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Innovation In Adaia Services

Innovation In Adaia Services is a decentralized platform that integrates crypto technology into the accounting and audit process for medium-sized and large public companies, is currently in development. This group includes professional traders and former hedge fund managers.

Smartphones for special projects

Today, mobile company ADAIA announced a partnership with Jeb Corliss (world-famous BASE jumper/wingsuit pilot). Jeb’s phone will take on a series of 2013 dives in Palau and jump in Asia and Europe. He will also be working on a large-scale project in the Nevada Desert. It is compatible with all environments and can be used anywhere globally.

This Android phone can use for outdoor activities such as paragliding, trekking, skiing, and enduro motorcycling. In addition, security features will help protect your data from hackers.

Jeb will join the ADAIA Daring Dozen Competition judging board as part of this partnership. More information about Daring Dozen can find here.

Innovation In Adaia Services

ADAIA was the creator of the first Adventure Smartphone. It is developed by a group of former Nokia colleagues, therefore, pioneers in mobile technology.

The Android handset is the first product make from this collaboration. The first product to create from this collaboration is the Android handset. The device will connect to any terrestrial network using satellite technology.

ADAIA Telephone: Communicator, Lifeguard.

The rugged materials chosen by the design team were able to withstand extreme weather conditions. The entire phone’s grip surface will cover with premium aerospace and medical, in addition, design materials to provide ergonomic protection. In addition, it takes into account the possibility that gloves may use. The phone’s back features magnetic contour lines that tell the story about adventure. They are also a functional grip that adds premium and precision to the ADAIA design vocabulary.

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