The Cheapest Way to Call the Philippines From the UK

The Cheapest Way to Call the Philippines From the UK

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Affordable Ways to Call the Philippines from the UK

The UK and the Philippines have a close relationship, with a large Filipino diaspora population estimated at over 200,000 as of 2020. This means many people need an affordable way to call friends and family back in the Philippines from the UK.

However, calling landlines and mobiles internationally can be very expensive. Rates from major UK phone companies like BT, Virgin Media, and Vodafone can be as high as 15–30 pesos per minute when calling the Philippines. With calls averaging over 20 minutes, this could cost £5 or more for just one call! Thankfully, modern technology and VoIP services mean there are now much cheaper options to make calls in the Philippines from the UK. VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) allows calls to be routed over the Internet rather than traditional phone lines. This can lower the cost of international calls by up to 90% compared to calling from a landline.

This article explores the most budget-friendly calling options between the UK and the Philippines, keeping families affordably connected across the miles.

Comparing Calling Options from the UK to the Philippines

Using a Regular UK Landline: Expensive Due to High International Rates

Calling the Philippines from the UK landline is costly due to expensive international calling rates charged by providers like BT, Virgin, Sky, etc. A 20-minute call can easily cost over £3. Packages that offer discounted international minutes typically exclude calls to the Philippines.

Calling from a UK Mobile Phone: Mixed Costs and Some Discount Options

Directly calling Filipino mobile or landline numbers from a UK mobile incurs high per-minute charges, from 35p to 55p/min on networks like EE, Three, Vodafone, etc. However, some carriers offer international calling packages or add-ons with discounted Philippine minutes. But these have monthly fees and usage limits.

VoIP Calling with Apps like Skype and WhatsApp: The Most Affordable Option

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) apps like Skype, WhatsApp, Viber, and others allow calls to the Philippines to be routed over the Internet instead of traditional networks. This results in drastically reduced rates, especially for long conversations. For example, Skype charges less than 5 pesos per minute to call Philippine landlines or mobiles using Skype Credit. WhatsApp calls are completely free. Taking advantage of these VoIP services is the most affordable way to call the Philippines from the UK.

In summary, while standard landline and mobile calling can be very expensive, using VoIP apps provides the cheapest method for regular calls to the Philippines from the UK


Using VoIP Calling to Save on Philippines Calls

How VoIP Lowers Costs by Routing Calls Over the Internet

VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. It allows calls to the Philippines to bypass high international charges from UK providers by routing calls over the internet instead. This converts voice data into packets and transmits them efficiently.

Recommended VoIP Services

CallMama offers some of the lowest rates to call the Philippines from the UK. Costs start at 1p/min using prepaid credit or £10/month for 1000 minutes.

  • Skype: Calls to the Philippines are made around 5 p.m. using Skype Credit.
  • WhatsApp: free voice and video calls between users.
  • Viber: Free calls to other Viber users. Viber Out lets you call the Philippines numbers.
  • Messenger: Free calls on the Facebook Messenger app.

Getting Set Up with VoIP Calling

Download the app and create an account with your preferred VoIP service. Ensure your contacts in the Philippines also have accounts. Top-up credit if needed. Then you can affordably call Philippine numbers from your phone or computer in the UK.

Cost Comparison of VoIP Providers

Provider Cost to Call Philippines
CallMama As low as 1 p.m.
Skype ~5p/min
WhatsApp Free
Viber Free for Viber users
Messenger Free

In summary, VoIP services like CallMama offer significant savings over landline and mobile networks for calls between the UK and the Philippines.

Why Choose CallMama for Philippines Calls?

Lower Rates Than Other Major Providers

CallMama offers some of the most competitive rates for calling landlines and mobiles in the Philippines. Their rates start at just 1p/minute using prepaid calling credit, which is significantly cheaper than Skype (5p/min) and traditional calling rates.

Monthly Plan With Included Minutes

In addition to low per-minute rates, CallMama provides a monthly subscription for £10 that includes 1000 minutes to the Philippines. This can help lower the average cost for frequent callers.

