Making international calls in Europe

Making international calls in Europe


Making International Calls in Europe

The European Union encompasses 28 countries, making cheap international calls within Europe appear challenging. However, new communication technologies and mobile apps simplify phoning abroad affordably. VoIP services like Callmama, WhatsApp, and Letsdial enable free calls over wifi. Bypassing roaming charges, these apps only require an internet connection. Local SIM cards also avoid roaming fees. Purchasing a local SIM provides cheap domestic and international calls at lower rates. Just ensure your phone is unlocked before traveling.
Calling cards and dial-around services offer inexpensive landline calls. You dial an access number and card details, then the international number. Rates are very cheap but vary by provider. This method works for occasional calls home versus regular contact. If briefly traveling, using your home mobile plan may be easiest, but watch for exorbitant roaming charges. Enable international roaming and check rates beforehand. Limit usage to essential calls only.
Research affordable options before traveling based on your destination and calling needs. With appropriate preparation, you can stay connected across Europe without incurring huge phone bills. Communication apps, local SIMs, calling cards, and budgeting home mobile use make cheap international calls accessible.

What are the different ways to make international calls in Europe?

Using VoIP Services

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) services allow you to make calls over the Internet rather than traditional phone lines. Skype is the most well-known VoIP provider, offering free Skype-to-Skype calls. You can also make inexpensive calls to mobile phones and landlines around the world. WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Viber also provide free international calls over wifi.
To use VoIP services, you simply need an internet connection and an app. This allows you to bypass roaming charges and other fees associated with making international calls through your home provider. The sound quality is often excellent. The main catch is that both parties need to have the app installed and set up. But for keeping in touch with friends and family back home, VoIP calling is ideal.

Using Local SIM Cards

If you’ll be traveling in Europe for an extended time, purchasing a local SIM card can drastically reduce your calling costs. With a local SIM card and phone number, domestic calls and texts are much cheaper, while international calls are billed at lower rates. Swapping your home SIM card for a local one also avoids costly roaming charges from your provider.
Just make sure your phone is unlocked before traveling so you can insert a foreign SIM. Do some comparison shopping once you arrive at your destination to find the best local phone plan based on your calling needs. This option allows you to make calls across Europe at local rates.

Calling Cards and Dial-Around Services

For occasional international calls from landlines, calling cards or dial-around services can be an affordable option. With a calling card, you dial a local access number, enter your card details, and then dial the international number. These cards can be purchased at convenience stores, phone shops, online, and more.
Dial-around services work similarly – you dial their access number and then the number you want to call. Rates are generally very cheap, though fees vary between providers. This method works best for calling home every few days rather than regular contact.

Using Your Home Mobile Plan Abroad

If you’ll only be traveling in Europe briefly, simply using your regular mobile plan may be the easiest option. However, beware of potentially massive roaming charges! Enable international roaming before you leave and check rates – both for calls and mobile data usage.
Calling rates are usually exorbitant, so limit usage to essential calls only. It’s also wise to set usage limits with your provider before traveling abroad. This prevents getting an enormous bill from uncontrolled roaming charges.
With some foresight, there are plenty of great options for making cheap international calls while traveling anywhere in Europe. Do some research before you go to determine the best fit based on where you’re visiting and how often you need to call home or others abroad. With the right approach, you can stay connected without racking up a huge phone bill.

Choosing the Best Method for International Calling

Making calls abroad can be complicated and costly if you don’t choose the right method. With the rise of new communication technologies, you now have more options to consider for affordable international calling. Here are some key factors when selecting the best method for your needs.
Frequency of Calls:  How often you’ll need to make international calls should guide your choice.
Infrequent Calls:  For occasional international calls, landline options like calling cards, payphones, and dial-around services work well. Rates are low without monthly fees. Just purchase minutes as needed.
Moderate Calling:  For a moderate volume of international calls, internet calling services like Skype and WhatsApp provide inexpensive rates. With an internet connection, you can make multiple calls and messages weekly. These apps work for calls between Europe and beyond when both parties have the app.
Frequent Calling: If you will be making calls internationally daily or near daily, get a local SIM card for your mobile phone at your destination. This gives you an affordable local number for frequent in-country and international calls while in Europe. Just confirm your mobile phone is unlocked.
Destinations: The countries you call impact the best method.
Within Region For calls within geographic regions like Europe, a local SIM card gets low domestic and international mobile call rates. Apps like WhatsApp also facilitate free regional calls over the internet.
Specific Countries: If you regularly call particular countries, some calling cards and VoIP providers offer discounted internet call rates to those international destinations. Shop around for deals in your frequent countries.
Multiple Countries:  For diverse international destinations, flexible VoIP services like Skype may get the lowest rates. Skype offers affordable calling to landlines and mobiles worldwide.
Call Quality Sound quality varies between providers. Landlines offer reliable call quality. Mobile and internet calls depend on the connection. Skype and WhatsApp provide excellent HD voice when uninterrupted.
If call clarity is critical, evaluate quality for each provider. Some free services compress bandwidth and can reduce the quality of international calls.
Ease of Use Choose a convenient, easy-to-use option. Apps are extremely simple if the contact also has the app. Local SIM cards only require swapping out your home SIM. Calling cards, pay phones and other services demand more steps like dialing access numbers and codes.
By first considering your specific international calling needs and priorities, you can zero in on the best phone solution before calling Europe or anywhere abroad—research to find the optimal balance of price, call quality, ease of use, and flexibility. With the right preparation, you can stay affordably connected anywhere in the world.

