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LG Stylo Plus: The Smartphone Sweet Spot

LG Stylo Plus: The Smartphone Sweet Spot, If you have been keeping up to date with the smartphone market, it’s no surprise that smartphones have become a bit well expensive.

The state of smartphones by 2020

For example, Apple has its new iPhone Pro Max range, which is well over 1,000 USD. Apple? They’re always overpriced.

But the high-end Android phones are starting to go up in price. Samsung’s flagship smartphone is also priced at 1,000 dollars ($999.00 technically).

Even though I might be just cheap, I can think of a lot more worthwhile things to spend $1000 for than a smartphone with a marginally slower processor than last year. I mean, I don’t know how many donuts I could buy with one thousand smackers. So, although I’m not sure, it would be fun to see. If you wants to know more just visit My Country Mobile.

LG Stylo Plus

I now come to the LG Stylo Plus, which is the highlight of this article. It’s a defiantly mid-range smartphone and will not cost you 1,000 dollars unless you buy five.

The real question here is: Is a Samsung Note 9 that much better?

You’re right. I don’t think so. Although the Note 9 is a fantastic phone, it’s still not perfect. 

But the LG Stylo Plus might surprise you. Perfect for creating your next photograph masterpiece.

LG Stylo Plus: The Smartphone Sweet Spot

The LG Stylo Plus includes a stylus (hence “Stylo”) that is just like the Note 9 and makes it super simple to take notes. It’s constructive if touchscreen keyboards are something you loathe. For you music-lovers out there, the LG Stylo Plus has a headphone port so that you donâ€TMt have fumble with Bluetooth headsets. It’s as simple as plugging and playing.

I would recommend you make a list on the LG Stylo Plus of all the things you’ll be buying with the eighty-one dollars you just saved. Apart from the donuts.