Apps for Complete Mobility

CallMama has user-friendly apps for iOS, Android, and desktop. This makes it easy to affordably call the Philippines from anywhere using your smartphone, tablet, or computer in the UK.

Crystal Clear Call Quality

CallMama utilizes high-quality VoIP infrastructure to ensure excellent call clarity at a low cost. Some other low-cost services can have call quality issues.

Easy to Get Started

Signing up with CallMama takes just minutes online or via their mobile apps. Just top up your balance or subscribe to start calling at reduced rates. It’s simple to start saving.

In summary, CallMama combines cheaper rates with great call quality and flexibility, making it a top choice for low-cost calls in the Philippines from the UK.

Key Advantages of Using CallMama

Save Up to 98% on Philippines Calls

By utilizing VoIP technology, CallMama offers great value compared to traditional landline and mobile calling. You can save up to 98% on calls to the Philippines, with rates starting at just 1 peso per minute.

No Contracts or Hidden Fees

CallMama has no contracts, activation fees, or hidden charges. You can simply top up your account with prepaid credit as needed or opt for a monthly subscription. This flexibility makes it easy to control costs.

Excellent Call Quality

Calls made through CallMama’s VoIP network are crystal clear, thanks to optimized routing and connectivity. You don’t have to sacrifice call quality to save money.

Easy-to-Use Apps and Interface

The CallMama website and mobile apps provide a seamless interface to start calling or receiving calls from the Philippines quickly. Everything is designed for simplicity.

Reliable Customer Support

Friendly and knowledgeable customer support is available to help with any questions about service, billing, technical issues, and more. Support can be reached 24/7 by phone, email, or live chat.

In summary, CallMama makes it simple and affordable to stay in touch with contacts in the Philippines from the UK while providing a high-quality service.

Possible Drawbacks of Using CallMama

Requires a stable Connection

As a VoIP service, CallMama requires a stable broadband or mobile internet connection for calls. Call quality can suffer if your connection has issues or bandwidth limitations.

Other Users need an App Too

To take full advantage of the lowest rates, the person you are calling in the Philippines also needs to have the CallMama app installed. Otherwise, you pay slightly higher rates.

Prepaid Credits Expire

CallMama’s prepaid credits expire after 180 days of inactivity. You must continue topping up your credit regularly, even if you do not call often. Unused monthly plan minutes also expire each month.

No Physical Phone Number

CallMama issues virtual numbers, not physical phone numbers. This means you can’t port an existing Philippine number to use with CallMama.

Limited Philippines Number Coverage

CallMama does not yet have direct connectivity to 100% of the Philippines’ mobile and landline numbers. A small portion of numbers require dialling an access number first.

Overall, CallMama provides excellent value for money. However, users should be aware of some potential limitations, like internet requirements, prepaid credits expiring, and the need for recipients to also use CallMama.

How CallMama Compares to Calling the Philippines from the UK

Low Call Rates in the Philippines

CallMama offers some of the lowest per-minute call rates from the UK to the Philippines, starting at just $0.1/minute. They also have affordable monthly plans, like $10 per month for 1000 minutes of calls to the Philippines.

Other providers like Rebtel ($0.2/min) and Numero eSIM (600 Philippine minutes for $15/month) charge higher rates. Keku has similar per-minute rates but raises quality concerns.

Crystal Clear Call Quality

CallMama utilizes reliable VoIP technology optimized for calls in the Philippines from the UK. This ensures great call clarity and stability. Clear call quality is essential for long conversations with family.

Providers like Rebtel and Numero eSIM have more mixed reviews on call quality for UK to Philippines calls.

Convenient Remittance Transfers

CallMama enables affordable money transfers to the Philippines, powered by Remitly. This combines international calling and remittances conveniently in one app.

Most competitors only offer to call. CallMama’s combined offering provides added value for people calling and sending funds to the Philippines from the UK.

24/7 Customer Support

CallMama provides responsive 24/7 customer support via phone, email, and chat. This helps resolve any issues by calling the Philippines quickly.

Other providers have more limited support options. Long wait times for assistance can be frustrating.

In summary, CallMama stands out as a top option for low-cost phone calls specifically from the UK to the Philippines due to its great rates, call quality, convenient remittances, and attentive around-the-clock service.

