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956 Area Code Numbers: Get A Local Texas Presence

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Rehmath Ali

Rehmath Ali


Are you curious about 956 area code numbers and how they can benefit your business?

The 956 area code falls within the Central Time Zone (UTC-6) and does not observe Daylight Saving Time.

We will explore what states and cities are included in the 956 area code, why you should consider getting a 956 area code number, and how you can obtain one.

There are many advantages to having a 956 area code number, from establishing a local presence in Texas to saving on long-distance charges. We will also discuss potential drawbacks to consider before making the switch.

Find out if getting a 956 area code number is worth it for your business.

Key Takeaways:

  • Establish a local presence in Texas without needing a physical office there by getting a 956 area code number.
  • Save on long distance charges and expand your business in Texas by using a 956 area code number.
  • Improve customer satisfaction by having a local Texas presence through a virtual phone system or purchasing a 956 area code number.

What Are 956 Area Code Numbers?

Area code 956 is a telephone area code designated for southern Texas, encompassing several cities such as Laredo, Harlingen, Brownsville, and McAllen, making it a significant local number for businesses aiming to establish a local presence in this part of Texas.

What Are 956 Area Code Numbers?

What States and Cities Are Included in the 956 Area Code?

The 956 area code encompasses various cities and counties within the state of Texas, including cities like Laredo, Harlingen, Brownsville, and McAllen, as well as counties such as Hidalgo, Cameron, Webb, Starr, Willacy, Zapata, La Salle, and Kenedy.

The area code 956 serves major cities and communities in the Lower and Middle Rio Grande Valley regions.

Each city and county covered by the area code 956 has its own unique charm and significance.

  1. Laredo, situated on the northern bank of the Rio Grande, is known for its rich history and vibrant culture.
  2. Harlingen, often referred to as the ‘The Capital of the Rio Grande Valley,’ boasts a thriving economy and diverse population.
  3. Brownsville, nestled along the Gulf Coast, is famous for its beautiful beaches and historic downtown area.
  4. McAllen, recognized for its retail shopping and dining scenes, is a bustling city located in the southern tip of Texas.

The area code also covers various towns in the region.

Why Should You Consider Getting a 956 Area Code Number?

Obtaining a area code 956 number can significantly benefit businesses by establishing a strong local presence in Texas, as it serves the southernmost region including cities like Laredo, McAllen, and Brownsville. This enhances communication with local customers and projects a professional image that fosters business growth.

Why Should You Consider Getting a 956 Area Code Number?

Establish a Local Presence in Texas

A 956 area code number allows businesses to establish a solid local presence in the Texas market, fostering stronger connections with local customers and the community.

Having a area code 956 number can help businesses connect with customers in cities like Laredo and McAllen.

When customers see a local area code, such as 956, they are more likely to trust the business as part of their own community. This familiarity can go a long way in building credibility and rapport with the locals, who tend to prioritize supporting businesses that are part of their neighborhood. By having a recognizable local number, businesses can demonstrate their commitment to the community and show that they are

Save on Long Distance Charges

Using a 956 area code number can help businesses save on long distance charges, making communication with local customers more cost-effective.

Having a local number reduces the need for expensive long-distance calls, which can quickly add up and eat into a company’s budget. By utilizing an area code familiar to their target audience, businesses can enhance their trustworthiness and accessibility, leading to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty. The financial benefits extend beyond mere communication savings; the reduced costs allow businesses to allocate resources more efficiently, enabling them to invest in other areas of growth and development.

Expand Your Business in Texas

Acquiring a 956 area code number can be a strategic move for businesses looking to expand in the Texas market, providing the scalability needed for local marketing and outreach.

By securing a local number within the Texas area, businesses can establish a stronger presence and build trust with potential customers who prefer dealing with local businesses. This can significantly enhance brand image and credibility, ultimately leading to higher customer acquisition and retention rates.

Having a area code 956 number can also improve the effectiveness of marketing campaigns, as customers are more likely to respond to familiar local numbers. This can boost response rates and conversion rates when reaching out to new leads or running targeted promotions tailored to the Texas market.

Improve Customer Satisfaction

A area code 956 number enhances customer satisfaction by improving communication and providing a local touch in customer interactions.

When customers see a local number like 956, they instantly feel more connected and comfortable. It gives them a sense of reliability and accessibility, knowing that they are dealing with a business that is locally rooted in their community.

Having a local number also enables smoother communication as customers can reach out without incurring long-distance charges, making them more likely to seek assistance or make inquiries.

How Can You Get a 956 Area Code Number?

There are several ways to obtain a 956 area code number, including contacting your phone service provider, using a virtual phone system like Callmama, or purchasing it from a third-party provider.

The area code 956 was created in 1997 as a result of a split from the 210 area code.

How Can You Get a 956 Area Code Number?

Contact Your Phone Service Provider

One of the simplest ways to get a 956 area code number is by contacting your current phone service provider and requesting a local number.

Once you reach out to your provider, they will guide you through the process, which usually involves selecting from available local numbers that align with your area code preferences.

Depending on the provider, there may be a nominal fee associated with this service, but the added convenience of having a local number often outweighs the cost.

After selecting your desired number, the provider will typically activate it promptly, allowing you to start using it for calls and messages without any significant delays.

