How to use Callmama from a landline better

How to use Callmama from a landline

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Making affordable international calls is easy with Callmama’s landline calling service. Callmama from a landline provides simple and cost-effective long distance calling from any home or office landline phone. With  Callmama from a landline, you can enjoy low per-minute rates to landlines and mobile phones in over 60 countries worldwide.

To get started, first sign up for a free Callmama from a landline account online or through their mobile app. You’ll need to enter your landline number and set up billing for your calls. Callmama offers convenient monthly billing added directly to your phone bill rather than needing to prepay.

Once registered, you can start making calls by dialing a local access number before inputting the international number you wish to reach. Callmama provides local dial-in numbers for over 50 countries, making it easy to connect at a low cost. You’ll enjoy great call quality and reliability from your landline using Callmama’s network.

With no connection fees, subscriptions, or hidden charges, Callmama from a landline makes calling internationally simple and affordable. Take advantage of excellent per-minute rates, bundled minutes deals, and savings on calls worldwide. Callmama connects landline customers with family and friends globally.

A brief overview of Callmama and its benefits for making affordable international calls from a landline phone

Callmama provides an innovative voice-over IP platform for making low-cost international calls from any landline phone. Its easy-to-use service offers unmatched savings on landline-to-landline and landline-to-mobile connections worldwide.

By using Callmama’s local access numbers and VoIP network, customers can bypass high long-distance charges from traditional providers. Callmama offers excellent call clarity along with very low per-minute rates. There are no monthly fees or contracts. You only pay for the calls you make.

One of the key benefits of Callmama from a landline is the ability to make international calls from any home or Callmama from a landline. There is no need for a computer or app. You simply dial Callmama’s local number and enter your account ID to route calls internationally.

Callmama also provides a suite of convenient features for landline users. These include voicemail, call forwarding, conference calling, and online account management. You can easily view billing and call history on your account dashboard.

With rates to over 60 countries starting at just 1 cent per minute, Callmama from a landline enables people worldwide to affordably call friends, family, and business contacts overseas. Bridge the international gap with crystal-clear calls at a fraction of the cost through Callmama’s innovative landline calling service.

Overview of making affordable international calls through Callmama using your landline phone

Callmama makes it easy and affordable to call anywhere in the world directly from your existing landline phone. With Callmama, you can enjoy low-cost international calling without the need for a computer or smartphone app.

To get started with Callmama’s landline calling service, first create a free account online or through their mobile app. Enter your home or office landline number to register. Callmama will verify your phone connection.

Once registered, you can start making discounted international landline and mobile calls by dialing Callmama’s local access number before inputting the international number. Callmama provides local dial-in numbers in over 50 countries for cheap connection fees.

Callmama leverages innovative voice over IP technology to route your landline calls over the internet. This allows Callmama to offer excellent call quality along with very low per-minute international rates. There are no monthly fees or contracts. You only pay for the call time you use.

Callmama also provides convenient account management features like voicemail, call forwarding, and conference calling for landline users. You can easily access your account dashboard to view billing and call history.

With Callmama from a landline calling service, you can affordably call anywhere in the world for as low as 1 cent per minute. Start connecting with friends, family, and business contacts worldwide at fraction of the cost.

Registering with Callmama from a landline

Registering with Callmama’s landline calling service only takes a few quick steps. Start by dialling their toll-free number and enter your personal details like name, address, and email when prompted. You’ll then need to input the landline phone number you want to register along with the area code and country code. Create a secure 4-6 digit PIN to use as your Callmama account ID for dialling. Accept the terms of service and enter your billing details which will be charged monthly on your regular landline bill for convenience. Callmama will verify your registration and you’ll receive a confirmation email with your account number. You can immediately start making affordable international calls from your landline by dialling Callmama’s local access number and inputting your unique PIN whenever needed. Signing up is fast and your account can also be managed online through their dashboard for easy access.

