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A Fertile World

The launch of an A Fertile World island-based ecosystem (also known as Wetland) will take place in summer 2014 on Philadelphia’s Delaware River. Mary Mattingly, a New York City artist, founded Wetland. Wetland promotes art, community, and sustainable living. The Wetland barge is intend to a temporary home for artists as well as a venue for educational events. Wetland’s goal is to show a model of interdependent living in which resources are distributed decentralized. This can be achieved by allowing food to be grown locally and power generated by sunlight. Water gathering, storage, purification, and storage will also be possible on-site.

A Fertile World Ecosystem

A barge-base ecosystem based on the Delaware River will launch in Philadelphia. Mary Mattingly, an artist, created the island structure and mobile habitat known as Wetland. It will encourage community involvement, sustainable living, and environmental technology. Artists who organize educational events and provide temporary living space for others will find the Wetland barge a great place to call home. Wetland’s goal is to promote interdependent living. It has its own power source from the solar systems above and rainwater collection systems below. These technologies can not only increase resource efficiency but also serve as examples of green architecture and are an alternative to harmful consumer culture models.

42 percent of the earth’s surface is covered in water and 71% of the world’s inhabitants live within 100 km of an ocean. Seas use since the dawn of time as transport routes, resources for human consumption, and as a source for food and fuel for industry. With technological advances, the ocean is now a vital part of our lives and the support of the global economy. It is important to recognize the importance of our blue planet and that it is time we do so with care.

Difficulties in modern agriculture

It was a difficult dream to master agriculture, but we have made great strides in modern agriculture. Agriculture has been the foundation of human civilization since ancient times. The human population relies on agriculture for their survival. The need for agricultural development has evolved with the evolution of human civilization. Modern agriculture offers a lot for the future and present, but there are some downsides.

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