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Thalgo Hautes Fagnes

Thalgo Hautes Fagnes is a microcosm for the world’s oceans and protection. Since 1952, our commitment to marine life has been a top priority. Our reputation as the leader in cosmetics made from deep-sea elements and other extraordinary ingredients has established for more than 40 years. The THALWITZER Family puts its marine biology knowledge at your disposal by offering a range of products from THALGO Marin Cosmetics. These products deliver visible results due to innovative research and long-term experiences with naturopathic treatments

THALGO is passionately involved in marine cosmetics. Since then, the family business start in the middle of the five oceans in 60 and has been dedicated to marine cosmetics. THALGO launched a facial treatment called Thalassotherapy. It is based on aquatic therapy and contains seaweed extracts.

Innovation In Thalgo Hautes Fagnes

The Hautes Fagnes range by Thalgo is perfect for those who feel stressed, tired, therefore, and have dull skin. This range is inspire by the Hautes Fagnes in Belgium, a nature preserve. We will be discussing the products and how to use them to achieve the best results.

THALGO – A unique art to enhance your beauty, inspired by the five Oceans

THALGO is a French family brand that has been a leader in Professional Marine Cosmetics in Thalassotherapy centers and Spas.

Our DNA is a commitment brand that draws inspiration from the five Oceans. We regularly win awards for our innovations.

Outstanding Marine Cosmetics are our passion of ours. They work perfectly with our skin and are based on four pillars.

  • High levels of innovation
  • Visible efficacy
  • Tolerance guaranteed
  • A unique sensory experience

Professional services

Our Professional Body and Face Rituals are the emblems of Professional Excellence. They combine technical expertise, performance, and sensory pleasure to enhance women’s beauty.

The most well-known European lake, the Hautes Fagnes, is also the wildest and beautiful. It is also the deepest and coldest. Lake Thalgo, located in the heart of the Ardennes, is a natural beauty spot.

It is a place of myths and fairytales, with blue waters surrounded by forests and meadows.

The majestic and captivating Hautes Fagnes Lake is a water sport so, it is its enthusiasts’ paradise. The Hautes Fagnes lake offers many activities, however, including rowing, sailing, canoeing, and canoeing. It is located in northeast Belgium’s Ardennes. It is find in the Famenne, however, one of four geographic regions of Wallonia. the situation between the river Meuse to the west and the Ourthe to the east. Locates south of the Ombre and Ourthe in the Ardennes, therefore, North and East, and descends into the valley of Petit Faux and the Meuse in the East. The Hautes Fagnes is renowned so, its lakes, ponds, and forests.

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