Provider Call Rates to the Philippines Call Quality Money Transfers Customer Support
CallMama From 1p/min Excellent Yes, via Remitly 24/7 support
Rebtel From 2p/min Mixed reviews No Limited hours
Numero eSIM £15/mo for 600 minutes Issues reported No Email and chat
Keku From 1p/min Inconsistent No Email and chat

In summary, CallMama stands out with:

  • The lowest per-minute rates start at just 1 p.m.
  • High-quality and reliable call connectivity
  • Integrated international money transfers
  • Responsive 24/7 customer support

This makes CallMama one of the top options for affordable calls to the Philippines from the UK. Their low rates, great service, and convenience features provide exceptional overall value.

More Ways to Save on Philippines Calls

Use International Calling Cards

Prepaid international calling cards provide access numbers that can route calls from the UK to the Philippines for lower per-minute rates; popular options like TelKi and Lyca Mobile offer calling cards for calling the Philippines from the UK for as low as 1p/min.

Call During Off-Peak Hours

Call the Philippines from the UK Late at night or early in the morning, you can take advantage of discounted off-peak rates from many providers; for example, Vonage offers lower flat rates for calls from 11 p.m. to 7 a.m. UK time when calling the Philippines from the UK.

Look for Promotions and Deals

Many VoIP providers run periodic promotions around holidays and peak calling times that offer bonus credits or percentage discounts on Philippine call rates for a limited period.

Use call-back services.

Some companies, like City Talk Anywhere, offer call-back services that let you schedule an affordable call-back from the Philippines number itself at a set time. The Philippines party pays the inbound call cost.

Monitor Your Talk Time

If using prepaid credits or unlimited calling plans, be sure to check usage logs periodically to avoid unexpectedly high bills and monitor costs. Adjust the calling frequency if needed.

Taking advantage of promotional deals, off-peak discounts, call-back services, and monitoring usage can further minimize the cost of calling the Philippines from the UK.

Do traditional savings tips apply with CallMama?

CallMama Already Provides Maximum Savings

With rates starting at just 1p/minute, CallMama offers substantial savings without needing to use calling cards, off-peak discounts, or limited-time promotions. Their prices are reduced by default.

There is no need to Adjust Your Schedule

CallMama has low rates 24/7, so you can call family and friends in the Philippines whenever it is most convenient for you without worrying about inflated peak pricing.

Savings Are Year-Round

When using CallMama to call the Philippines from the UK, their low VoIP rates stay consistently affordable all year round, unlike some providers that have promotional deals tied to holidays or seasons. With CallMama, there is no need to hunt for savings when calling the Philippines from the UK.

Monitoring Usage StillRecommended

While not always needed to lower costs further, checking your CallMama account usage can help you track spending and adjust calling frequency to the Philippines if unexpected.

In summary, CallMama’s lasting low prices provide simplicity and minimize the need for traditional calling savings tips with more expensive providers for calls in the Philippines from the UK. With CallMama’s affordable VoIP rates, you can call the Philippines from the UK anytime with confidence without worrying about expensive bills.

Cheapest Ways to Call the Philippines from the UK

VoIP Calling Offers Maximum Savings

In summary, using VoIP calling services provides the most affordable options for calling landlines and mobiles in the Philippines from the UK.

VoIP technology allows calls to be routed over the internet, avoiding inflated international call rates from standard UK phone networks. VoIP services can reduce the cost of calling the Philippines by up to 90%.

Providers like CallMama offer optimized VoIP connectivity specifically for low-cost calls in the Philippines from the UK, with rates starting at just 1p per minute.

Key Takeaways

  • Calling Philippine numbers directly from UK landlines or mobiles can cost up to 30 pesos per minute
  • VoIP calling services lower rates to Call the Philippines from the UK significantly
  • CallMama provides some of the cheapest VoIP rates, starting at 1 p.m.
  • VoIP allows convenient communication with the Philippines without expensive bills

For anyone needing to call the Philippines from the UK, using a VoIP provider like CallMama is the most affordable and cost-effective option compared to traditional long-distance calling.

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