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Australia Virtual Phone Number

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Get your Australia Virtual Phone number accounts instantly verified within minutes. Our unique feature makes it easier for businesses needing additional verifications like double authentication or authorization code.


Callmama provides many features like local and international calling, international top-up, sending and receiving SMS, video conferencing, free chat, call forwarding, etc.


Our Australia Virtual Phone Numbers give you access to a network of international numbers that allows you to call or text anyone in major countries like Albania, China, Japan, Thailand, etc. Without having to pay premium roaming charges.


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virtual number

Virtual Numbers

A virtual phone number is a great way to have a second phone line without any hassle.

international calling

International Calling

Make international calls with no more expensive long-distance bills or PINs.

call forwarding

Call Forwarding

With call forwarding, you can forward your calls to the app's registered number.


Free Chat

A virtual phone number is a chat line that one can use to connect with others anonymously.



The service allows you to send & receive unlimited text sms from anywhere worldwide.

call waiting

Call Waiting

Features like call waiting make it easy to manage multiple calls simultaneously.

voice mail

Voice Mail

Get the voicemail notifications as audio files and also in text transcriptions.

instant activation

Instant Activation

You can be up with our instant activation in no time without any hassle.

Vedio call

Video Conferencing

Adding video calls to the repertoire is made possible by virtual phone number.

caller Id

Caller ID

You can rest assured that the individual you are calling is aware of the dialers.

International top-up

International Top-Up

International top-up allows you to add credits to your account to make a call anywhere.

local calling

Local Calling

Local calling connects easily with customers and creates a local presence anywhere.

Australia Virtual Phone Number

About Virtual Phone Number

A SIM card or an actual address is not necessary for virtual phone numbers. In contrast, Australia Virtual Phone Number accept Voice Over Internet Protocol calls (VoIP). Calls and texts sent through messages, WhatsApp, or Google Voice are made using the same tested technology.

Your phone calls are digitalized and connected across regular phone networks and the internet. No matter which VoIP provider you choose, we ensure you can transfer your business phone number.  Australia Virtual Phone Number are more advantageous than conventional landlines.

Australia Country Code (+61)

If you’re looking for a reliable, affordable, easy-to-use Australia virtual phone number, look no further than callmama. Our +61 country code makes it easy for customers to reach you worldwide. And with our low monthly rates, you can keep your business running without breaking the bank. Our virtual phone numbers are perfect for anyone who wants the flexibility and convenience of a cloud-based phone system. With Callmama, you can make and receive calls from anywhere in the world with an internet connection. In addition, our intuitive interface makes it easy to manage your calls and voicemails on the go.

 Here are some popular area codes of Australia, which are:-

Melbourne (+61) 3

Newcastle (+61) 2

Portland (+61 ) 207

Sydney (+61) 2

Warwick (+61) 229

Features Australia Virtual Phone Number

Optimal Business Phone Number Solution for Australia.

Reliable call forwarding: Redirect your calls to any location, landline or mobile, domestic or international.

Voicemail services: Never miss a call again with our robust voicemail services.

Customizable greetings: Greet your callers with a professionally recorded message.

Advanced call routing: Route your calls to different numbers based on time of day, day of the week, or caller ID.

Flexible pricing plans: Choose a plan that fits your budget and needs. No long-term contracts are required.

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Australia hw can help you

How Can Callmama help you?

Our Australia Virtual Phone Number
for businesses of all sizes, and our team is on hand 24/7 to ensure that your calls are always answered. With callmama, you’ll enjoy crystal-clear call quality and unbeatable value. In addition, we offer a variety of features to choose from, including voicemail, call forwarding, and caller ID
With callmama, you’ll never miss a call again. We know how vital customer service is, so we guarantee that we will answer all calls promptly and professionally. In addition, our online portal makes it easy to manage your account and keep track of all your calls.

Virtual Phone Number By Country


An Australian virtual phone number is a phone number with an Australian area code that is forwarded to your existing phone number so you can receive calls and texts without revealing your real number. It allows you to establish a local presence in Australia.

An Australian virtual number works by forwarding calls and texts to your real phone number. When someone calls or texts your virtual number, it rings your actual phone. You can answer calls and reply to texts as normal.

The main benefits are:

  • Appear local to Australian customers when you advertise your virtual number
  • Keep your personal number private while presenting a professional image
  • Have a dedicated local number for your Australian business or marketing campaigns
  • Flexibly add, change or cancel Australian numbers as needed

Yes, virtual phone numbers are legal to use in Australia. However, there are some restrictions on using them for scam or fraudulent purposes. As long as you use them ethically, they are permitted by Australian telecommunications laws.

You can get mobile, toll-free and local virtual numbers with various Australian area codes such as Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, etc. This lets you target specific regions.

You can purchase Australian virtual numbers online from providers like FlyNumber, NumberBarn, SMSNumbersNow etc. Prices start from around $10/month. Getting set up takes minutes.

Yes, any texts sent to your Australian virtual number can be forwarded to your real phone’s SMS inbox. You can read and reply to them as you normally would.

Yes, you need call forwarding enabled to send calls from your virtual number to your actual phone. Instructions are provided during the signup process.

You can answer calls to your Australian virtual number on any phone, such as your mobile, landline, or VoIP phone. It works wherever you have phone service.

Unfortunately most providers don’t allow porting existing Australian mobile or landline numbers. You would need to get a new virtual number. But you can forward your old number to your new virtual number.