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Amendoeira Restaurant specialty

Amendoeira Restaurant specialty is a place where you can enjoy the best and freshest seafood, fish, and meat dishes. It will be your perfect choice for any occasion. Amendoeira is a well-known restaurant that specializes in Portuguese cuisine. We are proud to be the best in Lisbon.

Amendoeira, named after the Portuguese word Cinnamon, is the latest restaurant to open in Wallingford. The interior is simple but elegant with a classic, warm feel. The food of Chef Nate Ready is elegant but comforting and familiar. New England-style seafood soups, such as grilled octopus and risotto, will be available.

Amendoeira Restaurant specialty, is Santa Cruz’s traditional Portuguese restaurant, Amendoeira, is located in Santa Cruz. Our menu includes traditional Portuguese dishes, casseroles, seafood, main courses, and desserts. Santa Cruz’s staff is friendly and welcoming.

Amendoeira’s Mediterranean-inspired menu is what makes it so unique. So that the delicious flavors are fully appreciated, the dishes are prepared using the freshest ingredients.

Restaurant offers facilities

Amendoeira is known for its delicious moqueca and wine. This restaurant is a must-visit for anyone who loves authentic Brazilian dishes and seafood. Eduardo and Eduardo are brothers who moved to Canada in order to open a restaurant. They were so successful with the concept that they opened a second restaurant in New York.


Amendoeira is a restaurant on Luz beach. Amendoeira is known for its seafood specialties, particularly fish and mussels. There are three distinct areas within the restaurant, each with its own ambiance, however, and different food, drinks, and service. The Amendoeira Beach Hotel is the hotel’s backer. It has a swimming pool, solarium, and jacuzzi.

Amendoeira Restaurant is a popular restaurant in the area. It is centrally located in the town. Every day, many people come here to enjoy the delicious food. This restaurant’s owners are not only great at cooking delicious food but they also provide excellent customer service. Amendoeira Restaurant is a charming restaurant with a special charm. It is located just a few steps from the beach and offers a wonderful dining experience.

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