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Fast Fix 360 System

Each FAST FIX(TM), 360 Meniscal Reconstruction System includes 5mm polymer coordinated bioinert secures. The bunch is containing UHMW polyethylene (ULTRA BRAID(TM), 2-zero) and pressie. However, The entire framework arrives in a simple to embed incorporated conveyance needle. You can browse a collection of conveyance needle plans, including instantly bent and invert bent (Figure 2). Invert bent plans and angled plans permit professionals to move the needle tip away to shape the neurovascular systems in the course of infiltration of the meniscus.

This similarly diminishes the danger of neurovascular harm. The bent conveyance needle may apply to embed vertical sound asleep cushion stitches at the femoral and tibial aspects of the meniscus. Switch-bended conveyance needles are pleasant for solving tears on the tibial and the front surfaces. The anchors are gotten outdoor of the container via being placed inside the case successively. The sew can then be tensioned efficiently after no arthroscopic tie tying requirement.

Strategy Setup and Placement

A parallel thigh submits (or leg holder) is essential for the working room association to recollect valgus strain. And to implement to the knee to open the standard and also, sidelong compartments to paintings with admittance to the tear. The accompanying traveler spots may set aside with a careful skin marker: the patella, patellar ligament average and lengthy haul borders, average and horizontal joint strains, and patellar ligament average and long haul line. The anterolateral entry must be at the patellar ligament’s parallel boun level dairy. Perform indicative arthroscopy to recognize the meniscal tear and determine its appropriateness for a fix. Then, under the direct arthroscopic vision, make the anteromedial gateway.


Bedding Suture Repair three. Therefore, Vertical Mattress Suture Repair 3. The FAST-FIX(TM) 360 conveyance needle must embed into the case. The opened cannula applying to balance out the meniscus and improve visuals. It likewise limits the skiving of conveyance needles to assure exact arrangement. Place the opened cannula’s tip on the passage point you want, and afterward flip it away from the heading of the neurovascular structures.


Bedding Suture Repair four. Place the fundamental (T1) dozing pad stitch at the returned function for even restoration. The conveyance needle should set oppositely to the tear and no less than 5 mm far away from the inward meniscal part. Move the conveyance needle with the intention that the profundity entrance limiter contacts the meniscus.