Voice mail

Are you tired of constantly checking your voicemail ? The Callmama app offers a new service with an innovative solution. This service transcribes voice into text messages, allowing users to quickly browse through and respond to important messages without having to listen to each one. It also allows for custom greetings and call-forwarding options, giving users full control over their  experience.


Features Of Voice mail

For instance, it can be used to screen calls from unknown numbers. If you don’t recognize the number, you can let the call go to visual voicemail and then listen to the message before deciding whether or not to call back.


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Lowering staff overheads

One benefit of using it for business is that you may not require an executive or operator to answer calls. This eliminates the need to increase employee costs.

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Less miscommunication

Using it, you are certain to hear the message in its original form, allowing for a more effective response. Messages left on it cannot be erased or corrupt.

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It allows you to better prepare for return calls. You will be able to prepare for calls before answering since it allows consumers to provide additional information.

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Hold Call has been erased

It can help prevent the misuse of the hold button - which can lead to lost calls or frustrated customers.

How can CallMama help you?

Callmama’s app gives an innovative service that offers customizable options to increase productivity and streamline communication. Need multiple people to receive and respond to important messages? Callmama allows you to easily set up a group box with personalized greetings for individuals or departments.

Want to check your voicemail  for easy reference quickly? Our app offers automatic voicemail  transcripts in multiple languages. And if you’re traveling, It also allows you to tap voicemail from anywhere and even forward messages as sms.

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