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What is the country code for Cuba?

Cuba’s country calling code is +53. This is the numeric code that must be dialed before the national phone number when calling Cuba from another country. Cuba was assigned country code 53 by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), which oversees the allocation of country codes and other international telephony provisions. Like most other country codes, Cuba’s 53 code begins with a plus sign (+), indicating it is an international call prefix.  When calling Cuba from North America or most other regions, the full sequence is +53 xxx xxxx, where xxx xxxx represents the local Cuban phone number. The +53 country code functions to route the call to Cuba through international telephone networks and allows the Cuban phone system to recognize it is receiving an international incoming call. Overall, the country code +53 ensures calls are properly directed to Cuba when phoning the island nation from abroad.

How to dial a Cuban phone number from the USA:

Calling Cuba from the United States used to be a challenging and expensive endeavor. But with modern internet calling services like CallMama, you can now easily call Cuba from the USA and save huge money. Call Cuba from the United States with Call Mama. First, you download their calling app or sign up on their website. Next, you purchase affordable calling credits that allow you to make calls to Cuba for as low as 5¢/minute. Once set up, dialing Cuba is simple. Using the app or your online account dashboard, enter the full Cuban number in international format. For example: 53-52-55-1234. +53 is Cuba’s country code, 52 is the area code for Havana, and 55-1234 is the local number. Click call or dial to initiate the call. We will now route your call over the Internet to connect directly with the Cuban phone network. This provides incredibly clear call quality along with very cheap rates. With our app, you can call any working Cuban mobile or landline number directly from your phone in the USA. It transfers the call seamlessly over the internet instead of traditional long-distance carriers. Start calling all your friends and family in Cuba today with us and save big money while enjoying premium call quality.

What are the different ways to call Cuba from the USA?

There are several options for calling Cuba from the United States. One is to use traditional international calling plans from your phone carrier, though these can be expensive. A better way is to use international calling apps for Cuba, like Callmama. We provide VoIP calling to Cuba at affordable per-minute rates. You simply download their app, add credits to your account, and then dial Cuban numbers through the app’s calling interface. Cal Mama routes calls over the internet, providing excellent call quality along with low rates. Some of their Cuban communication options include calls to Cuban cell phones for as low as 7¢ per minute and calls to Cuban landlines starting at 5¢ per minute. Using our app for Cuban calls can save up to 80% compared to standard carriers. Know to call Cuba from the USA.

Different ways to Call Cuba from United states

  • Use your regular landline or mobile phone carrier. This is the most straightforward option but often the most expensive, with rates of $2–$3 per minute.
  • Use a calling card. International calling cards for Cuba offered by various providers can lower the per-minute cost. Rates vary but average around $0.50–$1 per minute. You must dial the access number and follow the prompts.
  • Download an international calling app. Apps like Call Mama provide internet-based calling to Cuba at cheap per-minute rates. Rates start at 5¢/min for landlines and 7¢/min for mobiles. High call quality over VoIP connections. Easy to use.
  • Use a VoIP phone adapter device. Devices like MagicJack plug into your router and allow you to make unlimited calls to Cuba for a monthly fee. An initial purchase of the adapter is required.
  • Sign up for an internet-based phone line service. Services like Vonage offer monthly international calling plans with very low per-minute Cuba rates. Rates start at 5¢/min. Required a dedicated VoIP line and device.
  • Use hotel call services. Some hotels offer international call services at lower rates. It is useful for short calls but not cost-effective for regular or longer calls.
  • Purchase a Cuban SIM card or phone. If traveling to Cuba, you can get a local Cuban SIM and pay local rates. Only useful while in Cuba.

In summary, using internet-based calling options like VoIP services, calling apps, and calling cards can drastically reduce the cost of dialing Cuba compared to conventional long-distance calling.

Tips for calling Cuba from the USA:

  • Use internet-based calling services whenever possible. Options like VoIP calling apps and calling cards utilize the internet to route calls and offer the lowest rates to Cuba, usually around 5¢-7¢/min. The call quality is excellent.
  • Have the Cuban number in international format. This means adding 53 before the Cuban area code and number. Example: 53-7-123-4567.
  • Know when to call. Avoid peak hours between 7-10 a.m. and 6-10 p.m. in Cuba, which can have higher per-minute rates. Late-night or mid-day calls are cheaper.
  • Purchase recharge cards for pre-paid Cuban cell phones. Many services let you add airtime credit to Cuban mobile numbers, which is more convenient than having the Cuban person purchase top-up cards locally.
  • Download a Cuba-specific calling app. Apps like Call Mama are designed for calls to Cuba and offer features like easy top-ups of Cuban mobile accounts.
  • If using your own landline or mobile, check for international calling packages. Some providers offer monthly plans with lower rates in certain countries.
  • If traveling to Cuba, purchase a local Cuban SIM card to avoid roaming fees and call at local rates.
  • Set up speed dial numbers for frequently called Cuban numbers using your VoIP app or device. It makes calling faster and more convenient.

