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What Is the 347 Area Code? A Comprehensive Guide

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347 Area Code? A Comprehensive Guide

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Rehmath Ali

Rehmath Ali


Curious about the history and significance of the 347 area code in New York City? The 347 area code serves the Big Apple, a premier financial center with a high concentration of firms in various industries, and a major attraction for tourists and business owners. 

This comprehensive guide covers its creation, current coverage, and benefits. Whether you’re looking to obtain a 347 business phone number for your operations or want to learn more about its origins, this article offers valuable insights. Uncover everything you need to know about the 347 area code by reading on.

Key Takeaways:

  • The 347 area code was created in 1999 as an overlay to the existing 718 area code, and it covers parts of New York City’s boroughs of Brooklyn, Queens, and Staten Island.
  • The 347 area code offers the same benefits as other New York City area codes, including local calling rates, access to emergency services, and the ability to request a personalized number for businesses.
  • To obtain a 347 area code number, individuals and businesses can contact their phone service provider or request a change of number. There may be associated costs, and the coverage area is subject to change in the future.


Understanding Area Codes and the 347 Code

Before we delve into the specifics of the 347 area code, it’s crucial to understand that it’s not a country code. Country codes, designated by a plus sign (+) followed by numbers (e.g., +1 for the United States), are used for international dialing. The 347 area code functions within the North American Numbering Plan (NANP) and is assigned to a particular region within the US – New York City, which is divided into multiple numbering plan areas to prevent the exhaustion of telephone numbers.

Understanding Area Codes and the 347 Code

The History of the 347 Area Code

The history of the 347 area code provides a fascinating insight into the evolution of telecommunications in New York City, reflecting the growing demand for telephone numbers as the city’s population and businesses expanded, which necessitated the creation of additional area codes to accommodate the increasing need for connectivity and communication services.

When Was the 347 Area Code Created?

The 347 area code was created in 1999 to address the burgeoning demand for additional phone numbers in New York City. In the late ‘90s, New York City was experiencing rapid growth in population and businesses, leading to a surge in demand for phone numbers and additional phone lines. The existing area codes were simply not sufficient to meet this increasing need. To tackle this problem, the area code 347 was introduced to accommodate the rising telecommunications requirements in the city. The introduction of this area code was a strategic move to ensure that there were enough phone numbers available for residents, businesses, and organizations in New York City.

What Was the Original Coverage of the 347 Area Code?

Originally, the 347 area code was designed to cover multiple areas within New York City, including the Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, and Staten Island. By encompassing these diverse boroughs, the area code 347 aimed to provide comprehensive telephone service to a significant portion of the city’s population. It was strategically structured to cater to the residential and business communications needs of the inhabitants and enterprises within these regions, fostering seamless connectivity and fostering economic development. Each neighborhood within the coverage area, from lively Brooklyn neighborhoods to vibrant Queens districts, received the benefits of this area code, enabling efficient communication across the urban landscape.

Current Coverage and Benefits of the 347 Area Code

The 347 area code currently provides coverage across several key areas in New York City, and it offers numerous benefits for both residents and businesses, such as having a local phone number for establishing a local presence, enhanced connectivity, and improved customer service capabilities.

What Areas Does the 347 Area Code Cover?

What Areas Does the 347 Area Code Cover?

The 347 area code covers several New York City boroughs, including the Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, and portions of Manhattan. Within the Bronx, neighborhoods like Riverdale, Hunts Point, and Morris Park are part of the area code 347. In Brooklyn, areas such as Williamsburg, Park Slope, and Flatbush fall under this code. Queens includes neighborhoods like Astoria, Flushing, and Jamaica in the coverage area. Staten Island neighborhoods covered by 347 are St. George, New Springville, and Tottenville. In Manhattan, parts of Harlem, Washington Heights, and Inwood are included.

What Are the Benefits of Having a 347 Area Code?