How to sign up for a Callmama account from your landline phone 

Signing up for Callmama’s landline calling service is quick and easy to do right from your home or office landline phone. To register for a new account, first dial Callmama’s toll-free registration number which is accessible from most countries worldwide. You’ll be prompted to enter some basic personal information like your name, address and email address using your phone keypad.

Next, you’ll need to enter the landline phone number that you wish to register. This allows Callmama to connect your account to your specific home or work phone line to enable international calling. Make sure to input your landline number including the country code and area code.

You’ll then need to create a personal Callmama account PIN number. This 4 to 6-digit PIN acts as your account ID that you’ll input whenever you make a call to identify yourself as a Callmama from a landline user. Choosing a PIN that’s easy to remember but secure is important to keep your account safe.

Finally, the registration system will verify all your details and activate your new Callmama landline account. You’ll receive a confirmation email with your new account number and PIN. You can also access your account dashboard online to review registered landlines, call history, billing details and more. With just a few quick steps, signing up with Callmama from a landline from your landline phone is simple and you’ll be ready to start making low-cost international calls.

Entering your home phone number and billing information 

An important part of registering your landline phone number with Callmama is entering accurate billing details. Callmama offers convenient monthly billing options directly through your phone carrier Callmama from a landline. There are no pre-payments required.

Start by inputting your landline phone number exactly as it appears on your phone bill, including the country code and area code. Double-check that all digits are entered correctly. This property links your Callmama account with your specific landline’s billing.

Next, you’ll be asked to enter your billing name, street address, city, postal code and email address. Make sure all information matches your phone carrier’s records to avoid any billing issues Callmama from a landline. For home landlines, the billing name is typically your name. For office lines, enter the business name.

You’ll need to input your landline account holder’s date of birth as well which acts as a security verification measure. Finally, accept Callmama’s terms of service which outline billing policies and call rates. Your monthly charges will appear as a separate Callmama line item on your regular landline phone bill for easy payment.

At any time, you can access your Callmama from a landline account dashboard online to update billing details. You can view pending charges, and payment history, and make one-time payments as needed. Registering with accurate billing information ensures a smooth experience using Callmama for all your international calling needs from your landline phone.

Getting Local Access Numbers

Accessing local dial-in numbers is the key to saving money on international calls with Callmama from a landline. You can easily find these low-cost local numbers to call first before dialling your international contacts by searching Callmama’s website database. Just select your destination country to see a list of available access numbers in major cities worldwide. Choose numbers starting with domestic area codes to pay local call rates instead of pricey international fees. You can also contact Callmama’s 24/7 customer support team to request a specific local number not listed on the website. The multilingual experts can identify the optimal local access number for calling any international destination from your landline. Getting the right local dial-in number through Callmama ensures you get the cheapest connection fees and per-minute rates possible for all your international calls.

Finding the local Callmama number to dial for your destination country 

One of the keys to saving money on international calls with Callmama is dialling their local access number for the country you are trying to reach. Callmama provides discounted local dial-in numbers in over 50 countries worldwide. This allows you to pay only the cheaper local call fee rather than an expensive international long-distance charge.

You can easily find the specific access number to dial for your destination on the Callmama website. Simply search for the country you want to call using the site’s interactive world map or country index list. You’ll see Callmama’s local dial-in number for that location along with the applicable international calling rates.

For example, if you want to call France, you would locate the local Paris number to dial first before inputting your Callmama PIN and the French phone number. The access number will start with a 0 for a domestic call rather than France’s international code 33. This saves you 90% or more compared to typical landline rates.

You can also filter local numbers by specific cities in larger countries to further minimize connection fees. Callmama’s database has hundreds of international dial-in numbers, making it easy to find the best local access for cheap international calling from your landline.

The Callmama website has a searchable database of local access numbers 

Callmama provides an excellent searchable database on their website that allows you to easily find the local dial-in number for the country you want to call. From the homepage, just click on the “Access Numbers” link to search.