Following these tips can ensure you are using the most cost-effective options to call Cuba from the United States.

The best way to call Cuba from USA

  • Download The Callmama App
  • Register for Call Mama through the app
  • Sync your contacts
  • Buy cheap calling credit or activate an offer
  • Choose a contact from your phone book. Important: Save your contact information in the international calling format.
  • Get started calling!

best way to call Cuba from USA

Discover unbeatable rates for premium-quality call Cuba from USA with Callmama

For Cubans living abroad in the US, being able to affordably call friends and family back home is extremely important. But making calls to Cuba through traditional carriers can be prohibitively expensive, with per-minute rates typically costing over $1. For premium call quality at a fraction of the price, the Callmama app is the top choice. We provide crystal-clear voice-over IP calling to both Cuban landlines and mobile phones for as low as 5¢ per minute. Considering most carriers charge over $1 per minute, the savings from using our app for your calls to Cuba are huge. You can expect to save 80% or more on all your calls! The call quality with Call Mama is excellent thanks to the VoIP technology that transmits your calls securely over the internet rather than traditional phone lines. This results in great connection reliability and premium audio clarity on every call. There are never any dropped calls or static. It will sound like you are right next door, even when you are calling loved ones in Cuba from the US. We make it extremely easy to get connected. You simply download their app, add credits to your account, and then dial the Cuban number. It will instantly connect you. Some other great features include call forwarding, which allows you to use your Callmama number as your own, and surprisingly affordable video calling to Cuba, starting at just 10¢ per minute.

For Cubans in the US wanting premium-quality calls to friends and family back in Cuba without the insane rates, it is simply the best option. With all prices starting at just 5¢ a minute, the savings add up extremely fast while still enjoying a crystal clear connection. Stop paying too much and try Callmama today for quality Cuban calls at prices you’ll love.

Get the Lowest Rates on Cuban Mobile top-ups with Callmama

For Cubans abroad, being able to easily and affordably add airtime credit to family and friends’ cell phones back home is extremely important. Services like international calling apps for Cuba, like Callmama, make this process very convenient and cost-effective. With us, you can purchase recharges for Cuban mobile accounts starting at just $5. This provides 80 minutes of domestic Cuban talk time that is instantly delivered to the recipient’s Cuban mobile device. We offer the cheapest recharges to Cuba compared to traditional international top-up services. Their rates beat competitors by up to 60% in some cases.

In addition to having the lowest rates on Cuban recharges, the service also makes it extremely easy to top up Cuban cell accounts. You simply log into your account, select the amount you want to send, enter the Cuba mobile number, and complete checkout. The credit is automatically applied to that device in Cuba. Users praise Callmama’s excellent customer support and quick delivery of prepaid recharge cards. The Callmama help desk is standing by if any issues arise with the recharge orders.

For Cubans in the US who want the cheapest and easiest way to recharge and keep their loved ones’ cell phones active in Cuba, it is the top choice. With huge savings and great service, you can conveniently top up Cuban mobile accounts at any time.

Get Cuba’s Lowest Rates on Nauta Mobile Top-Ups with Callmama

Nauta is the government-run mobile carrier in Cuba that a majority of Cubans rely on for their cell phone service. For those in the US with family in Cuba using Nauta, being able to conveniently and affordably top up their mobile account is essential. We offer the cheapest Nauta mobile top-ups to Cuba available. With us, you can instantly recharge any Nauta Cuba mobile phone, starting at just $5. This provides 80 minutes that are automatically added to the Cuban mobile account once confirmed. We have the lowest rates on Nauta top-ups compared to other services. You can save up to 60% using our app for your Cuba Nauta recharges.

In addition to the unbeatable rates, it also makes topping up Nauta Cuba phones easy. Just select your amount, enter the Cuba mobile number, complete checkout, and the credit is instantly applied. There is 24/7 customer support if any issues occur. For Cubans abroad who need an affordable and reliable way to keep their family and friends Nauta mobile accounts active in Cuba, Callmama is the top option. With the cheapest Cuba Nauta rates and great service, you can conveniently top up Cuban mobile accounts anytime. Saves you money while providing fast top-ups.