How to Call Europe from the United States

Calling friends, family, or businesses overseas in Europe can be costly from the United States, but with some planning, you can significantly reduce your phone bills. Follow these tips to save on charges when calling Europe and maintain connectivity while abroad through the smart use of modern telecommunications.

Know International Dialing Codes

When calling abroad, you need to dial the country code before the local number. All European nations have a unique 1-3 digit country code. For example, the country code for France is 33, for Italy, it’s 39, and for the UK is 44. Dialing the wrong country code can result in failed calls and unnecessary fees. Keep a list of codes handy when traveling internationally.

Leverage Internet Calling Services

VoIP services like Skype, WhatsApp, Viber, and FaceTime provide inexpensive internet-based calling options. Using WiFi you can make free or low-cost calls between Europe and the US if both parties have the app. Video chat features allow you to see loved ones abroad. Subscription plans like Skype Unlimited offer unlimited calls to mobiles and landlines in over 40 European countries. Internet calling can save significantly compared to traditional long-distance charges.

Get an International Calling Plan

If using your regular mobile phone abroad, check if your provider offers affordable international calling packages. Many carriers now offer monthly plans with unlimited calling to certain countries or low per-minute rates. Adding a temporary international plan can help reduce roaming charges if calling frequently during overseas trips.

Purchase a Local SIM Card

For extended travel in Europe, purchasing a local SIM card enables making calls within that country and to international numbers at much lower rates. With a European SIM card and temporary phone number, you’ll avoid costly roaming fees from your US provider. Just confirm your phone is unlocked before traveling to swap in a foreign SIM. Do research to find the best local carrier for your destination.

Limit Roaming on Your US Phone

If only traveling briefly, you may opt to simply use your existing US mobile phone in Europe while monitoring usage carefully. Contact your provider to enable international roaming. However, beware that calls, texts and data can rack up incredibly high roaming fees. Set usage caps and limit calling to minimize outrageous charges. Disable data roaming to prevent unwanted background usage.

Use Calling Cards or Dial-Around Services

For occasional calls to Europe from US landlines, calling cards or dial-around access numbers like Callmama can offer significant savings versus direct international calls. Dial their local access number, enter your card details, and then the number you wish to call abroad. These services aggregate traffic to benefit from economies of scale and provide cheap per-minute rates, connection charges may apply.
With some forethought, you can stay affordably connected with friends, family, and business contacts in Europe. Do some research to select the best approach based on your travel plans and calling needs.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Method for Making International Calls

Making international calls can be expensive and inconvenient if you don’t choose the right method. With so many options now available, from traditional landlines to VoIP services like Callmama, selecting the best fit requires weighing several factors:

The Cost of the Calls

For most people, cost is the most important factor. Compare rates across different services to find economical options for calling abroad.
Landline services like calling cards and dial-around access numbers offer some of the cheapest per-minute rates but incur connection fees for each call. VoIP services can also have very low rates for international calling, with little to no connection fees. When using your regular mobile provider abroad, beware of costly roaming and calling charges.
Also, consider one-time or recurring fees. Calling cards have no monthly costs, while VoIP services and mobile plans may charge subscription fees. Overall calling volume will determine if a service is cost-effective.

The Convenience of the Method

Look for a method that is easy and convenient for your needs. VoIP apps like Skype, WhatsApp, or FaceTime are highly convenient if both parties have the app installed. Local SIM cards involve simply swapping your home SIM when traveling.
Calling cards, dial-around services, and public phones require dialing access numbers and inputting codes, making them more time-consuming to use. If you’ll only call occasionally, convenience may not be a priority. For frequent callers, choose user-friendly options.

The Quality of the Calls

Call quality can vary significantly between landlines, mobile networks, and internet-based services. Landlines offer reliable call clarity. Mobile and VoIP calls depend on the strength of the cellular and broadband connections.
The quality of international calls on apps like Skype or WhatsApp is generally excellent when internet speed and bandwidth are uninterrupted. However some providers compress bandwidth, so assess voice quality in advance if clear call audio is a priority.

The Availability of the Method

Consider where the service is available relative to where you are making calls. Calling cards work for international calls worldwide, but must be purchased locally. VoIP apps require a smartphone with an internet connection.
If traveling abroad, purchasing a local SIM card will allow affordable calling within that country. Be sure the provider offers international call rates to the destinations you need.
With so many options now available, compare costs, convenience, call quality, and availability to determine the best fit for making economical international calls to stay connected.

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