Having a 347 area code offers several distinct benefits, including the establishment of a local presence in New York City, which enhances credibility for businesses and improves customer service and communication reliability. RingCentral can be used to receive calls, hold virtual meetings, and connect through video conferencing. Utilizing a 347 area code number can significantly contribute to fostering stronger customer relationships and enhancing business communications by offering flexible, customizable, and AI-powered phone, video, messaging, events, and contact center solutions for running a business. Customers are more likely to trust and feel comfortable interacting with a local business, leading to enhanced loyalty and retention rates. This sense of local identity not only builds trust but also helps in creating a personalized experience for clients.

What Are the Benefits of Having a 347 Area Code?

In addition, from an operational standpoint, having a 347 area code streamlines communication processes within the organization, allowing for efficient customer support and smoother business operations. The seamless connectivity facilitated by a local area code also aids in establishing rapport with customers, resulting in enhanced brand reputation and customer satisfaction.

How to Obtain a 347 Area Code Number

Obtaining a area code 347 number involves a straightforward process of selecting a reliable telecommunications provider and requesting a new phone number or transferring an existing one to the 347 area code.

Can I Request a 347 Number for My Business?

Yes, businesses can request a 347 business phone number to enhance their communication processes and establish a local presence in New York City. Having a area code 347 number can bring numerous benefits to businesses. It allows businesses to appear more trustworthy and credible to potential customers in the New York City area. With a area code 347, businesses can improve their customer service by providing a local number for clients to reach out to, creating a sense of accessibility and reliability. Not only does a area code 347 support day-to-day operations, but it also gives businesses a competitive advantage by signaling their presence in a key market like New York City, enhancing brand visibility and customer engagement.

How Do I Change My Current Number to a 347 Number?

How Do I Change My Current Number to a 347 Number?

To change your current number to a 347 number, you need to contact your phone service provider and request the change, which may involve certain fees or requirements. Once you have reached out to your provider, they will guide you through the necessary steps to update your number. This process usually requires filling out a form or providing identification documents to validate the request. Make sure to have your account details handy when initiating the change. In some cases, there might be a fee associated with changing your phone number to a area code 347, so it’s advisable to inquire about any potential costs beforehand. Your provider will inform you about the timeline for the transfer and any additional information you may need to provide.

Popular Service Providers for 347 Area Code Numbers

Several top companies offer 347 area code numbers, ensuring reliable and extensive coverage. Providers like Callmama, Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, Spectrum, and Dialpad cater to various needs, whether for businesses or individuals, by providing competitive pricing, exceptional customer service, and innovative VoIP services.

Service ProviderDescription
CallmamaProvides affordable international calling options.
VerizonExtensive coverage and reliable service.
AT&TOffers a variety of plans suitable for businesses and individuals.
T-MobileCompetitive pricing and excellent customer service.
SpectrumBundled services that include internet and phone.
DialpadKnown for its VoIP services and easy setup process.

These providers ensure that residents and businesses in New York City have access to quality telecommunications services, maintaining the city’s connectivity and supporting its dynamic lifestyle.

What Are the Costs Associated with Obtaining a 347 Number?

The costs associated with obtaining a 347 area code number can vary depending on the telecommunications provider and the specific services you select. When acquiring a new area code 347 number, the initial fees for number issuance by the provider play a crucial role. These charges range from one provider to another, typically influenced by their market position and additional services bundled with the number. Number transfers may also incur costs if you decide to move an existing number to the area code 347. Providers often charge a fee for this service to cover administrative and technical aspects. Some providers offer additional services alongside the basic number, such as international calling plans or enhanced features like call forwarding and voicemail. These added services contribute to the overall cost but can enhance the functionality and usage of the 347 number.

Is the 347 Area Code Only for New York City?

Yes, the 347 area code is a New York area code primarily designated for use within New York City, covering its various boroughs. In the bustling metropolitan area of NYC, the area code 347 serves as a vital communication lifeline for millions of residents and businesses. Established in 1999 to address the growing demand for phone numbers, it was introduced alongside the well-known 212 and 718 area codes. The area code 347 encompasses neighborhoods such as the Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, and Staten Island. It’s important to note that some areas within NYC may still utilize the original 212 and 718 area codes due to historical significance or specific community preferences.

What Happens if I Call a 347 Number from Outside of the Coverage Area?