Why CallMama is better than other options for calling Cuba from the United States

 CallMamaTraditional CarriersCalling Cards
Per-Minute RatesAs low as 65¢/min$1+/minAround 50¢/min
Call QualityCrystal clear VoIP connectionCan have static and echoesQuality can vary
Ease of UseSimple app with great featuresDialing can be complexYou have to enter access numbers
Mobile Top-UpSend direct top-ups from the appNot availableLimited providers
Customer Support24/7 help deskLimited supportVariable quality
ContractsNo commitments or feesOften require contractsSome have hidden fees
FlexibilityUse an app or any phoneOnly carrier-direct callingTied to access numbers
ReliabilityVery dependable serviceMore prone to disconnectionsTechnical issues can occur

Key Takeaways:

  • We offer per-minute rates 80% less than traditional carriers
  • Leverages VoIP for excellent call clarity and stability
  • Easy-to-use app with convenient features
  • Send airtime top-ups directly to Cuban mobiles
  • Great customer support is available 24/7
  • There are no contracts or monthly fees
  • Flexible calling from app, web, or own phone
  • Very reliable connections for clear, uninterrupted calls

Experience the Incredible Benefits of Using CallMama for Calling Cuba from the United States!

For the millions of Cubans living in the United States, being able to frequently call loved ones back home is extremely important. However, making these calls through traditional long-distance carriers can be prohibitively expensive, with some providers charging over $1 per minute. This results in huge phone bills and very limited communication. But with the innovative calling app, you can now call Cuba from the United States and enjoy premium call quality every time at amazingly low rates. The benefits of using it for all your calls to Cuba are numerous.

First, it offers cheap per-minute rates starting at just 5¢ to Cuban landlines and 7¢ to mobile phones. Considering most providers charge over $1 per minute, the savings are enormous. You can expect to save 80% or more on all your calls to Cuba by using Call Mama. Another key benefit is the crystal-clear call quality, thanks to CallMama’s use of VoIP technology to connect and transmit your calls seamlessly over the internet. This results in unparalleled call stability and premium audio clarity on every call. There are never dropped calls, static, or echoes. It will sound like you are right next door! It also makes calling Cuba extremely convenient through its easy-to-use mobile app and online account portal. You can call Cuba anytime you want with just the click of a button. Features like call forwarding allow your Call Mama number to ring your US phone, so you never miss a call from home. Affordable voicemail, call waiting, and many other great features provide premium functionality.

For Cubans in the US,it is simply the best way to call Cuba and stay connected with family. Stop paying too much and experience the amazing benefits of high-quality Cuban calls at prices you’ll love.


Call Cuba for Less, Easier, and Clearer with CallMama

The sub-headings cover the low rates, quality, convenience, and top-up benefits well. But the main heading should summarize the overall value proposition: that CallMama allows you to call Cuba more affordably, easily, and with better call clarity than traditional long-distance carriers.

“Call Cuba for Less, Easier, and Clearer with CallMama” conveys that the service saves you money, is simple to use, and provides high-quality call connectivity when phoning Cuba. This single heading encapsulates the main advantages covered in the detailed sub-sections.

Very Low Per-Minute Rates:

  • Calls to Cuban landlines cost just 5¢ per minute
  • Calls to Cuban mobile phones are only 7¢ per minute
  • Compared to traditional carriers that charge over $1 per minute to Cuba, you save 80% or more on all calls
  • Low per-minute rates apply 24/7; there are no extra charges for calling at peak times
  • You can call Cuba as often as you want without worrying about huge bills

Excellent call quality:

  • Call Mama uses voice-over-IP (VoIP) technology to transmit calls over the internet
  • This results in great reliability and crystal-clear audio on every call
  • No issues with choppy connections, static, echoes, or dropped calls
  • VoIP provides call quality as good as or better than standard phone carriers
  • Allows you to easily hear and understand loved ones in Cuba

Easy-to-Use Mobile App:

  • Download the CallMama app on your iOS or Android phone
  • A user-friendly interface makes calling Cuba simple and fast
  • Syncs with your phone contacts so you can access numbers easily
  • Just select the Cuban contact and tap to call anytime
  • The app offers call forwarding so you never miss calls from Cuba
  • Make and receive calls over WiFi or your phone’s mobile data

Convenient Cuba Mobile Top-Up:

