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Where to Buy Reliable International Calling Cards



International calling cards are a convenient and affordable way to make calls abroad from your home phone or mobile device. With so many calling card options out there, it can be tricky to find a reliable provider that offers good call quality and fair rates. Here are some tips on where to buy reliable international calling cards:

Shop Online

The internet offers a wide selection of calling card providers to choose from. Reputable online retailers like Amazon or calling card marketplaces like CallingMart allow you to easily compare different calling cards side-by-side.

Look at factors like per-minute rates to different countries, connection fees, and whether the rates are fixed or may change. Read customer reviews to get a sense of call quality and reliability and Where to Buy Reliable International Calling Cards.

Opt for Established Providers

Go with a provider that has been around for a while and has a proven track record. Companies like IDT and Mastercall have offered calling cards for many years.

An established company is more likely to have the infrastructure and capacity to consistently deliver on-call quality. Avoid brand-new calling card companies that pop up overnight.

Check Mobile Apps

Mobile apps like Rebtel and Vonage offer calling cards and global calling plans through your smartphone. This combines the convenience of an app with the cost savings of a calling card. Apps let you make WiFi or cellular-powered international calls without having to enter pin codes or dial access numbers.

Buy at Ethnic Grocery Stores

Local grocery stores and shops that cater to ethnic communities often sell prepaid international calling cards. These physical cards are easy to find and use, though may offer higher per-minute rates than online options.

Popular grocery store calling card brands include TracFone and Habla. Checking ethnic markets is a good option if you prefer to buy locally.

Use Comparison Sites

Websites like and compare rates across hundreds of providers. Enter your country and check rates, fees, and call quality reviews. Comparison sites let you find the best deal from the major calling card companies.

Avoid 800 Number Cards

Some grocery stores and bodegas sell international calling cards with an 800 number. These typically have very high hidden fees and per-minute rates. The 800 number cards prey on unsuspecting immigrants who don’t compare prices. Get better rates by avoiding the 800 number gimmick.

Check Expiration Policies

Since calling cards are prepaid, make sure unused balances don’t expire too quickly. Many cards expire 3 to 6 months after first use. Go with a card that has a 12-month or longer expiration to avoid wasting unused funds.

Read the Fine Print

Carefully review calling card terms and conditions so you understand all fees and surcharges. Many have monthly maintenance fees, connection fees, and extra charges for mobile and landline calls. Know exactly what is included so there are no surprises on your bill.

Reliable international calling cards provide an affordable way to keep in touch with friends and family worldwide. Following these tips will help you find a quality calling card provider that offers fair rates and good call clarity. Comparing your options ensures you get the best value for your money.

Where to Buy Reliable International Calling Cards

Making international calls is easy and affordable with prepaid calling cards. But with so many calling card brands, how do you know which one to choose? For reliable calling to mobile phones and landlines worldwide, consider using CallMama.

CallMama offers great rates to over 60 countries. They have an easy-to-use mobile app that lets you make calls over WiFi or cellular data. The CallMama app has convenient features like speed dial, call history, and secure login. You can also use CallMama’s online account portal to manage your balance and calling activity.

CallMama has competitive per-minute rates starting from 1 cent per minute. They don’t charge connection fees or have hidden surcharges. You can choose from different plan amounts starting at just $5. CallMama calling cards don’t expire for one full year after activation.

Users give CallMama positive reviews for call quality and reliability. They are a trusted brand that has been in business for over 15 years. CallMama offers 24/7 customer support in case any issues come up.

For affordable and reliable international calls, choose CallMama. Their app and online account make calling easy and convenient. Check their website for the latest rates to find the best deal for your calling destination.

What is an international calling card?

An international calling card allows you to make affordable phone calls to other countries from your home or mobile phone. It works by dialing an access number that connects you to the calling service provider’s network to route and transmit the call.

How International Calling Cards Work

With a calling card, you dial an access number specific to the provider Where to Buy Reliable International Calling Cards, then enter your card’s PIN code. Some calling cards also have you enter the country code and phone number after the PIN. The call gets routed through the calling card company’s network to deliver the call internationally.

