Department of Immigration and Citizenship

Department of Immigration and Citizenship

The Immigration and Citizenship Department (DIAC) is an Australian government department responsible for immigration, citizenship, Australia Post, regulation of gaming, and international student policy. The remit of DIAC also includes migrant intakes into Australia.

DIAC Administration

The Department of Immigration and Citizenship administration of Australian immigration detention facilities and managing migration flows have a lot in common with the historic function of recordkeeping. Australia’s federal government selected the Department of Immigration and Citizenship to be the government department responsible for the operations of Australian detention facilities and migration management. However, The primary objective is to ensure that no unauthorized entrants, illegal immigrants, or undocumented travelers enter Australia. To this end, DIAC has identified three core business areas to define what type of records will be made:

The Department of Immigration and Citizenship and National Archives of Australia provide information. The Records Authority was created in order to define the requirements for keeping records or destroying them. It is the core business area of Detention Management and Migration Management.

Department of Immigration and Citizenship Authority

DIAC has shown a great deal of commitment in order to understand, create and maintain the records of its client’s activities. This Authority will create by the analysis and identification of DIAC’s businesses. Therefore, be aware of the legal and organizational requirements for records management at the agency and its interests. The National Archives of Australia, the agency, and all stakeholders.

This Authority issues DIAC permission in accordance with the Archives Act of 1983 to allow destruction, retention, and/or modification. Transfer of the described records to the National Archives of Australia. Records that must be retained as national archive records and for no more than a few days. Similarly, It is important to keep records. Business requirements; wider organizational accountability; and community expectation, and The National Archives of Australia approves these records based on information supplied by the agency.

Department of Immigration and Citizenship

Tools for Records

DIAC can dispose of records using the following tools:

* This Records Authority provides agency-specific records.

* general records authorities like the Administrative Functions Disposal Authority. This includes records and business processes that are common with Australian Government agencies.

* NAP is the normal administrative practice that permits the destruction of records.

Records will duplicate or be unimportant for short-term uses only. Regular review is necessary because of the possibility that future records management requirements may change due to changes in circumstances. National has advice available on the use of this Authority as well other records management matters.

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