  • Send prepaid airtime credit right from the app to Cuban mobile numbers
  • Great for a family in Cuba using Cubacel, Nauta, or other networks
  • Top-ups start at just $5 for 80 minutes
  • The recipient’s phone is automatically recharged, saving them time
  • Much more affordable than typical international top-up services

The provinces and main area codes in Cuba are:

Province/RegionArea Code
Havana City7
Havana Province47
Villa Clara42
Sancti Spíritus41
Ciego de Ávila33
Las Tunas31
Santiago de Cuba22
Isla de la Juventud46

Cuba Area Code:

Cienfuegos43, 432, 433, 434
Ciudad Habana7
Habana62, 63, 64, 66, 67, 650, 680, 686, 692, and 6929
La Habana47
Las Tunas31
Municipio Especial Isla de la Juventud46
Pinar del R48
Pinar Rio8, 82, 84, 85, 86
Sancti Spiritus41, 416, 418, 419
Santiago de Cuba22, 225
Villa Clara42


  • Havana City and Havana Province have separate area codes, despite being in the same province.
  • Some provinces, like Villa Clara, also have smaller cities with their own area codes, like Santa Clara (4220).
  • Cell phone area codes are prefixed with 5 instead of the landline prefixes above.
  • The full formatted number is country code +53 + area code + phone number.
  • Recently, Cuba adopted 8-digit phone numbers, expanding from the traditional 7-digits.

Cost Considerations

Calling Cuba from a regular phone line in the US can be quite expensive, with per-minute rates typically ranging from $2 to $3. Calling cards and special international calling plans from some providers can reduce these rates, but prices are still higher than domestic calls. An economical option is using voice over IP (VoIP) services like Skype, which can route calls to Cuban mobile numbers and landlines. Skype offers subscriptions with unlimited calling to mobiles and landlines in Cuba for a monthly fee. The call quality is usually very good.

Time Zone Difference

When calling Cuba from the US, be aware that there is a time zone difference. Cuba follows the UTC-5 time zone, which is 1 hour ahead of US Eastern Time when daylight saving time is not in effect. So this hour difference should be considered when planning calls. Calling Cuba from the United States is now straightforward, thanks to restored relations between the two countries. Following the 011 exit code, 53 country codes, area codes, and local number formats allow US callers to connect. Considering service costs and time zone differences will help make calling efficient and economical. Utilizing VoIP technology can significantly lower rates compared to traditional telephone carriers.


Calling Cuba from the United States has traditionally been challenging, with prohibitively high rates from standard phone carriers. However, modern services like VoIP and prepaid calling cards now enable more affordable calls to the island nation. VoIP (voice over IP) apps leverage the internet to route calls, bypassing high international fees from traditional providers. Services like Skype, Google Voice, and CallMama offer calls to Cuba for as low as 65 cents per minute. Prepaid international calling cards also present money-saving options for calling Cuba. Many cards offer per-minute rates starting between 25 and 50 cents for Cuban landlines and mobiles. Popular card choices include Pinless Calling, Boss Revolution, and Tel3 Advantage. While telephoning Cuba still presents some difficulties due to technical limitations, using internet calling technology and prepaid cards can reduce rates by 80–90% compared to conventional long-distance. With services like CallMama or Pinless Calling Cards, staying affordably connected with friends and family in Cuba is now possible for just pennies per minute.


The most economical way to call Cuba from the US is to use an international calling app or calling card service like Callmama. They offer very low rates on calls to Cuba.

No, you don’t necessarily need a calling card. Services like Callmama allow you to call Cuba directly at low per minute rates without needing a calling card.

The country code for Cuba is 53. To call a Cuban number from the US, dial 011-53-xxx-xxxx.

Yes, you need to dial 011 before the country code (53) when calling Cuba from the US. The 011 tells the US phone network that you are making an international call.

The best times to call Cuba are early morning and late evening US time when there is less telephone traffic. Avoid calling between 2 pm – 5 pm Cuban local time.

Use an international calling service like Callmama to call Cuba at very cheap per minute rates. Rates are as low as 1.2 cents per minute to landlines.

Callmama offers English-speaking operators who can assist you in connecting your call to Cuba. They will translate for you on the call.

It will cost you upwards of $1 per minute if calling Cuba directly from a US mobile phone. Use Callmama on your mobile to call for pennies per minute.

Get a monthly calling plan from Callmama for very low rates to Cuba when you call frequently. Plans start at just $7 per month.

Yes, Callmama uses reliable connections and routes calls optimally, providing great call quality on calls to Cuba from the US.

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