Calling card companies buy bulk minutes from telecom carriers at wholesale rates, enabling them to provide discounted call rates to consumers. When you use up the prepaid balance on your calling card, you can easily recharge it online or buy another card.

Benefits of Using CallMama Calling Cards

CallMama is a leading calling card provider that offers reliable connection quality and affordable per-minute international rates. Here are some of the benefits of using CallMama:

  • Competitive rates to over 60 countries starting at 1¢ per minute
  • No connection fees or hidden charges
  • Rechargeable pins – add more money anytime
  • Use on landlines or mobile phones
  • CallMama mobile app for WiFi/cellular calling
  • Online account management portal
  • Rates start at $2 for 110 minutes
  • Expiration 1 year after last use

CallMama provides excellent call clarity thanks to partnerships with major carriers. Customers can manage their accounts, check rates, and refill their balances all on the CallMama website or mobile app.

Getting Started with CallMama

To start making affordable international calls with CallMama:

  1. Purchase a calling card pin on their website or app
  2. Dial the CallMama access number
  3. Enter your calling card PIN when prompted
  4. Enter the country code and phone number to connect your call

You can also use the CallMama mobile app for even easier calling. Just open the app, log in, and dial your contact. The app uses WiFi or cell data to connect the call.

For reliable, low-cost international calling Where to Buy Reliable International Calling Cards, CallMama is a great choice. Their calling cards and app make it easy to stay in touch with friends & family worldwide.

Reliable International Calling Cards

An international calling card is a prepaid card that can be used to make international calls.

An international calling card allows you to make affordable calls to other countries. It’s a prepaid card that provides access to an international calling service. When you use an international calling card, you dial an access number and enter a PIN to route and connect your call through the calling provider’s network.

One of the most popular international calling cards is CallMama. With CallMama calling cards, you get competitive calling rates without any connection fees or hidden charges. Rates start at just 1 cent per minute to over 60 countries.

CallMama offers flexible prepaid amounts, with cards starting at $2 for 110 minutes. The calling credit doesn’t expire for a full year after activation. You can easily check your balance and recharge your card as needed on the CallMama website or mobile app.

The CallMama app enables WiFi calling worldwide, avoiding costly cell roaming charges. You can also Where to Buy Reliable International Calling Cards CallMama calling cards on any landline or mobile phone by dialling their access number and entering their PIN.

CallMama has excellent customer service and calls quality thanks to partnerships with major carriers like AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint. They have offered reliable, low-cost international calling for over 15 years.

For affordable international calls to stay connected worldwide, CallMama international calling cards are a top choice. Their calling plans and app make international calling easy and convenient.

The card has a certain amount of value, which is used to pay for the calls

International calling cards operate as prepaid accounts for making international phone calls. The cards are purchased with a set amount of calling credit. For example, a $10 calling card provides $10 worth of calling minutes. This prepaid credit is then used to pay for international calls.

When you use the calling card, you dial an access number specific to the provider, enter a PIN, then dial the international number. The cost of the call is deducted from your prepaid card balance based on the destination and duration of the call.

With CallMama international calling cards, you can easily check your balance and recharge online or via their mobile app. CallMama offers a range of prepaid amounts from $2 for 110 minutes up to $100 for 1110 minutes. The calling credit stays active for one full year before expiring.

Every minute spent on international calls reduces your prepaid card balance. CallMama has excellent per-minute rates starting at just 1¢ per minute. So a $10 card lasts for 1000 minutes of calls to some destinations. Dialing premium numbers can incur higher per-minute costs.

When your calling card balance gets low, you simply buy another prepaid card or add funds to recharge your account. CallMama makes it easy to add more credits anytime Where to Buy Reliable International Calling Cards. Their reliable network offers call clarity for staying in touch worldwide.

International calling cards can be purchased online, at convenience stores, supermarkets, and travel agencies

International calling cards provide an affordable and convenient way to make calls abroad. These prepaid cards can be purchased through a variety of retailers and websites.

Some of the most popular places to buy international calling cards are:

Online: Websites like offer a wide selection of calling card denominations that can be purchased online and recharged as needed. Buying online gives you access to top calling card providers and their best rates.