You can browse a world map and click on any country to see available numbers. Or use the dropdown menu to select a specific country and view related local numbers. The database is organized alphabetically by country name making lookups fast.

When you select a country, you’ll see a list of available access numbers for major cities and regions. You can choose numbers starting with domestic area codes to minimize connection fees. The database also indicates the applicable per-minute calling rates for landline and mobile contacts.

You can search access numbers by city name if looking for a specific local area. An advanced search option also lets you filter numbers by top destinations, lowest rates, or maximum reliability. Recently viewed numbers are saved for quick re-access.

Callmama’s number database is updated frequently to provide accurate dial-in information. You can be confident you are getting the best local dial-in number to make the cheapest call possible to any country.

Can also request local number by contacting Callmama support 

In addition to searching Callmama’s website for local access numbers, you can also directly contact their customer support team to request a specific number.

Callmama’s multilingual customer service team is available 24/7 by phone, email, and live chat. If you need a local dial-in number that you can’t find in their database, just reach out for assistance.

For example, you may want to call a smaller foreign city that doesn’t have its own access number listed. Or need a rural number outside major cities. Callmama can help identify numbers with lower connection fees.

When contacting support, provide the precise destination you want to call – city, region, country, area code if known. This helps the team locate the closest available local access number for you. Having the area you are Callmama from a landline from also helps find the optimal routing.

You can ask the support rep to test the number first to ensure you get the very lowest rates possible from your landline. They can set up speed dials or programmed shortcuts on your landline phone to make accessing these special numbers faster too.

Getting help from Callmama’s customer service team ensures you can find the perfect local number for cost-effective international calling from your Callmama from a landline phone.

Making a Call

To make a call, first dial the local Callmama access number for your destination country to connect at local rates. When prompted, input your personal Callmama account PIN to identify yourself as a member. You will then be asked to enter the full international phone number you want to call including country code and area codes. Carefully input the correct number and press # to place the call. Callmama will connect you through their VoIP network for great quality and low per-minute rates. Once connected, you can start talking and view your call timer. Follow these simple steps to affordably call landlines and mobiles worldwide using Callmama.

Dialing the local Callmama number 

To make an international call through Callmama, first dial their local access number for the country you are trying to reach. You can find these low-cost local numbers on the Callmama website by searching for your destination country. This allows you to pay local call rates instead of expensive international long distance fees. For example, for calling France, you would dial Callmama’s Paris number starting with 0. Be sure to dial the full number including country code and area code for proper routing. Double check the number before dialing to avoid any misdials. Dialing the correct local access number is the first step to connect internationally and save money on your Callmama from a landline.

Entering your Callmama ID when prompted 

After dialing Callmama’s local access number, you will hear a prompt to enter your Callmama account ID. This is the unique personal PIN you selected when signing up for Callmama service. Your PIN is usually 4 to 6 digits long. Input the PIN using your Callmama from a landline phone’s keypad, taking care to enter the correct digits. Double check the number before hitting the # sign to submit. Entering this verified ID number tells Callmama to link this call to your account and enable an international connection. If you enter an incorrect PIN, you will get an error and can simply re-enter the right number. Providing your valid Callmama ID when prompted ensures you are properly identified as a member to make low-cost overseas calls.

Inputting the number you wish to call 

After entering your Callmama PIN, you will hear another voice prompt asking you to input the international number you want to call. Use your landline phone keypad to carefully enter the full phone number including the country code, city code if applicable, and local number. For mobile numbers, enter the country code and full mobile number. Double check you have entered the correct number before pressing # again to place the call. If there is an error in the number, you will hear an invalid number message. Simply re-enter the proper international number to connect. Inputting the accurate overseas number you want to reach allows Callmama to quickly route and connect your international landline call.

