Virtual Number

Introducing the callmama app, a virtual phone number provider which gives ultimate convenience for today’s busy ones. Our app lets you stay connected to anyone without giving out your personal phone number. You can choose a local or toll-free number and have it forwarded to your existing phone. This allows you to have a professional-sounding number for your business without incurring the cost of a second phone line. 

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Features of Virtual Number

It can be helpful for businesses that want to have a local presence in multiple markets. You may take calls on any of your devices using virtual phone numbers. This means you may answer the phone on your mobile phone, tablet, laptop, windows pc, teleconference phone, web browser, or a cordless VoIP phone.

Benefits Of Virtual Number

Instant Activation

No second sim card required

You do not need to purchase a new cellphone or SIM card. In a couple of minutes, you can have a unique numberfor calling that you can use from your mobile, computer, or other devices.

Instant Activation

Accept calls from anywhere

You may receive calls from any location worldwide because it is not tethered to a physical device. For example, you might obtain a virtual phone number as your toll-free customer service number.

Instant Activation

24-hour communication

A virtual number simplifies this process by automatically redirecting calls to the given location. It allows you to answer calls from any place, including while on the go.

Instant Activation

Establish a local presence

You may use it to allocate additional telephone numbers to your firm locally. If you have various sites in various regions of the nation, a virtual number in that area will make consumers feel more comfortable calling you.

How can Callmama help you?

The callmama application offers virtual numbers that provide a solution to these inconveniences. Our virtual numbers allow you to give out a designated number for specific purposes, such as online shopping or job applications. 

You can also easily switch between the virtual and primary numbers at any time. Additionally, callmama provides call forwarding options so that calls made to your virtual number can be directed straight to your phone. 

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