Convenience Stores: Local convenience stores or bodegas, especially those in ethnic neighbourhoods, often sell prepaid calling cards in small denominations Where to Buy Reliable International Calling Cards. This provides easy access for making short international calls.

Supermarkets: Major supermarkets like Walmart or ethnic grocery stores sell reliable calling card brands alongside cell phone top-up cards. Shop international aisle displays for in-store selection.

Travel Agencies: Travel agencies that book international trips and money transfer services sometimes sell international calling cards to cater to their customers.

Buying Tip: To get the best rates, purchase higher denomination international calling cards of $10+ online from top providers like CallMama. Higher denominations give more calling minutes for your money.

Wherever you choose to purchase international calling cards, look for trusted providers like CallMama that offer clear call quality, fair per-minute rates, and excellent customer service.

Where to buy reliable international calling cards

Making affordable calls abroad is easy with a reliable international calling card. But with so many calling card brands and options, how do you know which provider to choose? Here are some tips for buying quality international calling cards:

Purchase Online

For the best selection and rates, buy calling cards online. Reputable providers like CallMama offer online ordering, discounted bulk pricing, and instant digital card delivery.

Purchasing higher-value cards online gives you more calling minutes for your money Where to Buy Reliable International Calling Cards. You can easily recharge your balance as needed.

Check Reviews

Read customer reviews on sites like TrustPilot to evaluate factors like call quality, hidden fees, and customer service for top calling card providers. Look for established brands like CallMama with a history of reliable service and transparent pricing. Avoid cards with many negative reviews.

Compare Rates

Look at rate tables on the calling card company’s website to find the best per-minute rates for your calling destinations. Providers like CallMama offer competitive rates starting at just 1¢ per minute to over 60 countries. Make sure to consider fees, maintenance charges, and expiration policies.

Check Mobile Apps

Leading calling card companies like CallMama offer free mobile apps to make and manage international calls on the go. Apps provide convenience through features like in-app balance recharge, calling histories, and address book syncing. Download apps like CallMama for easy WiFi calling.

Consider Denominations

Higher denomination international calling cards offer more minutes for your money. CallMama has denominations from $2 to $100, with per-minute rates starting at 1¢. Opt for at least a $10 card for maximum value. Rechargeable online accounts also provide flexibility.

Look for Long Expiration

Avoid calling cards where the unused balance expires in just a few months. CallMama calling card credits stay active for a full 12 months from the last use. Longer expiration gives you more time to use up your prepaid minutes.

Check Customer Service

Opt for an established company with 24/7 customer support like CallMama. This gives you someone to contact if you face any issues, have questions about rates, or need to recharge your calling card.

For reliable international calls anywhere in the world, choose a leading calling card provider like CallMama. Their online ordering, mobile app, great rates, and quality service make calling abroad affordable and convenient.

Reliable International Calling Cards

Online retailers

Online retailers provide a convenient way to buy international calling cards. Purchasing calling cards online gives you access to top providers and discounted rates not found in stores.

Major calling card sellers like CallMama offer online ordering on their websites. You can browse calling plans, check rates to different countries, and securely order a calling card pin with just a few clicks. Online purchases allow you to buy higher denomination cards up to $100 which gives you more minutes for your money.

Buying online also makes recharging your calling card easy when your balance runs low. With CallMama, you can instantly add more credits to their website without having to buy another physical card. You can also manage your calling activity and check your balance online through your account dashboard.

Leading calling card companies may offer exclusive online promotions and first-time customer discounts. For instance, CallMama offers $1 international calling credit for new customers Where to Buy Reliable International Calling Cards.

Purchasing online provides flexibility and convenience. You can access your international calling account anytime on your computer or through the provider’s mobile app. For reliable calling worldwide, purchase online from top providers like CallMama to get great rates and account management tools.

Convenience stores

Convenience stores provide an easy option for buying international calling cards locally. Brands like Tracfone and Habla sell prepaid calling cards alongside cell phone top-up cards at many corner stores and bodegas.

Convenience stores frequently carry calling cards in smaller denominations from $2-$10. This makes them convenient for making shorter international calls. The cards sold at convenience stores also often have simpler access dial-in numbers compared to online calling accounts.

