Callmama Features

The US virtual Phone number for only $1.99  per month & included services


The service allows you to send and receive text messages from anywhere worldwide.

Call Forwarding

With call forwarding, you can have your calls forwarded to any phone, anywhere in the world.

Call Waiting​

Features like call waiting make it easy to manage multiple calls simultaneously.

International Top-Up​

International top-up allows you to add credits to your account so you can continue making.​

Instant Activation

You can be up and running with our instant activation in no time. Plus, our virtual phone numbers.

Video Conferencing

Our virtual phone number is perfect for businesses that want to add a video call option to their customer.

Free Chat​

A virtual phone number is a chat line that anyone can use to connect with others anonymously.

Local Calling

Local calling allows you to connect easily with customers and clients without worrying.


Conveniently retrieve voicemail messages via phone or computer. Get voicemail notifications.

International Calling​

A virtual phone number is a great way to make international calls. No more expensive.

Caller Id

Caller ID comes standard with most virtual phone numbers, so you can rest assured that your calls.​

Virtual Numbers

A virtual phone number is a great way to have a second phone line without the hassle.​