Getting connected and making your call 

Once you have correctly entered the local access number, your Callmama from a landline, and the international number, you will hear a ring tone as the call connects. Callmama leverages VoIP technology to route your call over the internet, bypassing traditional long distance carriers. This provides great quality and reliable connections. Depending on the country, you may hear one or two ring tones before the receiver answers Callmama from a landline. Once connected, you will see the call timer start and can begin talking. Callmama provides excellent international call clarity comparable to that of any traditional landline call. If you experience any issues with sound quality or disconnections, contact Callmama support. Otherwise enjoy making low-cost international calls to landline and mobile numbers worldwide using Callmama’s simple calling process.

Call Rates and Billing

Callmama provides excellent value with low per-minute rates starting at just 1 cent for calls to many countries worldwide. You only pay for the exact call time used with no hidden fees. There are no monthly charges, connection fees or surprise surcharges. Callmama from a landline bills monthly on your regular landline statement for convenience. Charges are clearly itemized by call. You can also log into your account online anytime to view billing history, make one-time payments, and manage your details. With affordable per-minute pricing and transparent billing, Callmama from a landline makes international landline calling budget-friendly.

Overview of Callmama’s low per-minute rates from landlines 

One of the biggest benefits of using Callmama for international calls from your landline is the low per-minute call rates. Callmama provides transparent, upfront pricing with no hidden fees. Rates start at just 1 cent per minute for calls to some destinations like Canada and China. Most other countries range from 1 to 5 cents per minute for landline calls. Mobile rates are slightly higher but very affordable. You only pay for the exact call time you use rounded up to the nearest minute. Monthly fees, connection charges and surcharges are zero. Compare Callmama’s per-minute rates to traditional landline providers and you’ll see savings of 80% to 90% guaranteed. With excellent call quality and very low per-minute pricing, Callmama is the most cost-effective option for international landline calling worldwide.

No connection fees or hidden charges 

Unlike other international calling services, Callmama has no connection fees or hidden charges of any kind. You don’t pay to establish a connection when dialling their access numbers or Callmama from a landline an international number. The published per-minute rates are all you pay for using Callmama from your landline. There are no added taxes, monthly fees, carrier charges or surprise surcharges on your bill. You also don’t need to worry about varying time-of-day or day-of-week rate changes. Callmama’s low per-minute prices are fixed 24/7 year round. You can see exactly what a call will cost before you connect for complete transparency. Enjoy straightforward pricing with simple per-minute rates and no extra unexpected fees when using Callmama for affordable international calling from your landline phone.

Charges appear on your monthly phone bill 

Callmama offers the convenience of monthly billing directly on your regular landline phone bill for their service. You don’t need to pre-pay or add funds to an account. The international call charges are clearly itemized and will appear as a separate Callmama from a landline section on your monthly bill. You can continue paying your bill as normal via check, debit, online or autopay. Callmama securely shares the call details with your phone carrier for consolidated billing. You can also log into your Callmama account online anytime to view call history, check pending charges, make one-time payments if preferred, and manage billing details. With reliable monthly billing through your phone company along with low call rates, Callmama makes international Callmama from a landline calling simple and worry-free.

Additional Features

Call Forwarding

Call forwarding is an essential feature offered by Callmama that allows users to forward incoming calls to another number. This is useful when you are unable to answer the phone or want calls to ring on multiple devices.

With Callmama, you can forward calls to any number including home phones, cell phones, and office lines. Call forwarding can be set up right from the online account dashboard or Callmama mobile app. You simply enter the number you want calls forwarded to Callmama from a landline.

There are several call forwarding options available:

  • Always Forward – Automatically forwards all incoming calls to the designated number. This is useful when you want all calls to ring at a different number when you are away or unavailable.
  • Forward When Busy – Forwards calls when your Callmama number is already in use on another call. The caller will be sent to voicemail or the forwarded number.
  • Forward When Unanswered – Forwards calls if they are not answered after a set number of rings. You can customize the number of rings before forwarding.
  • Simultaneous Ring – Rings multiple numbers at once when you receive a call. This allows you to answer on whichever device is most convenient.