Major convenience store chains like 7-Eleven, Wawa, and Circle K have sections dedicated to prepaid calling cards. You can find them hanging on display racks near the cash register. Gas stations like Shell and BP may also sell select calling card brands.

The convenience of picking up a calling card at your local store comes at a cost premium. Convenience store cards generally have higher per-minute rates compared to buying directly from a provider online. However, convenience stores don’t require registration and offer anonymity for purchasing.

When buying calling cards at convenience stores, inspect the packaging carefully to check rates, fees, and expiration. Try to find a name-brand provider versus generic calling cards. For frequent international calling, buy smaller denomination cards from convenience stores for emergency use. For better rates, purchase higher-value calling cards online.


Major supermarkets provide another option for easily purchasing international calling cards in-store. Top grocery chains like Walmart, Kroger, Safeway, and Albertsons have sections dedicated to prepaid phone cards.

The calling card selection at supermarkets typically includes major brands like IDT, Excel, and Locus alongside store-branded cards. Supermarkets tend to offer denominations ranging from $2 up to $20, with cards organized by country or region.

International grocery stores and ethnic markets may have an even wider variety of calling cards catering to their customer base. For instance, Latino supermarkets often sell cards with good rates to Mexico and Central America.

The main advantage of buying calling cards at major supermarkets is the convenience of adding them to your regular grocery run. You can pay with your other purchases. Supermarkets enable easy in-person card inspection before buying. However, rates may be higher than purchasing directly online.

Look for reputable national brands when buying calling cards at your supermarket. Avoid generic-looking cards with lots of hidden fees. For frequent international calling, buy higher denomination supermarket cards for the best per-minute value. Or better yet, sign up for a reliable online calling service.

Overall supermarkets offer a quick way to grab an international calling card when shopping for your household needs. But for regular calling, buy directly from providers online.

Travel agencies

Many travel agencies and currency exchange services sell international calling cards alongside their other offerings. This provides a convenient option for travellers to stay connected abroad.

Travel agencies may allow you to purchase calling cards in the currency of the destination country. Major providers like CallMama also integrate directly with some agencies Where to Buy Reliable International Calling Cards. This enables seamless card recharging and account management during your trip.

The main advantage of buying calling cards at travel agencies is getting set up before your journey. Agency staff can explain how to use the Where to Buy Reliable International Calling Cards, dialling procedures, and tips for saving money on calls. Some may offer discounted cards or bundles for frequent travellers.

However, travel agency calling card rates are often marked up compared to buying directly from the provider. For the best value per minute, purchase higher denomination cards online from companies like CallMama before your trip. Use travel agency cards for smaller amounts when abroad if needed.

You can also install the CallMama app to make WiFi calls internationally from your smartphone. This avoids costly roaming fees. Make sure to compare rates across providers to maximize the value of your calling card purchase through a travel agent.

While convenient, travel agency calling cards typically offer fewer minutes for your money. For regular international calling, buy online from leading providers like CallMama for the lowest calling rates.

How to choose a reliable international calling card-

When selecting an international calling card, check for these signs of a reliable provider:

Competitive Rates – Leading calling cards offer rates as low as 1 cent per minute in many countries. Compare rates across providers to CallMama to find the best deals.

No Hidden Fees – Watch for fees beyond the per-minute cost like connection fees, hangs up charges or monthly maintenance fees. CallMama has no hidden fees Where to Buy Reliable International Calling Cards.

Positive Reviews – Read impartial customer reviews on sites like TrustPilot to evaluate call quality, customer service, and ease of use for brands like Where to Buy Reliable International Calling Cards CallMama.

Long Expiration – Avoid cards where unused balances expire quickly. CallMama offers 12 months before your balance is deactivated.

High Denominations – Look for denominations up to $100 that provide more minutes for your money. CallMama offers pins from $2 to $100.

Established Company – Choose an established provider that’s been in business for years like CallMama rather than a fly-by-night operation.

Mobile App – For added convenience, look for providers with mobile apps like CallMama for WiFi calling and account management.