Use a Virtual Phone System

Another popular option is to use a virtual phone system such as Callmama or Grasshopper, which offers features like call forwarding and call recording along with a local 956 area code number.

Use a Virtual Phone System

By utilizing a virtual phone system, you can easily establish a presence with a local number, even if your business is located elsewhere. This is particularly beneficial for reaching out to customers in specific regions or building a sense of familiarity and trust with local clientele.

Features like call forwarding enable you to manage calls efficiently by redirecting them to appropriate team members, ensuring that every call is answered promptly. Call recording functionality provides valuable insights for training purposes or quality assurance, allowing you to enhance customer service and resolve any misunderstandings effectively.

Purchase a 956 Area Code Number from a Third-Party Provider

You can also purchase a area code 956 number from a third-party provider, ensuring you get a dedicated phone number tailored to your business needs.

Many third-party providers offer the service of acquiring a local number like a 956 area code seamlessly. The process typically involves exploring different number options within the desired area code, choosing a suitable one, and finalizing the purchase. Costs for acquiring such dedicated numbers vary depending on the provider and specific features included. Customization options may include selecting a memorable number combination or opting for additional features like call forwarding or voicemail services.

Having a dedicated phone number, such as a area code 956 number, offers several benefits to businesses. It provides a professional image, instills trust among customers, and allows for better tracking of calls and marketing campaigns. It can help establish a local presence in a specific region, enhancing customer engagement and satisfaction.

What Are the Potential Drawbacks of Having a 956 Area Code Number?

While there are numerous benefits to having a 956 area code number, there are also potential drawbacks to consider, such as limited local presence outside of Texas, potential customer confusion, and additional costs for purchasing the number. The area code 956 falls within the Central Time Zone and does not observe Daylight Saving Time.

What Are the Potential Drawbacks of Having a 956 Area Code Number?

Additionally, the time zone associated with the 956 area code is 6 hours behind Coordinated Universal Time (UTC-6).

Limited Local Presence Outside of Texas

A 956 area code number primarily establishes a local presence in Texas, which could be a limitation if your business targets customers beyond this geographic area.

Having a 956 area code might give the impression that a business is confined to serving only the local Texas market. This can create difficulties in expanding your customer base outside the state and might hinder potential business growth. Customers from other states may be hesitant to reach out due to the perceived localized nature of the area code. Consider the impact this geographical association may have on your company’s image and reach, especially if you aim to attract a nationwide or international audience.

Potential for Confusion with Customers

Having a 956 area code number might cause confusion among customers who are not familiar with Texas area codes, potentially impacting communication and customer interactions.

The obscurity of the 956 area code could result in missed business opportunities, as callers might hesitate to engage with a number they cannot easily identify. This lack of recognition could lead to slower response times and potential loss of potential clients or partnerships. Clear and effective communication is paramount in customer service, and a lack of understanding surrounding area codes can hinder this process. It is essential for businesses operating in regions with lesser-known area codes to proactively educate their customers to avoid any miscommunication or missed connections.

Additional Costs for Purchasing a 956 Area Code Number

Purchasing a 956 area code number may involve additional costs, especially if obtained through a third-party provider or virtual phone system.

When exploring the financial implications of acquiring a 956 area code number, it’s important to consider the various charges that can arise. For instance, third-party providers often charge setup fees, monthly subscription costs, and per-minute usage charges for calls. Virtual phone systems may require a subscription fee or charge for additional features beyond basic call routing. Evaluating these expenses is crucial in making an informed decision about investing in a specific area code number.


Obtaining a 956 area code number can be a valuable asset for businesses looking to expand in the Texas market, enhance local presence, and improve customer satisfaction through better communication.

Having a 956 area code can establish a strong regional identity, instilling trust and credibility among local customers. It allows businesses to target a specific geographic area without the need for a physical office presence, which can save costs while still reaching a targeted audience. Local numbers can improve response rates and create a more personalized customer experience.

There may be some limitations, such as reduced reach outside the Texas region, potentially limiting national or international business opportunities. Businesses need to weigh these factors against the benefits to determine if a 956 area code aligns with their overall marketing and expansion strategies.


The 956 area code covers a large portion of Texas, making it a valuable option for establishing a local presence in the state.

By obtaining a 956 area code number, you can establish a local connection in Texas without needing to physically set up an office there.

Yes, the 956 area code numbers are available for purchase from various telecommunications companies and service providers.

Depending on your service provider, it may be possible to transfer your current phone number to a 956 area code number. Contact your provider to inquire about this option.

Having a local Texas presence can give your business a sense of credibility and trustworthiness for customers in the state. It can also help you reach a larger audience and expand your business.

No, you do not need a physical office in Texas to use a 956 area code number. This is the convenience and flexibility that comes with having a virtual phone number.

Callmama makes it easy to obtain a 956 area code number by offering seamless integration with your existing phone system. With our virtual phone solutions, you can establish a local presence in Texas without needing a physical office.

A 956 area code number allows your business to tap into the local Texas market, building trust with customers and saving on long-distance charges. It helps you appear as a local business, improving customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Yes, Callmama’s virtual phone system supports 956 area code numbers. You can enjoy features like call forwarding, call recording, and voicemail, ensuring efficient and professional communication with your Texas-based customers.

To get started, simply contact Callmama and request a 956 area code number. Our team will guide you through the process, helping you choose the best options for your business needs and setting up your new local number quickly.