Call forwarding can be enabled for specific time frames too. You may only want calls forwarded during your lunch break, after work hours, or on weekends. The online dashboard makes it easy to set up customized schedules.

Knowing how to use call forwarding features wisely allows you to maintain communication and avoid missing important calls when you are not available on your main Callmama number. It provides flexibility and convenience for managing incoming calls.


Voicemail is a standard feature that comes with all Callmama phone numbers. It allows callers to leave a message when you do not answer. Voicemails are accessible through the online account portal or by calling your voicemail retrieval number.

With Callmama voicemail, you get a personalized greeting message for callers. There are options to record your own greeting or use a computer-generated message. Most people record a customized message with their name and instructions for the caller.

When you receive a new voicemail, you will get an email notification with the sender’s number and length of message. You can then listen to the voicemail through the website or mobile app. Calls will also display as “Missed Call + Voicemail” in your call logs.

Some key features of Callmama’s voicemail include:

  • Visual voicemail – View and manage all voicemail messages in your inbox rather than having to dial in and listen sequentially.
  • Read voicemail transcripts – Have voicemails converted to text transcripts for quick reading.
  • Voicemail forwarding – Forward voicemails via email to other recipients.
  • Voicemail to text – Receive voicemails instantly as text messages.
  • Customize greetings – Record different greetings for business and after hours.
  • Online management – Access and configure voicemail settings through the online account portal.

With these options, Callmama’s voicemail system enables you to use voicemail in the way that best fits your needs. You can streamline voicemail management or get voicemail messages instantly without having to dial in. Having an effective voicemail setup ensures you do not miss important messages when you miss a call.

Conference Calling

Conference calling is used to host calls with multiple participants at the same time. Callmama provides conference calling capabilities with all plan types.

Setting up a conference call is easy through the online account dashboard or with simple dial-in codes. You designate your Callmama number as the “host” and then provide participants with the conference bridge number to dial-in.

Callmama conference calls support up to 50 participants. As the host, you have control over managing the call. Features include:

  • Mute/unmute participants
  • Recording conference calls
  • Screen sharing capabilities
  • Call waiting if a participant needs to join an additional call
  • Security PINs for accessing the meeting
  • Dial-out to bring additional callers into the conference

Conference calls are useful for meetings, training sessions, interviews, team collaborations, and presentations. The large capacity supports conferences with many participants. Callmama provides clear audio and intuitive management controls to ensure productive conference call experiences.

Some tips for using conference calling effectively include:

  • Test the conference setup ahead of time – Make test calls to familiarize yourself.
  • Mute participants when not speaking – Cuts down on background noise.
  • Announce yourself when speaking – Helps identify who is talking.
  • Provide an agenda – Keeps the discussion organized.
  • Use online screen sharing – Enable visuals during the call.
  • Record the session – Useful for follow-ups or sharing with absent invitees.

With Callmama conference calling, you can eliminate travel costs and time associated with in-person meetings. Conference calls allow collaboration with team members in multiple locations to help drive productivity and efficiency.

Web Account Management

Callmama provides a user-friendly online dashboard for managing your account settings and preferences. With the web portal, you can control:

  • Basic account details – Update billing info, change password, edit contact info.
  • Phone numbers – Add, remove, or transfer numbers. See all numbers on your account.
  • Call settings – Configure call forwarding, voicemail, caller ID and other preferences.
  • Payment settings – View billing details, set up auto-pay, make payments.
  • Usage – Check minute usage, account balance, service expiration.
  • Call history – See all inbound/outbound calls, voicemails, texts, and faxes.
  • Add-ons – Enable features like toll-free numbers or call recording.
  • Manage users – Control permissions for other users on your account.

