page and user reviews. Apps like Skype charge just a few cents per minute for calls to other countries. Meanwhile, FaceTime charges over $1/minute in some cases. Understand exactly what is free VOIP-to-VOIP versus paid rates to avoid unexpected charges down the line.

Opt for apps like Callmama that offer clear domestic rates for calls beyond their network, with additional discounts through virtual numbers. Being informed of the costs for non-VOIP calls can prevent financial surprises.

Set Up User Accounts Fully in Advance

Take time to complete the full account setup process in your chosen online calling apps before relying on them for frequent use. Download the app and sign up for an account. Provide details like your name, profile photo, contact email/number and payment info if purchasing credits.

Enable all key permissions and settings for optimal performance. Give microphone access so your voice broadcasts clearly. Allow contacts access to connect with friends. Toggle notifications so you don’t miss calls. Set favoured quality preferences.

Take advantage of any premium features included with your account tier. Adjust configuration settings like do not disturb hours or call forwarding rules. Personalize any custom ringtones or other options.

Thoroughly setting up accounts avoids hitches when it comes time to actually make calls. Test notifications and calling features with a friend once set up. Address any issues with customer support before needing to use the app urgently.

Confirm Call Quality in Advance

Do some test calls with trusted contacts on the platform you intend to use before relying on it for important conversations. Check voice and video quality in different settings.

Test from home WiFi, a coffee shop, cellular data outdoors, and any other locations you expect to use the app. Check video frame rates and audio clarity. Note any lag, jitter, or sync issues Making Online Phone Calls. Troubleshoot problems with the app developer’s customer support team.

Quality can vary across operating systems and device hardware too. Place test calls from both iOS and Android devices if possible. Use both front and Making Online Phone Calls rear cameras. Try on desktops, tablets, and smartphones to compare.

Advance confirmation provides peace of mind that call quality will be sufficient when it matters most make online Phone Calls. You can also provide quality feedback directly to the app maker so they can address concerns.

Have a Backup Plan if Calls Drop

One limitation of internet calling versus landlines is the possibility of calls dropping if networks become unstable. Avoid using online calling for situations where a drop could be very problematic.

For important calls, have a backup number on hand to move conversations to if your online call disconnects unexpectedly. Switch to traditional landlines or cell network calling to ensure connection stability when needed.

If call drops occur frequently, investigate the root causes – it may be solvable. Check your internet speeds and router settings. The other party may need to upgrade their connection. Reach out to the app developer’s help resources for troubleshooting assistance.

With good preparation, online calls can match or exceed landline quality and reliability. Follow these tips to get the most value from modern internet calling technologies Making Online Phone Calls. Services like Callmama optimize connectivity using the latest advancements for clear home-country conversations.


There are several good options for making inexpensive online calls including Skype, WhatsApp, FaceTime, Facebook Messenger, and Google Hangouts. Of these, Skype and WhatsApp tend to offer the best combination of call quality, features, and affordability.

For video calls, FaceTime and Skype are excellent choices that offer high-quality video and are free when calling others on the same service. Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp also allow free video calls.

For international calls, WhatsApp is a top pick with very low rates, especially for calls to other users. Skype also has competitive international rates Making Online Phone Calls. To call landlines cheaply from a computer, Skype provides some of the lowest rates.

Overall, Skype and WhatsApp deliver great value across video, international, and landline calls. Their large user bases increase the chances your contacts will also be on the platform. For domestic US calls, standard cell phone plans often provide enough included minutes at reasonable rates. But VoIP services like Skype can supplement cell plans and further reduce costs for high-volume calling.