If you call a 347 number from outside the coverage area, the call will be routed through standard telecommunications channels, and you may incur long-distance charges depending on your phone service provider. Calls may not be toll free and could incur additional charges. When making a call to a 347 number outside its coverage area, your phone company may first attempt to connect you through your regular service plan. If the call requires routing through a different network or crossing state or country boundaries, additional long-distance charges could be applied. Various service providers have different policies for handling such calls. Some may offer international calling plans that include certain geographical regions, while others may charge per-minute rates for all out-of-network calls.

Are There Any Plans to Expand the 347 Area Code Coverage?

Currently, there are no official plans to expand the coverage of the area code 347 beyond its existing geographical boundaries in New York City. As population and business growth continue in the Greater New York area, the telecommunications authorities might need to review the current area code allocations. They play a crucial role in managing the assignment of area codes and making decisions regarding expansions or changes. Factors such as increased demand for phone numbers, evolving technology, and urban development could influence future modifications to the area code system. The area code’s 347 coverage may potentially be reconsidered in line with the dynamic telecommunications landscape. Understanding time zone differences, such as Eastern Daylight Time, is essential for effective communication and work scheduling.

How to Use a 347 Area Code Map

How to Use a 347 Area Code Map

A 347 area code map can be a valuable tool for identifying the specific locations and neighborhoods covered by this area code within New York City. To access a area code 347 map, individuals can visit various online resources such as official city websites, telecommunications companies, or map-specific platforms. Once you have found a reliable map, pay attention to the different shades or boundaries that indicate specific areas within the area code 347. Understanding the geographic distribution of the area code can help you pinpoint certain districts, landmarks, or communities within New York City. By interpreting the map effectively, you can navigate through the diverse neighborhoods and regions encompassed by the area code 347.

Using Virtual Phone Numbers with a 347 Area Code

Virtual phone numbers are an excellent option for businesses and individuals who want the benefits of a 347 area code without being physically located in New York City. These numbers can be managed through cloud-based phone systems, allowing for seamless communication regardless of the user’s location. Virtual phone numbers often come with advanced features such as call forwarding, voicemail to email, and SMS capabilities, making them a versatile choice for modern communication needs.

Using Virtual Phone Numbers with a 347 Area Code

Potential Impact of Future Technological Changes

As technology evolves, the way we use phone numbers and area codes may also change. With advancements in VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) and other communication technologies, traditional area codes may become less relevant. It’s important to stay informed about these technological changes as they can impact how area codes like 347 are used and managed. For example, businesses might increasingly rely on virtual numbers that are not tied to a specific geographic location, offering greater flexibility and efficiency.


Understanding the 347 area code and its significance can greatly benefit both residents and businesses in New York City. From its historical roots to its current applications, the 347 area code plays a crucial role in the city’s telecommunications landscape. Whether you’re looking to establish a local presence or improve your business’s connectivity, having a 347 area code number offers numerous advantages. Stay informed and make the most of this valuable resource by leveraging the insights provided in this guide.


The 347 area code is a telephone area code in New York City, covering the boroughs of Brooklyn, Queens, and the Bronx, as well as parts of Manhattan and Staten Island.

The 347 area code was created in 1999 as an overlay to the existing 718 area code to meet the increasing demand for phone numbers in New York City.

Having a 347 area code number enhances your local presence in New York City, builds trust with local customers, and offers the credibility and reliability needed to improve customer service.

Yes, you can obtain a virtual phone number with a 347 area code through services like Callmama, allowing you to maintain a local presence without being physically located in New York City.

To get a 347 area code number, contact Callmama or your phone service provider and request a new number or transfer your existing number to the 347 area code.

The costs for obtaining a 347 area code number vary depending on the provider and the services selected. Fees may include number issuance, transfer costs, and additional features like voicemail and call forwarding.

The 347 area code covers Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx, parts of Manhattan, and Staten Island, ensuring comprehensive telephone service across these New York City boroughs.

Yes, you can change your existing phone number to a 347 area code by contacting your service provider and requesting the change. There may be a fee for this service.

The 347 area code can be used for both landlines and mobile phones, offering flexibility for personal and business use in New York City.

Stay informed about any updates or changes to the 347 area code by regularly checking with your service provider, such as Callmama, and keeping an eye on official telecommunications announcements.