Having access to your Callmama account online makes it simple to manage preferences anytime, anywhere. Key benefits include:

  • No need to call customer support for basic requests like adding a phone number or updating billing details.
  • Review call logs and voicemails in one place rather than on individual devices.
  • Change settings in real-time instead of waiting for updates to process.
  • Use it from any internet-connected computer for convenience.

The dashboard also displays helpful notifications about account changes, new voicemails, expiring numbers, and other activity. You can customize notifications to receive via email or text as well.

With web access, you always have visibility into account activity and can make adjustments on the fly. For businesses, the dashboard provides transparency and oversight of all company phone numbers in one centralized platform.

Call History

Callmama provides detailed call histories showing all inbound and outbound calls, voicemails, faxes and text messages for your numbers. Call logs are viewable through the online account dashboard or mobile app.

Call histories include helpful details such as:

  • Date, time and duration of calls
  • Numbers that you called or received calls from
  • Indication if calls are inbound, outbound, or missed
  • Notations if a voicemail or text was left
  • Call recordings if you have call recording enabled

You can filter and sort call logs by date range, number, or type of activity. This makes it easy to search records and generate reports on usage patterns.

Key features include:

  • Unlimited call history retention
  • Export/download records as CSV files
  • Click to play recorded calls and voicemails
  • Embed call widgets on websites
  • Create shareable call links

Having comprehensive call logs enables you to:

  • Reference back to discussions and agreements made over calls
  • Maintain records for billing, compliance or quality assurance
  • Identify trends in peak calling periods or frequent numbers
  • Monitor activity across company phone numbers in a single interface

With Callmama call history, you never have to scour multiple phones and sources to piece together your communications. Everything is logged and accessible through the online portal or mobile app.

Saving Money with Callmama

Callmama offers a variety of options, bundles, and subscription plans to help you save money on business phone service. Here are some tips for getting the most value:

  1. Compare plans – Calculate the features and minutes you need. Paying for overages or unnecessary add-ons can be costly.
  2. Use toll-free sparingly – If you only need toll-free numbers for certain call types like customer service, consider a toll-free add-on rather than your main number.
  3. Buy bulk minutes – You can get better rates per minute by purchasing minutes in bulk upfront rather than paying month-to-month.
  4. Annual vs monthly billing – Opt for annual billing rather than monthly to save up to 12% per year.
  5. Take advantage of special promotions – Callmama runs special offers like 20% off for 6 months or free toll-free numbers for port-ins.
  6. Refer friends – Referrals can earn account credits to save on future service.
  7. Review usage regularly – Check that you are on optimal plans based on your actual utilization. Right-size plans as your needs change.
  8. Use Callmama bundles – Bundles with minutes, text and numbers can create cost efficiencies.
  9. Automate payments – Setup autopay and paperless billing to avoid missing payments and late fees.

Saving money on business phone service involves assessing your needs, minimizing unused capacity, taking advantage of deals, and keeping plans aligned with utilization trends. With some effort, Callmama offers opportunities for significant long-term savings.

Savings and Deals

Using Callmama Subscriptions and Bundles for Best Rates

Callmama offers a variety of service plans and bundles that can help save your business money on phone service. Taking advantage of subscriptions and bundled packages is key to getting the best rates.

The primary way to save is to purchase minutes in bulk upfront through a subscription rather than paying per minute. Callmama has monthly and annual subscriptions with discounted per-minute pricing at different commitment levels.

For example, the basic monthly pay-as-you-go plan is $0.049/minute. But you can get rates as low as $0.029/minute by signing up for a monthly subscription with a bulk allotment of minutes. Annual subscriptions offer even lower rates starting at $0.025/minute.

When determining the best subscription, look at your average monthly usage and purchase a plan with enough minutes to cover it. Overage charges can defeat the purpose of the discounts, so build in a buffer.

You can always change plans down the road as your needs evolve. Starting with a subscription provides guaranteed savings over monthly per-minute billing.