24/7 Customer Support – Opt for calling cards with round-the-clock support in case any issues arise before or during calls Where to Buy Reliable International Calling Cards.

Choosing an established, highly-rated provider like CallMama ensures reliable international call connectivity and the best value for your money.

Reliable International Calling Cards

The countries you want to call:

When selecting an international calling card provider, one key factor is the countries you need to call regularly. Compare calling rates across different providers to your top destinations. A card with cheap rates to the UK and France may be expensive for calling Asia Where to Buy Reliable International Calling Cards.

Leading calling cards like CallMama offer competitive rates to over 60 countries starting at just 1 cent per minute. So make sure to evaluate call rates specifically to your most frequent international calling destinations when choosing a prepaid calling card service. The right provider will offer affordability to the regions that matter most.

The rates:

The per-minute rates offered by the international calling card provider should be one of your top considerations. Compare rates across different calling card companies to your intended destinations to find the most affordable option.

Leading providers offer rates as low as 1¢ per minute. Also, look for cards with no connection fees or hidden surcharges that can quickly add up.

Opt for higher denomination cards that give you more minutes for your money. Choosing a card with very cheap per-minute rates like CallMama allows you to maximize the value of your prepaid calling credit and stay within your phone budget.

The features:

The features offered by an international calling card provider are key to getting convenience and value from the service. Here are some top features to look for Where to Buy Reliable International Calling Cards:

Account Management – Cards like CallMama allow you to manage your balance, calling activity, and recharge online or via mobile app. This makes it easy to track usage and add more funds.

Speed Dial – Providers with mobile apps or account logins may offer speed dial options to quickly call frequent numbers. This saves time dialling long international numbers.

Call History – Having a call history available through your account lets you look up recent calls and see associated rates and duration.

Voicemail – Some calling cards offer voicemail access for incoming messages when you are away from your phone.

Customer service:

The quality of customer service should be a priority when selecting an international calling card provider. Opt for an established company with 24/7 support in case any issues arise. They should have multiple contact options including phone, email, and live chat assistance Where to Buy Reliable International Calling Cards.

Top providers like CallMama invest heavily in customer service to resolve account questions or technical issues quickly and effectively.

Speaking with knowledgeable representatives before purchasing can give you confidence you are choosing a reliable calling service. Quality customer support ensures a smooth experience using your international calling card.

Tips for Buying an International Calling Card

Do your research. Compare rates and features across multiple calling card providers. Check their fees, expiration policies, and surcharges before purchasing. Look at reviews of cards like CallMama to find reliable service.

Read reviews. Where to Buy Reliable International Calling Cards Read unbiased customer reviews on sites like TrustPilot to evaluate factors like call quality, customer service, connection reliability and hidden fees for top calling cards. This helps avoid poor providers.

Buy from a reputable dealer. Purchase cards from established online retailers or stores instead of websites you’ve never heard of. Buying directly from known providers like CallMama ensures you get legitimate service.

Keep your PIN safe. When you receive your card’s PIN, make sure to keep it somewhere secure. Never share your calling card PIN publicly or you risk other people using your balance. Reputable providers like CallMama keep PIN redemption private and encrypted.

Doing thorough prepaid calling card research ensures you get excellent call quality and strong value for your money. Follow these tips when purchasing international calling cards.


International calling cards provide an affordable way to keep in touch with friends and family worldwide. Where to Buy Reliable International Calling Cards With so many calling card options on the market, it can be tricky to identify the best providers. By doing your research and following expert tips, you can find a quality calling card service.

When comparing international calling cards, be sure to check rates, fees, expiration policies, account management features, and customer service. Read reviews and buy from established providers like CallMama rather than unknown brands. For the best rates, purchase higher denomination calling cards online instead of at convenience stores.

Once you’ve selected a reliable calling card service like CallMama, you can enjoy low-cost international calling and convenient account management through their website or mobile app. Top providers offer round-the-clock support in case any issues come up.

With prepaid international calling cards from reputable providers, you can easily stay in touch with people abroad while sticking to your phone budget. Follow these tips to find calling cards with excellent call clarity, fair rates, and helpful features for calling worldwide. Services like CallMama deliver great value for international communication.

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