Another area for savings is adding multiple numbers or services under a bundle package. This creates a shared pool of minutes and features.

Bundles that include a toll-free number average 10-15% savings over purchasing individually. Some bundles also come with free phone rentals or unlimited calling to select countries.

Here are some examples of Callmama bundles that can drive savings:

  • Unlimited Local & Toll Free Bundle – Local number, toll-free number, unlimited local and domestic long distance.
  • Business Pro Bundle – 2 local numbers, toll-free number, and basic features.
  • Global Business Bundle – Local number, toll-free number, and unlimited calling to over 50 countries.

Take stock of all the numbers and types of services you need. Look for bundles that provide a match with some room for growth. Buying in bundles also simplifies billing with a single price versus multiple a la carte services.

The key is to do the math and calculate expected usage across all numbers. This makes it easy to identify the subscriptions or bundles that will provide the most savings based on your particular calling needs. Lock in lower rates and eliminate variable per-minute costs.

Promo Codes and Special Offers

In addition to subscriptions and bundles, Callmama also periodically offers promo codes and special deals that can provide savings.

Some current examples include:

  • 20% off for 6 months – New customers can save 20% on their monthly bill for the first 6 months. Use promo code SAVE20.
  • Free phone rental – Get a free desk phone, cordless phone or conference phone with a 1-year contract. Use code FREERENTAL.
  • $25 account credit – Receive a $25 one-time bill credit for porting your number over to Callmama.
  • Free toll free number – Get a toll-free number added to your account for free for 1 year with any new local number purchase.
  • Month-to-month savings – Save 5% per month off your bill when you pay month-to-month instead of prepaying annually.
  • Refer a friend – Earn a $25 account credit for each friend you refer to Callmama. Credits can add up quickly!
  • Volume discounts – Save up to 20% when you purchase large blocks of minutes or multiple toll free numbers.

The key is to check Callmama’s website and email promotions regularly for new offers. Specials tend to run during key times like back-to-school season or the holidays. Offers also target certain segments like nonprofits, government, or new businesses.

You may need to act quickly, as promo codes and sales typically expire after a short window. Setting up alerts can help you stay on top of the latest deals.

Stacking multiple offers together can really optimize savings too. You may be able to combine a percent-off promo code with a special like a free desk phone for even greater value. Check terms to confirm which deals can be combined.

With some research and planning, Callmama’s promotions and specials provide opportunities to take advantage of short-term discounts and incentives. Keep tabs on new offers that emerge and take action on ones that align with your business needs for maximum savings.


The benefits include significant cost savings compared to conventional operators, no contracts or fees, easy setup without any hardware to purchase, and the ability to call from any landline phone. You simply dial the access number, enter your Callmama account PIN, and dial the international number.

Getting started takes minutes to register online and add credits to your account. Callmama’s website and mobile app make it easy to manage your account, check rates for different countries, and recharge balance. With rates as low as 1 cent per minute, the savings add up quickly for any business or individual making regular international calls.

For affordable, quality international calling from a landline, Callmama simplifies the process. Take advantage of low rates and account features designed for convenient calling around the world.


Rehmath Ali, a native of Mumbai, is a highly accomplished professional in business and marketing. After completing his MBA at Oriental College, he quickly rose through the ranks to become a successful independent businessperson. With a profound passion for his work, Rehmath views it as a source of relaxation. Over the past 11 years, he has excelled as a Business Development Manager, making a significant impact in the telecommunications industry. Despite coming from a family with a background in the Gold business, Rehmath chose to pursue a different path, focusing on telecommunications. His expertise lies in handling voice and services for My Country Mobile. Under his guidance, the business has experienced remarkable growth, with a consistent annual increase of 30%. Notably, the Voice Vertical has generated millions of dollars in revenue. Currently, Rehmath serves as the Head of the Callmama Division at My Country Mobile, aiming to surpass one million customers by 2024.


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